Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kind of sucks.

Well... let's face it. These times are slow blog times. There ain't that much to do online, so i've got to find things to do in the 'real world'. lol

I've been working on my story, but i kind of led myself into a hard place where i'm stuck, so i'm giving it a rest for now.

There's also the fact that i slept in a really weird position last night, and when i woke up this morning, my neck was so sore... and it's been hurting all day. Even when i look up now, it just goes *BANG PAIN

I'm kind of limited in what i can do i guess... In other words, i don't feel like doing much. lol

I guess that's okay, cos that's what my plan for the holidays is - not do much. Just chill out. :)

Most of my best online friends are gone or busy... So that kinda sucks... I miss them all. :(

Also, it seems like everybody i know is sad. Poor things...

Is that some sort of lame coincidence, or am i just some sort of depression magnet? :P

Oh well. I'm gonna stay positive. Life sucks in general for all of us but if we all thought positively, we'd all be happier, wouldn't we?

I've never really tried positive before, but recently i've been giving it a go. It's actually pretty decent. That's why i've decided i will be positive from now on. :)

Moods are contagious. Hopefully i can cheer up some of my friends who aren't having the best of times. Aren't i so sweet? lol

Oh yeah... and i guess a big THANK YOU to the five people who sent me Amazon credit after reading Matt's blog. Wow... It was actually a surprise to me lol. Heehee well you're all really sweet. :)

Thanks to Matt and AJ too, who are the sweetest of them all. :)

That's it... Mboy needs to relax...

G'night all,



Poisoned Happiness said...

Everyone are busy preparing for Christmas. I'm not, I'm not preparing at all. Christmas makes me sad but I'm going to ignore them as much as I can this year.

Mr. HCI said...

I slept wrong once and woke up with something called wry neck when I was 18 or 19. In the morning, I could barely tilt my head back to drink a glass of water and I couldn't turn my head to the left at all. By the end of the day, I was hunched over with my arms tightly held in a sort of mad scientist pose. If I so much as wiggled a pinky finger, lightning bolts of pain shot through me. It sucked, to say the least. My dad walked me to a neighbor's house (he was an MD) and he prescribed some muscle relaxers. Those knocked it right out, thankfully!

Planetx_123 said...

Wow! I had the EXACT same thing happen to me as Mr HCI. I never heard the term wry neck but thats really neat that it has a name.

I woke up and felt just like a little crick in my neck. I went to work and eventually I had to keep my head tilted almost where my each touched my shoulder. If I moved it the most incredible pain shot throughout my entire body and I scream and tensed up.

I remember working and my friends (being jerks) kept calling my name causing me to whip my around and then scream and drop whatever was in my hands.

I ended up going to the ER because I was getting worried, and they gave me valium. I took that and the next morning felt fine. I think it was the most painful experience Ive ever had.

Im not sad- Im happy! I feel terrible for AJ, but Im looking forward to having a few weeks off, and going to Atlanta!

I do agree, positive attitudes are contagious!

Much Love,

Seth said...

Vacations = relaxation and rest.

Holidays = depression and stress.

Hmm, I could almost pull a rhyme or a sonnet out of that but... nah.


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Peter said...

I know what you mean about being bored during the holiday breaks.

Remember I'm always here if you want to chat. And no, you're not a depression magnet. I enjoy talking to you.


naturgesetz said...

Mboy, you are so wonderfully sensitive and so wonderfully empathetic and so wonderfully caring and so wonderfully loving. You feel everybody's hurt. <3

I hope you can learn to empathize and care and love without feeling the hurt quite so intensely.

I also hope the neck pain is gone when you wake up. If not, better get some medical attention.

Staying positive is a good idea. :)

xthecouragex said...

Sorry to hear about the neck. I've done that plenty of times, but never to the point of wry neck.

Like I told you last night staying positive is good. Its a nice quality in a person as long as they don't over do it haha.

Don't worry about being a depression magnet because you're not. Look at it this way people talk to you when they're feeling down because you tend to cheer them up. Or at least I know I cant help but smile when I talk to you.

Take care buddy.


Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ! It really sounds like we really need to get laid!!!!!!!!!!

Here's my Christmas Wish for us all, eapecially those of us who aren't likely to 'boink':

o shit, i forgot it, totally...

[Dream your dream HERE]

neway, u no what i mean ;)


Anonymous said...

Read, write, rest, recoup.. take nice naps and walks... listen to music.. dream of great days ahead.


James said...

The depression goes in cycles; it's not you dear. Maybe if we think a little more positively, that could be contagious as well? :]