Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Random stuff about my life, again. :P

- I can say fairly confidently that the sources of yesterday's sore neck were my new pillows.

After i slept on my old ones last night, i felt much better this morning. I'll keep my new ones though, cos they look really gay in their pink and purple satin pillow-cases. ^_^

- On Wednesday i've got my contacts appointment at the optometrist. I'll be trying them out and i'm hoping that my eyes will be able to tolerate them... So if all goes well, from Wednesday, i won't have to wear my glasses anymore. :)


- Unfortunately i can't personally thank the 8 people who sent me Amazon moneys recently cos i don't have all of your email addresses. However, it does mean a lot to me that you all care so much. So thanks so much! I'll put it to good use. Promise. <3

- I've become an obsessive smiley user on msn. Watch out. lol - Mum's sitting out here in the kitchen while i'm typing, looking through a magazine and reading out articles to me... like her horoscope... -_-

- I giggle like a little boy when i use Photoshop to alter pictures of my cats so they have massive eyes and such...

- Oh, and i also giggled my head off when one of the short Wallace & Gromit movies was on TV the other night. It was 'The Wrong Trousers'. Seriously, if you have seen Wallace & Gromit and do not absolutely looooove it, you do not have a soul. Gromit is my MSN pic for now. <3

I used to watch them all the time when i was a really young kid growing up. When i watched it again the other night i felt like i was young and carefree again. The memories...

I will always love them.

- Also on memories, all my life Christmas had been a happy time for me. I think it always seemed to be the general 'air' of Christmas that made me happy...

This year, i'm kind of... meh... This one's gonna suck.

We have no decorations or tree whatsoever, so now the 'air' just smells of strong incense. *sneezes

I'm going to be getting very few presents from anyone... I think Nan's getting me a razor. Oh... uhh woot...

And Mum will be paying me $400!!

That she borrowed from ME half a year ago... gah!!

If i'm lucky she said she might get me wireless internet though, so that's cool. :)

- Heheh... Well i'm still positive. Christmas may be 'meh' but i'm in a generally good mood. It's amazing what a break from school can do for me. I'm actually in a good mood! Can you believe it?!

I see things very differently now compared to when i had school every weekday... I'm just chilling out, and having fun. It's nice. :)

- That's about it for now, although i just posted a few more cat pics before this... It's easier than putting them with this because the writing around pictures always f**ks up for me. lol :)

So... yeah... lol

This was perhaps my latest post, ever. :P

I need sleep... =_=

lotsa love,



Seth said...

double first comment woohoo.

pillows: when I was staying at grandmas, she had this one pillow, i swear it weighed like 20 pounds it was so dense. it matched her HUGE blanket, which I believe i once described as trying to sleep with a collapsed circus tent on top of you.

i digress.

yay contact lenses!! when I was young, I was INCREDIBLY squeamish about anything going near my eyeballs - the mere thought of sticking something in made me shudder. but the first time i went, the eye doctor was like "look up" and pop it was in. sure it felt uncomfortable, but within weeks I was able to pop them in without a second thought. And those first several years, I had HARD contacts - so it was like sticking a clear plastic dinner plate in your eyes. LOL.

But, I hope you can deal with them too. You'll be stylin' LOL. If you get them I'll post my advice.

Good thing your mum is paying you back - put that money in a SAVINGS account. Seriously. :)

Hope you get the router of your dreams. And everything else too.

Apparently this is SUCKY-Holiday Season for everyone.



Peter said...

Lol at the 'obsessive smiley user on msn' I have experienced that first hand.

Hope you get the wireless router. You deserve it!!! Actually you only deserve it if you have been nice to your mum recently. lol

That damn Seth keeps posting only a few minutes ahead of me!

Poisoned Happiness said...

Contact lenses are awesome. I also hate glasses. Try lenses that you can wear for 30 days day and night without taking them off. I wear one of those and really, I'm forgetting I have problems with my eyes :)

Col said...

Glad your neck feels better and I love the word "giggle", don't know why!
When I was fifteen I got twenty quid from my dad and that was it, nothing else. I always used to dread going back to school after the holidays in case friends asked what I got for Xmas. It sucks when you're poor, but I'm happy to hear you're still positive. I've tried to be like that this year, and plan to next year too.

Yay! W & G...we have a new one showing on Christmas Day; 'A matter of loaf and death'. It's a Hitchcock-style who-dunnit set in a bakery...can't wait!

I wish could help you out with some Amazon vouchers, but alas I can't...yet!

Happy holidays,

aron2631 said...

such cute cats.

JC said...

i like smiles so , i am happy, even happy while listing to linkin park.
have a hhpy xmas, john

xthecouragex said...

Wallace and Grommit is the best. What you said about feeling young and carefree again is exactly how I feel when I watch them too. You don't know how excited I got when I saw your msn picture was that. haha

And I will admit you have a great variety of smileys on msn too. some are pretty suggestive lol

As always I hope the contacts work and you get the wireless for christmas. Who knows, maybe there will be something this christmas that makes it better, theres still time.

But yeah hope you have a nice christmas :)

naturgesetz said...

Glad you cleared up the neck problem and are in a good mood.

Maybe Christmas will be better than you expect, once it actually gets here. As an "out" Catholic, may I be so bold as to suggest that if Mum or Nan is going to midnight Mass, you might tag along. It might make Christmas a bit less "meh."

And think of the Amazon moneys as Christmas presents.

dialist — one who uses dial soap(?)

Peter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peter said...

opps, wrong post. lol

Meant to put this under the cat one

The confirmation word is 'forsup'

If you say it really fast and don't overly stress the 'p' is sounds like 'foursome.' Well, at least to me it does. lol

naturgesetz said...

@ Pete —
//The confirmation word is 'forsup'

If you say it really fast and don't overly stress the 'p' is sounds like 'foursome.' Well, at least to me it does. lol//

Get your mind off the golf links and the bridge table!

ploutle — which doesn't mean a darn thing

James said...

Yay! Yes, you are an obsessive smiley user. It' okay, I like it. :D

And Wallace and Grommet simply rock my socks. :)

mirrorboy said...

Suck on this bitches!

Australia's already seen the new Wallace & Gromit movie - A Matter Of Loaf And Death.

Don't ask me how we got it though. lol

It's really funny, but, were we expecting anything else?

Don't believe me?


Scroll down a bit, and there's your proof. lol

I still <3 The Wrong Trousers the most though. :)


mirrorboy said...

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention it was the world premiere.

woot woot woot! :D

Mr. HCI said...

Some boys look really cute with glasses. I've never had to wear them (other than sunglasses for driving) but I'll bet they're a pain in the bloody neck!

My favorite Christmas special of recent vintage is the Invader ZIM episode, "The Most Horrible Xmas Ever." I didn't feel like spending a lot of time searching YouTube so here's a short clip from it: Invader Zim: Jolly Boots of Doom

Does Amazon not give you the e-mail address of the person who sends you a gift certificate? I've never gotten one but I would think it really weird if they don't!

James said...

And what do you mean? Glasses are dead sexy. Well, ok, not when *I* wear them. :P

*hopes the contacts work out for you*

Peter said...

I think they look good on certain people. I haven never seen M-boy, so I don't know if they look good on him or not.

I'm sure they do though.

I have glasses, and would never switch to contacts. All my brothers got them and had problems so they all switched back.

-squir. I don't know why, but this word made me laugh.

Jake Annonymous said...

Harden Up!

Also, you wear glasses?! strange aye.

I like the rabbits in Curse of the WhareRabit. Like when he sucks them out of the holes and one thinks its dead. I laughed so loud people on the plane looked at me lol

I love christmas episodes of things, except every year they market a "Simpsons Christmas" and they just play two together and take out the credits and intro in the middle. Bitches.

Zee said...

There is nothing wrong with glasses. I wear glasses. I guess some people are contacts people though. I could never do contacts.

Use the 400 dollars wisely (which in many occasions means you should have it!).

Anonymous said...

wearing contacts is great,

had them for a couple of years but then had to switch back

have a good Christmas

Landyn said...

hey buddy


i WILL find you on msn again soon - I have a LOT of things to talk to you about and want (hope for) your opinion on.

please take care of yourself, and your happy attitude is starting to rub off on me :)

I love you man, i miss you, and I hope you havent forgotten about me. Take care, and catch ya soon. Merry Christmas my friend

Landyn <3

Aek said...

Hey! What's wrong with glasses? o.O