Sunday, October 26, 2008

Coming out black and blue.

Ohh first of all i want to mention poor poor AJ. Unfortunately his coming out experience wasn't as positive as mine.

Well, i believe that the worst scenario (the one which we seem to think about at a time like this) never happens. We focus on the worst negatives about the experience and end up worrying ourselves even more.

To AJ, and all those others who are having similar experiences...

Rely on your inner strength. You are stronger than you believe. Trust me, i've been there.

Rely on us, your online mates. ;) We are ALWAYS here for you to talk to, through comments, emails and msn.

Rely on the people around you who understand and accept you. If they're real friends they will love you no matter what, and will support and look after you.

I've given up on stockpiling my good luck wishes for myself, because there are people out there who need them more.

I'm going to stop moaning about my life, because even if i don't have a boyfriend or a wonderful friend who loves me, i've got things going pretty fucking good for me right now.

And that's coming from a pessimist.



And, good luck. All of you.


AJCon89 said...

thank you buddy.

it has meant the world to me finding my online friends. I would not have the strength without it.

I know i'll get through this and be stronger for it. But it is hard to convince myself of it right now.

But you are the best.


Bill said...

You are right mirrorboy. Rely on those who can help you out, lend an ear when something is bottling in you, share some advices. Good on you mate.


childOFpurity said...

you are..., quite kind, I dont have the same scenario, considering well I am a girl, but I like your blog, we live in a judgemental world, and you show compassion, your a great blogger I look forward to reading more..
/only as pure as u are untainted/