Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You learn somethin every day.

Gah! Missed another post! Sorry.

Oh well, i'm going to try to make up for all these misses by posting twice today. :)

*famous last words haha

Anyways, you may be wondering why Mirrorboy is at home when he should be at school (if you take notice of the times). If you do then that's awesome.... and a little bit obsessive... :/

Well, back in the old days when i was a youngin', i was diagnosed with a medical condition called Angioedema - a pretty mild case compared to the worst that could happen but still requires immediate attention.

What happens is, my lip starts to swell up and if i don't take medicine for it the swelling might go down to my throat and i wouldn't be able to breathe. :/

Kinda sucks huh? The things that set it off (allergies) were sour things like sherbet, or sour lollies or even chicken salt like the stuff they put on fish 'n' chips - the sorts of things that make a lot of saliva.

Well, it hadn't happened for a long time since then. The last time it happened would have been over a year ago, but i woke up this morning and my lip felt funny and big.

Meh... So after my shower when it still felt weird i took some medicine for it and stayed home.

I hope it doesn't fire up again. I don't know what could have happened to make it do this. I haven't eaten anything out-of-the-usual recently.

The swelling's gone down a bit for now, although it IS pretty hard to tell sometimes.

Anyways, at least i got a day off from school...

*tries to put positive spin on things...

School is so boring. Cos it's nearing the end of the school year and our reports have already been written, they've pretty much got nothing left for us to do.

Next Monday and Wednesday we're doing this 'jumpstart' program in which we do some year 10 classes... (cos i'm in year 9).

I'm nervous about that cos i might be finding out what form i'm in for next year and... well... i'm just nervous to find out who i'm in with. :/

We finish the Thursday after that and i'll finally get some time off from the hell that is school. Oh God i cannot wait...

That's it for now, see ya later,



Anonymous said...

i had something like that when i was really young. salty foods were what triggered mine. i don't have it anymore. the last time i had it was when i was ten, i think. i'm 19 now so maybe yours will go away in a few years. and congratulations on finishing grade 9 in one piece. yay! cheers.


Jake said...

How long does your school year run? Is it year-round or do you get 2 or 3 months off in the summer? I always forget when I read posts by Aussies. It must be awfully nice to have summer down there :( I miss the sunshine and the hot boys.......

Jonathan said...

Oh wow that must be hard... Like watching what you eat and stuff. I hope it doesn't swell up at all. Anyway same question that Jake asked, how does your schooling work out?


Anonymous said...

I respect the positive spin you put on it. I have a medical condition thats totally different than that but I always have to remind myself to put a positive spin on it. I guess the way I do it is by reminding myself it could always be worse.

As for school, I wouldn't be too nervous about doing the jumpstart thing. We did the same thing at my school and all we did was went to the class and they tried to show us something fun they did in that class and then the teacher talked about some kind of activity she wanted us to do for the summer.

Do you have any plans for the summer?

Take care buddy.

Mr. HCI said...

I admit it . . . I looked at the post time and thought, "Shouldn't he be at school?" Hope you heal up quickly!

Lach said...

How was your report?

or are they doing the "We can still change your reports if you misbehave" trick.

mirrorboy said...

How long does my school year run?

Well, i don't know what it's like in other places, but we get about 5-6 weeks off at the end of the year. We also have 3 sets of 2 weeks off - one at the end of every term. We have four terms.

Summer plans?



Haven't gotten it yet... and yes lol, they do say that we still have to behave cos it can always be changed of course... :P

I hope i don't fail too bad... *gulp


AJCon89 said...

that sounds funky... you better not swallow any sour spunk :-P

Glad you had the day off... now where is our second post?


Steevo said...

watch out 4 aj... his perv side leaks out sometimes... prolly why we like him so...

Mboy is unlikely to swallow any sour spunk. Unless his social life has vastly improved in th last few days... and Mboy his own self is "so sweet"... well I dont wanna out perv aj.

The schedule sounds like what we call modified year round. two 2 week breaks would be nice. we get 2 weeks at xmas/winter break... one spring week off and a "ski week" off. Plus regular holidays. Our union negotiates the school calendar so we have a good one if u gotta work.

AEK will soon chime n on your malady. He's the -.5 med student here, but the best we got. LOL I hear from reliable sources that he's also "damn cute" so extra points for that I guess.

steevo [pretiond]

Seth said...

Continuity is always nice :)

My blog feed showed your post arriving at something after 5pm... I guess its the time zone thingy? I have yet to figure that all out.

And wow, I completely forget about the flip side of the world and the seasons - some readers must really wonder about things I post about - and even when I posted seasonal (sports) cuteboys.

Just FYI, here in the USA, the "school year" runs from around September 1st, until around end of June, so about 10 months generally speaking. With a couple of weeks off in the winter around Christmas/New Years, and lots of days off for holidays. I'd say two semesters in a regular school year (maybe Steevo can verify?)Some private schools are a little bit different starting earlier or ending earlier, but thats generally speaking. I guess they have changed alot of the educational framework since I was a student.

For example my private highschool ended regular classes at the beginning of June, then we had three weeks called "Unit" where you selected one of several available study courses and did projects and field trips and shit like that. Some of the lucky kids got to go to France, or Spain, or even Russia (well, dunno how lucky they were LOL). Us poor kids had to stay local, but since I was a privileged nerd, I did independent study most years, which meant I got three weeks to jack off and hand in a long report I banged out the weekend before the final day. LOL.

Colleges and Universities follow the same rough schedule, except usually broken into 3 trimesters. Summer here is generally considered July and August, although with (global warming?) our recent years summer seems to start in April and end in November. LOL.

At least, thats what I know of here in New Jersey - my cousin in Florida starts in August, but they end earlier too, I think. There are a certain number of mandated school days - and you often hear about schools that go "over" their snow days (cancelled school days) and the students get stuck staying that number of days later before summer starts. Ha.


Seth said...

Oh, and sorry to hear about the swelling.. and not a good swelling either *wink*

Make sure you take that medication ASAP when it happens and take care of yourself.


Oh heres a long one: acoucism

Steevo said...

mboy --- ease up... u dont hafta post everyday. blogs r casual...

colleges/universities have trimesters or semesters. high schools have semesters as far as i know.

each state has mandated number of days --- flexibility varies for snow, floods, etc.

in cali each district has its own calendar, but many county offices of ed co-ordinate them a lot as a service. here 180 student days, 3 or 4 more for staff.


Aek said...

This comment is more for Steevo really, lol. Yeah, I may be the 0.5 med student, but I've got nothing for you specifically. That's such a weird and random ailment. Probably more of an annoyance than anything else I reckon.

Sorry to chime in so late. :P

Interesting . . . my word verification is "cries."