Thursday, December 25, 2008

100th post.

K well... Merry Christmas etc.

I've decided that for this 100th post, i'm gonna try to come up with 100 random facts about me.

Some of these you may have heard before, some you won't have.

Let's get going then...

1. For Xmas, my Mum gave me pillows that give me neck pains, a router that doesn't fit, underwear that is too big, clothes that i had to fight for so she didn't pick them out herself... and some yummy chocolates. ^_^

2. For Xmas, my Grandma gave me a shaver thingy.

3. For Xmas, i gave my Mum earrings, which i picked out and payed for myself.

4. I had a haircut yesterday.

5. I wear my watch on my right hand, even though i'm right-handed.

6. My cat Tig has learnt to knock on the front door when he wants to come in.

7. I like wearing cargo pants and shorts.

8. I own a Nintendo Wii. Super Smash Bros Brawl ftw! :P

9. I'm a picky eater.

10. I love morning TV shows.

11. One of my neighbours is mowing their lawn right now... It's Christmas! Could you not have picked a better day!?

12. I like using plastic cutlery.

13. I like watching cooking shows on TV.

14. It's 11:30 and i was supposed to be picked up at 11:00 to go to Nan's house... bah! I'm gonna keep writing until they pick me up.

15. I hate all facial hair... Sorry. :/

16. I like to wrap my legs around things while i sleep.

17. I saw my favourite teacher up the street yesterday.

18. I say 'moneys' instead of 'money', 'dink' instead of 'drink', and 'hungee' instead of 'hungry'.

19. As far as i'm concerned, the only thing Spellcheck is good for is turning my i's into I's.

20. We don't own a car.

21. My favourite sport is tennis. I love watching it. I suck at 99% of sports known to man though...

22. I prefer undies to boxers.

23. There are 54 people on my msn list.

24. I have bad circulation and my hands and feet get cold really easily.

25. My hair is incredibly thick, and probably every hairdresser that has cut my hair in the past year has mentioned it.

26. I'm going to Nan's house now, and will resume writing when i get back...

27. K back. It's 5:30 pm now. Christmas is over. Pretty lame. Nice to see some of the family again though, including the recent 18-month old addition.

28. I sleep on my side and need 2 pillows.

29. I always set my alarm radio for 6:20... Although sometimes i get up and turn it off, and then just go back to sleep again.

30. I talk to myself.

31. I love rainy days in every way, even if i have to walk in them.

32. I use too many tissues because of my OCD. I go through about 4 boxes a week.

33. I plan on moving to the city of Melbourne as soon as i can.

34. I want to be a journalist.

35. I plan on travelling as much as i can. It means a lot to me.

36. I adore tigers.

37. I used to make small people out of blu-tack, and have them fight Lego people.

38. I freak out over any spiders.

39. My least favourite saying in the world is "whatever floats your boat".

40. I once got an eyeful of sand and it cut up the insides of my eyelids pretty bad.

41. A week later, i got an eyeful of sand again.

42. I speak a little French. Je parle un peu francais.

43. I also saw my old French teacher up the street yesterday at the optometrist.

44. My favourite Bond is Roger Moore. :P

45. I plan on never smoking.

46. I think bananas are the most repulsive food on the planet.

47. I have AB negative blood - the rarest blood type.

48. I once drank some bubble solution, thinking that i would be able to blow bubbles by breathing out. I ended up vomiting.

49. I have 2 middle names.

50. I'm great at procrastination.

51. I like having the curtains closed.

52. My feet have really high arches and they used to get really sore.

53. I <3 cauliflower, if it's cooked just right.

54. I love coffee-flavoured things, but can't stand actual coffee.

55. I believe in life forms existing somewhere other than Earth.

56. My legs turn to jelly when i'm at a height.

57. There are 343 links in my 'favourites' folder for the internet.

58. I can't stand smoking. It makes me feel sick.

59. Almost everyone in my family smokes...

60. I'm squeamish about blood and gore but i love zombie movies. Some are so bad, they're good. <3 Resident Evil

61. I think about things too much. I always recount the day's events when i'm in bed.

62. I am absolutely terrible at geography, directions and maps.

63. I eat fish and chips with mayonnaise.

64. When i was little, i wanted to be a chiropractor.

65. I HATE wearing baggy clothes. They make me feel incredibly self-conscious.

66. Mum always buys me things that are too big because she says i'll grow into them. It makes me want to cry.

67. It's very hard to argue with my Mum because she always wins.

68. I used to have a fear of the dark.

69. It pisses me off when people put '69' in their email addresses. Fuckin tools... :P

70. I've started feeling the urge to put smileys in my stories.

71. I'm a comment slut. I love getting comments.

72. I once rode a camel when they were at my school. It was so awesome. I wanted to get a camel after that.

73. I hate having people in my bedroom.

74. If i could have a superpower, it would be the ability to turn back time whenever i wanted.

75. When i'm standing, i never know what to do with my arms.

76. I can't eat anything slimey.

77. I feel sick after a few spoonfuls of yoghurt.

78. I think Dr. Phil is hilarious.

79. I actually love tests. :P

80. I like it when people ask me intimate questions.

81. I like people who ramble, especially if they're really random.

82. I love it when i dream... I don't dream enough.

83. I have very small hands and feet.

84. I once forced myself to throw up because i had a pain in my stomach.

85. My favourite celebrity is Natalie Bassingthwaighte.

86. I felt like i was in love with someone i knew online... but i haven't seen him in ages...

87. I feel like i'm too shy to ever meet anyone special. -_-

88. When i was little i was entranced by any sort of fire... o.O

89. I used to burn things all the time. I loved burning little things. It scared the shit out of my Mum. I think she thought i was a pyromaniac.

90. I love the smell of candles and matches.

91. My favourite smell in the world is the inside of a hot-water-bottle. o_O

92. The only bone i've ever broken was my little finger. I tripped over while i was at mini-golf and when i put my hand out to break my fall, my finger went in the opposite direction to the rest of my hand.

93. I can actually be quite manipulative of situations and people's emotions because i can get inside most people's heads easily.

94. I am really clumsy.

95. I LOVE axolotls. They are the cutest things in the world. If you don't know what they are, do a google search or something. <3<3<3

96. I always wished i had pet axolotls... -_-

97. I love the feeling of security. I close doors and windows and curtains, and when i sleep i curl up with my blanket tight. I want someone who will make me feel safe.

98. When i was 7, i tripped over while running and face-planted into asphalt. My two front teeth went THROUGH my upper lip. I still have a scar.

99. Physical looks mean very little to me... Although i don't really like wrinkly old hairy men. Sorry... *shudders

100. I want someone who loves me, more than anything else in the world.

Pheeeww! Done! That took me hours...

Now don't forget #71.

*wink wink


And Merry Christmas, again.



Unknown said...

Merry Christmas M-boy :) *hugs*

Unknown said...

So after my wishes and reading those facts you have to answer me/us some questions about those facts:

2) What kind of shaver?

4) How your hair looks like now?

11) That was funny thing I notices in Australia last time - people use to do bbq or are mowing their lawns on Sunday early morning or other weird times like that (at least from European point of view)

13) I like them too but never tried to prepared any of those meals they presented

15) I hate them too. I also like hairless chests and tummies.

21) I like swimming and bike riding

22) Wow, really? I used to wear them for a long time but boxers are just much more comfortable for me.

23) Why I'm not there? lol

30) And what you are talking to yourself about?

31) Rainy are acceptable, but snowy I just hate (and it started snowing outside)

33) Why Melbourne?

45) Good plan. I have same about smoking and drugs

53) Same here :)

58) Same here :) Which sucks for you according to 59)

73) You probably waiting for right person to invite him to your bedroom

80) That might be interesting chat with you :P

87) I still think you are waiting for right person. From what you told us about yourself already you shouldn't be shame of how you look like.

99) What someone have inside is most important, that's why you are so loved here :)

100) Who don't have that wish....


Mirrorboy said...

You're so sweet buddy. <3


Anonymous said...

You are honestly one of the most interesting people I have "seen" on the internet. I couldn't help myself smiling the whole time as I read your post and saying 'me too' most of the time.
Normally i don't comment, but I think this post was worth it.

Enjoy ur oversized, wrong connected, painful xmas gifts. Keep it up :) Merry Xmas
Hope this satisfies a bit of #71

Anonymous said...

Merry christmas you comment slut. :)

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

Congratulations on becoming a centiscribe - it's a new word, that I invented just for you =]

(While I *am* middle aged, I am pleased to say that I am neither hairy, not wrinkly - so you don't necessarily have to theink 'ew' when I write here!)

I promise not to float any boats, on the condition you do not try and think outside any boxes - another ghastly cliché!

As Ryan already said, when I read what you write, I can not help but smile this wide

Peter said...

9. me too
22. I'm neutral
25. so do I
36. love them too
38. hate them too. I get someone else to kill even the smallest of spiders
44. Sean Connery and Daniel Craig
45. good for you!
50. one of my favorite things to do
56. I'm terrified of high places
68. me too
70. lol
75. same here
81. that's me
87. I'm very shy too. Even when I talked to you on msn the first time, I was shy.
88-89. I used to burn pencils and pens. lol
92. never broken a bone
100. me too

There now you know a little about me too. What Ryan said pretty much describes what it's like to read what you write. Except my smile is bigger than Mr. Doomed but Cheerful's.


Peter said...

Okay, maybe it dosen't look much bigger, trust me it is. lol

Anonymous said...


merry xmass or the day after I am not sure there

how are we all so lucky to have you to read about

here some thoughts for you

1. Can you tell us the name & model # of the router and modem thingy you have so I could look them up on the net and tell you how to hook them up.
3. that is nice
5. I used also but I do not wear a watch anymore
13. who doesn’t
16. generally a pillow
23. I do not even have a list
27. It’s 9:30 am christmass morning it hasn’t really begun
28. so do I
30. who doesn’t
35. twenty countries and counting
36. do not like anything that could eat me
2. Je ne parle francais je parle anglais
45. I quit cigarettes in 89
67. every one has this problem case of the guilt factor mothers use
70. do not save them for your friends
71. I will try in the future
75. let them hang by your side
87. no your not
88. fire is cool
93. that is not nice
97. we all want that for you
98. I have a scar from being thrown out of a car after hitting a pole
100. don't we all


Planetx_123 said...

Awesome post! I agree with the facial hair thing, and on guys its a problem typically, because for most even if you shave daily, there is stubble towards the end of the day (the 5 o'clock shadow). Straight boys love this, but I don't like it and it makes the face rough when making out :-o

Good idea with the smoking. I tried it when I was 16 and smoked for four or five years. I quit almost 3 years ago, and have been sooo happy since. Starting smoking is definitely one of the biggest regrets of my life (I have a number of these though).

Cool thing is my christmas just started! f'ing timezones

Alright- that was your comment you little slut :-) Wow I sound so butch when I say that

Much Love,

Lightning Baltimore said...

1. My boss gave me an ant farm and plastic gun that shoots nuns. That's it, as of Christmas day. I should add that my Phil and I agreed to not get each other gifts as we want to take a trip sometime soon and need to save money for it.

2. Both of my grandmothers are dead, you cruel, heartless bitch!

4. I had a haircut three or four months ago. It's now 2" long.

5. My friend Charlie does that. Do you know him?

6. Our younger dog, Momo, hurls himself against the door want he wants to come inside. Dagmar, the old man of the family (13), sits at the door and cries . . . then starts barking. We like to joke that Momo is a dog but Dagmar is a princess.

9. I was when I was younger but now I'm pretty adventurous, so long as it's not meat (vegetarian 'n' such, y'see).

11. One of ours was just using a leaf blower.

15. ditto!

18. Sickening! ^_^ I say "Merry Kissmas!" then kiss my Phil. It probably gets old to him but not to me.

22. Can't stand boxers; don't like things floppin' around.

23. Nine on my personal one. Just co-workers on my work one but not sure how many (I'm not at work).

24. Same here! Same for my mom. I could never survive in a cold climate.

25. Mine is starting to thin a bit. :'-(

30. I talk to myself . . . in gibberish.

40. I had a ticket to see Judas Priest way back in 1980 but Rob Halford got his cornea scratched and they had to cancel.

44. That's just sick.

45. Same here and haven't yet (not even a single puff on a cig or anything else). Filthy, disgusting habit.

47. I have no idea what blood type I have.

48. I once drank cleaning fluid from a juice dispenser at a health food store. Didn't puke but felt sick for hours. They could've put up a sign that said "Don't drink! Cleaning fluid!" instead of setting out little sample cups, FFS!

50. Ha! I've been great at it since before I was born! They had to come in after me with knives when it got to the point that I'd frittered away 15 days of my scheduled life, already.

53. Broccoli is where it's at, man!

55. Ditto. How egotistical to think in this incredibly vast universe that we're the only ones!

58. This would appear to be in conflict somewhat with 45.

63. I refuse to eat anything with mayonnaise. I remember telling the maid when I was two or three to not put mayo on my sandwich for lunch and I've hated it ever since.

71. Don't sell them! Then you'd be a comment whore. I get bummed out when I spend a long time on a post and get either no or almost no comments.

72. I once rode an elephant. You can see in the pics how little I enjoyed it. They're f'in' prickly! It was like riding a huge, lumbering cactus.

73. We moved to a new city shortly after I turned 15 and I almost never had anyone in my bedroom from that point forward. Nowadays, I let my Phil in the bedroom but it's our BR not just mine. That's about it, other than our cleaning lady.

80. What are you wearing? How big is your thing? What are the current contents of your stomach?

81. I like to drive my boss (and others) crazy by rambling. He says if I were a superhero I'd be Tangent Man!

85. I have no clue who that is.

92. I've broken my left ankle (in the pit at a show) and possibly my left index finger in 9th grade PE.

98. When I was two or three, I was standing in the shopping cart at the grocery, instead of sitting in the little seat designed for little bottoms. My mother warned me I was going to hurt myself, if I didn't sit down. Within moments I fell forward and landed face first on a metal funnel, pointy side up. I still have scars above and below my lips from the stitches. My mother still has the funnel.

100. He's out there and you'll find him. It may take a while, though, but never get discouraged. I didn't find my Phil 'til I was 30. Then again, I was in the closet 'til I was 28.

AJCon89 said...

3. Very sweet of you..

4. so... what does it look like now...

5. who wears a watch anymore... lol

7. we all like it better when you dont :-P

8. lucky ass... i wish I had one

10. ewwww

13. so do i... its how i learned to cook

15. its a good thing that I shaved my sideburns before we met... lol

16. i think we all wish we were your pillows... lol

18. awwwww

22. lost me there

24. thats because the blood is always rushing somewhere else...

28. lucky fucking pillows... lol

30. thats scary... lol

32. OCD or too much jerking off?

38. me too

39. whatever floats your boat dude :-P

46. weirdo

56. yeah... dont like heights either

57. how many of them are porn? lol

61. me too

63. how else would you?

70. you are a smiley whore... lol

71. aren't we all?

73. even people like me? lol

74. i would want to be able to be able to control people's thoughts... lol

78. werido

79. see #78

80. oh... now I know what i want to ask... lol

81. you ever want to own a duck as a pet? cause i once did... then onetime i tripped and scraped my knee and I couldnt run for a few days... i used to run all the times before I hurt my knee... sorry... was rambling

84. eww

86. :( feeling rejected...

87. but you met me... :-P

89. I agree with your mom... lol

93. no shit... lol

98. scars are sexy... lol

99. what about wrinkly old women... lol

Merry Christmas buddy...

Anonymous said...

#54 I'm exactly the same; love coffee flavoured things but think coffee on it's own is horrible. When I were younger I thought I just would start liking coffee when I became an adult, because adults drink coffee!! I'm 28 now ands still don't drink coffee...maybe I'm just refusing to become a grown-up. lol

naturgesetz said...

71. No time to comment right now, so I'll post a comment later.

Anonymous said...


5. I wear my watch on my right hand, even though i'm right-handed. - Dude, I totally do this, and then I can't write, so then I take the watch off so I can write. Ergo I don't own a watch. >.<

Ditto on the spiders. -.-

If I had one superpower, it would be to hold time still.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and no facial hair ftw!

JRC said...

i like comments too, hmmmm, poke, poke.

and wat the hell with the last comment, so of them comments was very weried.

but i bet u couldnt get in my mind, ppl always think diffrent.

happy xmas, from me

Peter said...

Speaking of getting in people's heads:

Mirrorboy, you are already in mine :D

Seth said...

1. loose underwear sucks = no bulge

2. smooth is good.

15. see #2

16. such as.... teddy bears? :)

22. see #1

25. hair, hair, hair...

28. and... see #16

32. baby wipes!! and paper towels

43. was this related to #40-42 ?

56. this could be related to #24 ?

81. love me :) or am i just weird

94. reference #92

95. cute, in a scary kind of way

98. also reference #92

great job - fascinating stuff

Aek said...

Errr, don't even know what to comment on. Here's a freebie comment then. XD

Zee said...

81. That’s the only way that I know how to make conversation. XD

87. My suggestion is to just do what you love. If you want to be a journalist, join a journalism club thingy. Do whatever you find fun in a social setting. You will find somebody that at least shares a common interest.

100. I think everybody wants that.

Joie Mayfield said...

Hello, friend! Great list you got there! :) I'm a comment slut, too. lol. I also LOVE being asked intimate questions!!

I'm going to link to you from my blog! :)

Check it out if you'd like:


Peter said...

Dick, you deleted half of my comments!!! :P

Mirrorboy said...

So what if i deleted half?? You've still got FOUR!! :P

Peter said...

now I have five....

Peter said...

...and now I have six.

There I think I'm back the number I had before SOMEONE had to erase them.

Anonymous said...

happy harmonica. so here we go.
1. that's why i don't do xmas
4. i had a haircut about 10 years ago
5. i do too, but i'm ambidextrous
7. cargos rock.
10. haven't watched tv in over 20 years
19. a bit of ee cummings there?
20. i own 2. plus a motorcycle
23. i don't have msn. maybe i should?
35. travel is good
40. sand and contact lenses sucks ass
54. kahlua and werther's
67. moms always win. no matter how old you are
89. i am a pyromaniac. fire rocks
100. i would like someone who would just acknowlege my existance

naturgesetz said...

victor exists


Peter said...


Peter said...


I think 30 comments is a record on your blog.

Of course, you have me to thank for that. :D

Mirrorboy said...

Oh... I didn't mention that don't like pointless comments?

What are you doing Peter??

Peter said...

I don't know what I'm doing, but I just went through all of your posts and it is a record!!!

Lightning Baltimore said...

Boys! Stop that fighting this instant or I am turning this blog around and going straight back home where I'll give you something to really cry about when you get spanked on your bare bottom in front of everyone.

Anonymous said...

I always find facts about other people really interesting!

Peter said...

Lol @ Mr. HCI

Anonymous said...

er, thanks natur. i think.

Peter said...

Hey why weren't you online tonight? I missed talking to you!!


Mirrorboy said...

Maybe i was getting away from certain obsessive someone...



Peter said...


I just noticed your comment

robert said...

know its ancient post but 48,66,72 and 80 make me feel like I know you or should...