Friday, October 17, 2008

1 month anniversary!! :D

Over 140 comments on (as of now) 38 posts. (Some were mine of course) :P

By the end of the day, i'll have had 15,000 views.

I've made countless friends. I <3 you all.

And not to mention how much this has helped me in my private life.

But enough about that, how to celebrate?

Well, here are some of my all-time FAVOURITE vids from Australia. It's a bit of an introduction to Aussie comedy if you will.

These are 3 vids from Thank God You're Here - Australia's highest rating program for a long time. Actors and comedians are put into a situation that they know nothing about and have to improvise their way through the scene.

Thanks to Landyn for giving me the idea for this. :)

First is Frank Woodley. There's not much i can say to prepare you for him. You'll just have to watch for yourself.

This is Josh Lawson. He seems almost intent on steering the scene out of the actors' control.

(also includes an ad for Hungry Jack's afterwards) :D lol

Believe it or not, he's worked on some serious Australian drama's as well.

Finally Shaun Micallef. I've mentioned him before in a previous post. What can i say? I love him. I adore him. He's my all-time favourite star.

Good times...

Now, that's one month done with.

Here's hoping there'll be many more.

For suggestions, requests, links, info and anything else, just leave a comment.

As always, love,



Anonymous said...

Cool post :)

Won't bother you too much on MSN, cept to say hi now and then.

Good end to a crazy week!



victor said...

congrats on your anniversary. hope you have many more as positive as this one. funny videos too btw. keep in touch.

jhorner said...

You're just fab, sweetee :+)