Thursday, October 2, 2008

Obsessed with obsession.

Tiger - the closest thing i have to a boyfriend...

Oh no... I've only got three more days of school holidays until i have to go back to school...

These have been the best holidays ever, for obvious reasons. :)

Still, it's back to 'straight' me at school. :'/

On a different note, I want to share this awesome Australian ad with you guys. It only goes for 30 seconds so it'll only take you a minute to load and play it. Go on. :)

Now as some of you may know, i have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. If you don't know what it is... i'll try my best to to explain how it affects me...

Firstly, i always have to rinse a glass before i drink from it. I don't know why it gets to me so much, but i just have to. If it hasn't been rinsed, i feel uncomfortable...

Unfortunately, sometimes people will happily pour you a drink and pass it to you. It would be very strange if i were to tip it out, rinse it and then ask for another wouldn't it?

Another common one, is where things have to line up or be equal. It's quite strange sometimes. In maths, even if i don't need to, i'll do my workings out in an equal number of steps so that they rest on the same line.

Computer games? Especially RTS. (Don't know? lol. Don't ask) OCD = equal number of people and perfectly aligned building with a one-tile-walkway in between. :)

The biggest effect i have from OCD though is my spelling and grammar. I think that's pretty funny because i want to be a journalist and a creative story author. In things like MSN i let loose a little, but in my writing pieces and... (dare i say it?) blog, i like everything to be 'right'.

That one might help me out a bit. :D

P.S New link: Stuck in the Middle

Another teen boy who just worked up the guts to start a blog (which is a pretty big thing to do). Make sure you check him out and show him some of the same love you showed me. :)

...I need something to sign the end of my posts.

Something like 'love from mirrorboy' or something. :)

Any ideas? Comment please. :)


Lach said...

How ironic that the closest thing to a boyfriend, is, infact a pussy.. of sorts.


How you can come up with creative stories and blog names but not a signature is beyond me :p

seeya boyo!

steevo said...

how about..

here's looking at you,

Landyn said...

^^clever steevo haha

Hey, and thanks for the link dude :)
Don't worry, we all have to play 'straight' at school. i guess we r all really good actors ;)

Stay cool, and talk to u soon :)

victor said...

dude, ocd is weird, i'm blessed with it too. i have to arrange the shelves at the supermarket when i go shopping if they're not perfect. i also have to tie knots in the plastic overwrap that comes from drinking straws, and arrange the bills in my wallet so they face all the same direction, separated by denominations, large ones to the inside, small ones to the outside, and sorted in descending order of serial numbers. so having said that, i'll also wish you the best in your writing endeavours. creative writing is a special art. keep it up then, eh?

mirrorboy said...

Yeah victor, all my money has to be arranged from smallest to largest. Also, i annoy my friends by rearranging their clothing so that it sits evenly on them.

Don't get me started on folding my shirts. :P

Thanks for the comment buddy.


steevo said...

Victor, if I may ask, do any of your obsessions/compulsions interfere with your day-to-day life? Like: lost friends, employment, getting things done on time, sleep deprivation?

I have friends who have had excellent relief from some very low dose medications. More and more the medical folks tell us this is brain chemistry, pure and simple. Like diabetes. It is not a defect, as much as a difference.

I am a teacher of special needs students at the high school level, so I have some degree of expertise in this area.

I hope this does not embarrass you. We can email if u want.

My address is on my blog.


Anonymous said...

whoa. this is a first. ok, so to mirror, clothes, yeah, i'm a bit frumpy, and that doesn't bother me in other people, but i will delete lint and cat hair off others if i see it. also, my shirts are arranged in my closet in order of the eia colour code. i know, it's weird. there's other things too, like if i get french fries, i have to lay them out in order of descending length and eat them that way, long ones first. to steevo, thanks for the concern dude, but no, the ocd really doesn't affect my life all that much, not any more than adhd or dyslexia or being mildly autistic. in fact, most people i know think it's funny if they have lunch and i have to arrange all the ketchup packets so they face the same direction, and fix the fries and tie knots in the straw overwrap. i've been this way for years, and i'm quite used to it. although if things ever do start getting weird, i will definitely see a medic. and dude, no offense taken, i appreciate the response. keep alive.

victor said...

crap, i'm not used to the publisher thing. that was me above anonymously. sorry

mirrorboy said...

If i get a packet of mixed lollies or something i have to put them in their separate groups and then i eat them in order from least favourite to favourite.

Also in regards to OCD being a problem, i don't really find it is. I guess my stuff's pretty mild... Sometimes it makes my friends laugh, and they get something out of it because it makes me feel better when i correct their english work for them.

LOL - i love the way you said you 'delete' lint and cat hair. Man that's so awesomely cute. :P

LOL - keep alive. :D

lots of love,


Aek said...

I think I have a touch of OCD. I totally get what you're saying about the whole RTS gaming thing, haha. I do that, unless I'm specifically ignoring it for a reason.

I also like to arrange my bills facing the same way from smallest to largest, though if I'm in a hurry I'll just shove it in my wallet and not think about it.