Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy happy happy happy. :D

Whoa! A few days ago i was celebrating my first 100 views. Now it's shot up to 565 O_O

Never in my wildest dreams did i think it would grow that fast. Thanks to all my beautiful, intelligent and, no doubt, sexy readers. :D

I just thought i'd take the time to thank a few people... (i hope this doesn't sound like an awkward award acceptance speech.)

Jake from
My Life On A Wall was the first to link to me. I don't know where i'd be if a hadn't found a blogger like him who was willing to help me out. He's actually pretty modest so i'll just say he has a wicked sense of humour and his blog's great so you should check it out. :D

Secondly to my friend Lach. His comments and feedback have
been really helpful, and i know that he took the time to read some of my more 'boring' posts and leave comments just to make me feel better. Thanks to you buddy. :D

Also a big thanks to Josh and milkboys. They must have so many emails but he still replied to mine and added my blog to the links.

Also to Seth from Sethboyardee. I asked him to link and he kindly said he would as soon as he got time... :) lol i'm still waiting but i'm sure he will soon. :D

And also a big thank you to Tristan (i think that's his screen name so i'll use that) from The Genesis Children. I'm quite surprised that someone linked to me without me asking them, but of course it's a wonderful surprise. :D If you're looking for something interesting and different be sure to check him out as well.

Life is good. Here are some of my favourite mirrorboys to celebrate.

I was a lonely gay kid with friends who didn't know me and a desperate longing inside of him. I could not be myself around anyone i knew. Starting a blog is quite simply, the best thing i've ever done and it's not because i get to share my life with you, it's because we get to share our lives with each other.

If any of you want to make a friend, get in touch with me like the people above did. I look forward to getting to know you.

- A happy boy - mirrorboy

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John said...

Really interesting blog and look forward to reading the rest later today.Nice to see you happy happy happy.