Friday, October 24, 2008

Shopping with the family... Happy dayz...

So, first of all, new links:

As the struggles unfold - Nicely written (yay) blog about an 18yo in a similar situation as me. He's also from Aus. :)

And of course, Milkyboys - which really doesn't need an explanation does it? Heheh, i'm wondering how the hell i got on there! :D Mirrorboy's blog, in the boy blogs links section btw. :)

AND STILL, i have to find out for myself that these people are linking! They don't tell me! What is wrong with you??

Oh well nvm... :P

I did plan on posting last night, but then i made the mistake of signing on to msn. Then i get caught up talking to people and couldn't think of a post. It's my fault, not yours, so don't go not talking to me now. :)

And also, thanks to the people who've been sending me emails. They're so much more personal than comments... Also, it seems i have an email-checking addiction now. :P

Anyways, today i went shopping with my Mum and Nan.

We went out to K-Mart today, and i saw the big mistake coming...

Every single time, my Mum wanders off, browsing through all the stores, and then we lose her. I'm stuck with my Nan, small-talking, and we sit there on the seats waiting for her to appear again...

I started admiring the pretty boys who walked past, but i won't go into that. :P

I thought i'd take the time to give you a quick introduction to the way my Mum works...

"I'll only be a minute" translates to "you'd better go find some seats."

"I'm just going in for a look" means "i'm going to sift through several pieces of clothing that aren't going to fit me in a million years for quite a while and have no intention of buying anything."

"I'm just going to pop down to the butcher's" actually means "i'm going to buy some meat, then i think i'll go have a look in the surrounding shops."

"How do you feel about going to Target now?" is actually "we're going to Target now. Shut up and stop complaining."

Then when we were about to leave K-Mart, my Nan saw one of her old friends...

I swear, she must know a thousand people in our town, and a lot of them look like they wandered out of the morgue.

She could win the Talking Championship. No one could hold a candle to her ability to go on and on and on... and never really get anywhere.

Both my Mum and me let out a mutual sigh, and she tells me to quickly go get the keys so we can go and sit in the car.

Then we leave K-Mart, which we'd only actually gone to so my Mum could buy chicken sausages, and then we head over to Safeway to ACTUALLY do some shopping.

Of course, i picked one of the trolleys (shopping carts lol) that only wants to do left-turns. It seems that every single trolley has one impairment. On the rare occasion you actually find one that works it's a cause for celebration and you don't want to stop driving it. ;D

We eventually made it out and got home. The first thing i did was check my emails. :P

Today we found out that we have a nest of magpies (aussie birds lol) in the tree outside our house. Aww... so sweet...

Mmm... and now i'm going to get impaled by the insane mother maggie every time i leave the house.

I thought i'd take a different direction than usual for that post. I dunno, perhaps to offset my rant the days before huh?




AJCon89 said...

so your mom is basically like every other mom :-P

glad to see you are out of your funk. I like a happy mirrorboy a lot better :)

Seth said...

Loved that post!! LOL.

Yes, definitely good to see you more upbeat (and feeling better).

Sounds like you do alot of sitting around during those shopping excursions. Do you like a read? I find I can usually fit a paperback book in a pocket of my jeans (unless you're wearing the skintight style) and carry one EVERYWHERE I go. Well, I guess that just marks me as a nerd. Oh well.

ps: thanks for the comment on my other post and making you LOL, at least someone gets my humor.

naturgesetz said...

Thanks for giving that vignette of life with the folks. :)

Landyn said...

hahaha dude awesome post :)))

Totally how my mom works too...shopaholics i suppose? ;)

Glad ur happier lately, take care buddy!

(and don't kill jhorner for commenting first lol...that could cause problems ha)

*looks to the right* oh a squirrel!

-Landyn <3

JC said...

one question chicken sauages, i didnt know there exsited. and yes all mums are the same, just be lucky your grama wasnt giving you a talk. hmm torrmow is saturday, steak i think

Anonymous said...

Great insight into an Aussie day.. memories hehe Target, K-mart, sausages, Nan chatter.

Cool :)


Jake Annonymous said...

do you ever actually go to school?

victor said...

this is why i only go shopping by myself or with one of my mates who hates shopping as much as i do. i usually know exactly what i want before i head out, so there's no shopping involved. i hit the store, grab what i want and bail out. usually a grand total of 5 minutes or so. i've been shopping with girls where it turns into an all day ordeal, and they still don't buy anything. i think they do it just to kill time. who knows. see ya.

Aek said...

Psh, that magpie is nothing. There was a duck nesting in our front yard one year under a bush. It would hiss at us like a snake, quite creepy. Also, black birds do dives above your head. o.O