Thursday, May 14, 2009

200th Post! 200 Random Facts About Me!

Okayz. First of all, congratulations to me! lol. 200 posts is a lot!

Sorry this took so long. But it was soooooooooooooo harrrrrdddddddd. It's 200 facts about me. I tried to make them all somewhat interesting, and i didn't want to have any repeats either.

I did my best and it took me a week of work and frustration. :/

Oh yeah btw, all these are true. :D

And before we get into it, i wanna thank Seth, Aek and Reilly. They were really helpful by giving me some ideas. Trev, Seb, Dan and Paul also helped too. I guess people could see that i was suffering and they took pity on me. lol

Anyway, you'd better enjoy this! *serious face*

It was a lot of work.

I hope there are no spelling mistakes...

Starting with the basics...

1. I am an only child.

2. I live with my Mum.

3. No, i never met my Dad.

4. I live on the coast of Australia in a small city.

5. I have 2 cats.

6. I turn 16 on the 22nd of May.

7. I want to be an author (preferably famous lol).

8. As a job, i would like to be a journalist.

9. I want to leave my city as soon as i can.

10. My favourite colour is pink. 2nd is red, 3rd is black.

11. My favourite TV show is 30 Rock. I also like Dexter, Lost, Mythbusters and Heroes.

12. My favourite type of music is techno.

13. I'm short-sighted so i wear glasses or contacts.

14. I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

15. And yes, i lick the spoon.

Now on to less basic things. :)

16. I call my cat Tiger 'fatcat' and my cat Jemima 'fincat'. :)

17. I have one pink pillow and one green pillow, pink sheets and a green doona.

18. My Mum used to have a stalker.

19. When i was really young i wanted to be a clown... then an actor, and then a chiropractor.

20. I have to wash and wipe anything i'm go to eat off, or eat with, or drink out of... unless i'm eating out. (nothing sexual there i assure you) :P

21. I love tennis. I suck at playing.

22. I'm terribly uncoordinated and clumsy. I have trouble even using a knife and fork correctly.

23. I own a Nintendo Wii, a Nintendo Gamecube, a Nintendo 64, a Super Nintendo, and a Game Boy Advance.

24. I have 4 email addresses.

25. My least favourite music is country.

26. I don't like eating meat... but i do still eat it.

27. I've got blue eyes and brown hair.

28. My hair grows way too fast and it's too thick.

29. I hate getting haircuts.

30. I've never been on an aeroplane.

31. My family doesn't own a car, so my Grandma has to drive us places.

32. My Grandma knows i'm gay and is fine with it... but we don't talk about it.

33. My Grandma still says 'God Bless' when she says goodbye to me. She must think there's hope for me yet. ;)

34. My Grandma is Catholic.

35. When i was little i would go to church most weekends with my Grandma.

36. I would get bored at church, and make origami. lol

37. There are 91 people on my msn list, and i've deleted a lot of others. :P

38. I love rain, and storms! :D

39. My favourite celebrities are Shaun Micallef and Natalie Bassingthwaighte.

40. My favourite food is chocolate.

41. I've never been outside of my state.

42. I swear a lot. lol

43. I DESPISE bananas. They're disgusting.

44. I've got small hands and feet. (don't compare to other parts of my anatomy lol)

45. I feel uncomfortable if i'm not wearing shoes. (unless i'm in bed)

46. In fact, i feel uncomfortable if i'm not wearing a bunch of clothes, so i'm almost always in a jacket and shoes and socks (plus other stuff of course).

47. I bought my first pair of jeans when i was in Melbourne.

48. I got my first pair of sunglasses in Melbourne, cos i'd only recently gotten contacts.

49. 49 is my favourite number. :)

50. I have had 5 cats - Tiger and Jemima, Miticus (Mit), Cosmo, and Oscar.

51. Oscar never liked me, and he ran away one day. I was too young to really care. lol

52. Cosmo disappeared as well.

53. I loved Mit, but one day he just disappeared too. It broke my heart. :(

54. That's why i always freak out when my cats don't come home at night. Sometimes i will cry because i'm so worried something has happened to them, like the others.

55. I love my cats a lot. In fact i love them more than most people. lol

56. I keep my money under a trinket box on my bedside table.

57. I have 2 radios beside my bed. One acts as a radio, and the other as an alarm.

58. The furthest i've been from my city is Melbourne, and that's only about 4 hours drive away.

59. I read the Lord of the Rings books when i was about 11 or 12.

60. I've got a big family.

61. I love American sitcoms like Everybody Loves Raymond and Seinfeld.

62. I get email notification for every comment on all of my blogs, so even if you delete a comment, i have a copy in my inbox. :)

63. I wish i was shorter.

64. I love soft drink too much.

65. I say hungee for hungry, angee for angry etc. :)

66. I'm scared of heights and i freak out around spiders, and i hate blood.

67. I went on a Ferris Wheel once and i was scared as hell.

68. All the clothes my Mum buys for me are too big.

69. My cats can always tell when i'm sad and one will come and snuggle with me.

70. I have an electric blanket on my bed.

71. I've lived in 4 houses.

72. One of them was cursed or haunted or something. Bad times...

73. I punch my pillow when i'm angry.

74. I once was in a carpark and people left their car and they forgot to but the handbrake on, so their car slipped down the road and smashed into another car. And i saw it. :O

75. I think my cats are better-looking than average cats. :)

76. I sleep on my side.

77. I'm really self-conscious and i pick on myself a lot. :/

78. I've got low self-esteem.

79. My year 8 English teacher is the one who turned me on to writing and if it weren't for her i never would have written anything.

80. She was also my support at school and i could look to her for help and/or advice.

81. I found out about the gay youth group from her.

82. When i was little i would fill up balloons and rubber gloves with water.

83. I even remember taking them to the bath with me sometimes to play with. :/ lol

84. I need a tan. :P

85. I used to burn things.

86. And i would light candles and dip my fingers in hot wax. Then play with it. :)

87. And i was greatly intrigued by fireplaces.

88. I always wished i had a brother or sister.

89. Simple things can put me in a bad mood.

90. I wish i had punched a certain someone in the face.

91. It annoys me when people add me on msn and then don't say hello.

92. I'm really good at procrastination. :D

93. I spend my money on games. :P

94. I talk to myself.

95. I've got bad circulation and my hands and feet get cold easy.

96. I usually wake up in the morning with really cold feet. :/

97. I invented a word for cute animals - 'pugee', pronounced pai-gee.

98. My favourite band was the Rogue Traders... before they split.

99. My eyes twitch when i'm nervous.

100! I've thought about closing my blog down recently.

101. Several of my school friends were 'okay' with me to my face, but harboured some pretty strong hatred for gays.

102. Smoking turns me off.

103. I don't like drinking or drugs.

104. All 3 exist in my family.

105. I was outed on 2 separate occasions, both by accident.

106. My cat gives me nose kisses. :)

107. I've never done anything remotely sexual with anyone.

108. If i could have a superpower it would be the power to turn back time.

109. I don't have a 'type' of boy that i like. I don't have any preferences.

110. The last movie i saw at the cinema was the latest Narnia one.

111. I like coffee-flavoured things but i don't like actual coffee.

112. I feel good when i see gay characters on tv... unless they're evil or dying or something. :/ lol

113. I have pages full of notes about my story scattered around my computer desk.

114. I cry easily when people die in tv shows.

115. I'm an early riser... well i try to be.

I'm stuck already. :(

116. The first thing i do after i've gotten up is feed the cats.

117. I comfort eat.

118. Posters cover one wall of my bedroom.

119. I've got a double-bed. Wanna share? ;D

120. I've had the same digital watch for years.

121. The last game i bought was Metroid Prime for the Wii.

122. My favourite author is Eoin Colfer.

123. When i was little i would always have to sleep facing left, or i would have nightmares.

124. There are 444 songs on my iPod.

125. I go through about 5 boxes of tissues a week. :P

126. I don't like multiples of 5.

127. When i was younger i would always sip from drinks in multiples of 4.

128. My cat knocks on doors when he wants to come in.

129. I'm the one who has to set up stuff like DVD players and TVs in my house.

130. My family spends Christmas at my Grandma's house.

131. One of my cousins has had a baby.

132. I grow lettuce in my backyard.

133. My favourite drink is Schweppes lemonade. *orgasm* lol

134. I really like longer hair. :)

135. My favourite ice-cream is coffee. :P

136. The walls in my house are cream (colour). lol

137. I like video game music, like kirby. :)

138. I don't like facial hair.

139. I use smilies a lot. :D

140. I don't believe in religion but i do believe in an afterlife.

This is soooooooooo harrrrdd.

141. The only bone i've broken was my little finger... at mini-golf. -_-

142. I once had an allergic reaction to medicine and ended up in the casualty ward at a hospital.

143. My feet have high arches. :(

144. My favourite game series is Paper Mario.

145. Oh, i've got a gay cousin. :P

146. Between Mario and Luigi, i choose Luigi.

147. I've been caught wanking... more than once too. lol

148. I like eating plain pasta.

149. My favourite subject is English.

150. My weapon of choice is a bow. :)

151. Music cheers me up... unless it's sad music. lol

152. I've never drank alcohol or smoked.

153. My favourite day of the week is Friday. :D

154. I'm a Rooster and a Gemini.

155. My Mum used to read Enid Blyton books to me as a kid.

156. I like plastic cutlery. :P

157. My favourite fast food is La Porchetta's. (pizza) :)

158. I can make an origami lily from memory.

159. I've never kissed a guy.

160. My Mum has really long hair that goes past her waist.

161. My favourite time of day is nighttime.

162. I haven't had chickenpox.

163. My favourite vegetable is cauliflower.

164. I don't like big dogs.

165. I am obviously a cat person. :)

166. I still have weird dreams most nights.

167. I like pizza with sauce, ham, cheese and olives. :)

168. I have said 'lol' in real life.

169. And sometimes i feel compulsed to use smilies while writing. :O

170. I probably won't get piercings, and i definitely don't want a tattoo. ouch

171. I wear my watch on my right hand, and i'm right handed.

172. The first thing i wash in the shower is my hair.

173. I'm allergic to really sour things.

174. I eat cereal for breakfast OMG.

175. The clock on my bedside table is 6-7 minutes fast.

176. I slept in a tent at camp once, and in the morning a huge spider was in my bag. I scrambled out and couldn't enter the tent again for half an hour.

177. I like showers more than baths.

178. I know a little French.

179. My favourite accent is Spanish. :)

180. I like Winter more than Summer.

181. My favourite smiley is Tongue Smiley. :P

182. Improper grammar annoys me. :P

183. I can't help correcting people when they make writing mistakes. :)

184. I wrap my legs around things when i'm in bed.

185. I haven't had a wet dream. :O

186. My cats follow me when i go outside.

187. My cat Tiger is snuggled in the chair next to me while i type this.

188. I have 2 middle names.

189. I like Futurama more than The Simpsons.

190. My next story's working title is Hope Hurts.

Here are some pervy ones for you then. ;)

191. I've tasted it, and it's gross. :P

192. Trimmed.

193. Almost 6 inches. lol

194. Uncut.

195. Briefs.

196. Bottom.

197. About 3 times a day. ;)

198. I've done it in every room of my house. :D

Almost done!

199. I really love comments. They are mini-orgasms.

200. I still want a boyfriend more than anything.


I'd better get loads of comments on this, bitches. lol


Aahsazyl said...


Tim said...

That's great! I love reading random facts about people.

Deadwing said...

awesome buddy!!! well done. i couldn't think of even 10 facts about i gave up at 7 and a half. congrats on 200 posts. here's to another 200! love ya buddy!

Reilly de Wilde. said...

Oh, wait, what?

I'm taking the hint!



mm said...

lol Toad is way better than luigi

humph and samus is a girrrrllll

thats for saying i helped


Nice post


Mr. Urs said...

It was worth to wait. Thanks for the pulling it through.

Kevin Wilson said...

Towards the end, I thought you could easily keep going.

100 was interesting.

Daily Dan said...

haha yay u did it.

16. would u lick mine?

haha. i really wanna get to 100 posts so i can do this, but that will take forever. we have a lot of shit in common. lets fuck.

Jeremy said...

Psh, I helped too! D:

6. I turn 16 on the 22nd of May.
Ooh, early happy birthday :)

100! I've thought about closing my blog down recently.
Noes D:

119. I've got a double-bed. Wanna share? ;D
Yes :D

184. I wrap my legs around things when i'm in bed.
Even people? :O

185. I haven't had a wet dream. :O

Yay briefs :P


AJCon89 said...

Congrats on 200 buddy!

Well... I think I can speak for a lot of us when I say... that explains a lot.. lol

Anyway... I think I agree with you on most of your tastes... except no ham on pizza... lol

Can we still be friends? lol

Love you!


Highwayman said...

Glad to see that you finally nipped it. Yay! Here's to the next 200. :D


Anonymous said...

big clap for 200 posts
bigger clap for 200 facts
biggest clap for bday on 22nd - mine's 19th but we'll be away so hippy happy buffdy (W pooh bear, I think).

bt why do U eat jelly with a fork?

Planetx_123 said...

3. No, i never met my Dad.If I have learned anything from LOST it is that if you never met your dad, expect him to be a mysterious man that will be revealed to you at a later point making everyone else go 'OH MY GOD, ITS HIM!'

74. I once was in a carpark and people left their car and they forgot to but the handbrake on...I once caused an accident like this! But I told people that I put it on and it must've slipped...I was 16, and it caused $1000 damage to a Nissan Maxima.

182 & 183. Improper grammar annoys me. :P & I can't help correcting people when they make writing mistakes. :)Did I inspire this one with my arrogant defense of the subjunctive mood for verbs? If I were the inspiration, then I am glad to help! (note use of subjunctive...god I need a life)


Much Love-

Anonymous said...

awesome! let's celebrate our birthdays together! I'm within the same week :-/ Looks like you have all 75 of my stupid ideas for the 300th post :-D

Anonymous said...

I can totally comprehend what you feel for your cats and it must have been horrible when some of them disappeared.
Picasso once said that there is no more thoughtful and attentive companion than a cat.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the facts!

Tombi04 said...

I liked 106. It was sweet, like you.

Jeremy said...

29. I hate getting haircuts.
Me too D<

42. I swear a lot. lol
I only swear when I'm alone and I hurt myself, and its almost never in english XD

110. The last movie i saw at the cinema was the latest Narnia one.
If nothing else, I watch those movies for the boys :D

125. I go through about 5 boxes of tissues a week. :P
126. I don't like multiples of 5.
So how does that work? lol

159. I've never kissed a guy.
Me neither :(

naturgesetz said...

163. My favourite vegetable is cauliflower.

That's amazing. (I was tempted to say "bizarre," but I decided to spare your feelings.)

naturgesetz said...

51. Oscar never liked me, and he ran away one day. I was too young to really care. lol

52. Cosmo disappeared as well.

53. I loved Mit, but one day he just disappeared too. It broke my heart. :(


16. I call my cat Tiger 'fatcat' and my cat Jemima 'fincat'. :)


106. My cat gives me nose kisses. :)

awww da sweetums widdoo kitty!

107. I've never done anything remotely sexual with anyone.

Good for (or on, if you use the British phrasing) you! Yay!

126. I don't like multiples of 5.

And yet you're giving multiple of 5 facts for your multiple of 5th post! Maybe you don't dislike them as much as you think. Maybe you're growing out of it. ;)

165. I am obviously a cat person. :)


170. I probably won't get piercings, and i definitely don't want a tattoo. ouch


Anonymous said...

Haha I love other people. 200 facts and I still don't know everything, the complexity is vast. I just wanna give you a big hug because you are an amazing person! :D

Jeremy said...

200. I still want a boyfriend more than anything.


Lol I left 3 comments... :P

Baz said...

Grandmas are the most understanding people in the world.

36. I used to go into a trance and make my body separate into 2 halves.

67. Only scared? - I puked

74. Presumably in Aussieland - couldn’t have been my car then

91. Sorry! Haven’t seen u around much lately.

92. Not as good as me tho’

132. Iceberg cos it’s a little gem?

139. Why not use em proper in ure posts. Check for how to do it.

Anonymous said...

Aw, so much to ask but that would be kinda... inappropriate :/ So I'll keep it down to some comments.

108. If I could have a superpower it would be the power to turn back time.Why? :D I'd go with invisibility.

112. I feel good when i see gay characters on tv... unless they're evil or dying or something. :/ lolI like it when they are evil actually; 'cause it seems to be more "normal" to me when they don't get treated special just because it would be political incorrect to make the villain black or gay or vegan feminist.

169. And sometimes i feel compulsed to use smilies while writing. :OI know this. And it's somehow sad that it seems like I'm losing the ability to articulate myself without them. Damn interwebz.

185. I haven't had a wet dream. :OI'll just copy & paste a comment I posted at Jake's here ^^,

Never had a wet dream. Ever. Even if our school books told us most boys have their first ejaculation due to a wet dream. Not in our class ‘tho, I can tell that all of them jizzed the first time while masturbating :p

182. Improper grammar annoys me. :PExcuse me, Sir. Me has teh German.

Col said...

Lol! Some real gems in there!

#63: Just curious... how tall are you? I always imagined you as quite short, seeing as how you have small hands and feet (like me, and I'm only 5'5").

I'm so glad I'll never have to come up with so many facts. It would take me months to think of them all. Haha!

Thanks Mboy!

Take care,

Aek said...

6. Your b-day is 1 day after mine. :P

13. I think you mean "near-sighted."

36. LOL! Origami rocks. XD

43. Aww, I like bananas.

63. How tall are you? o_O

126. Aww, I like multiples of 5. :-/

158. Dude, now we have to talk about origami.

185. Me neither. I think that's pretty normal?

Oh, and your cats are ADORABLE!! ^_^

Unknown said...

You are complicated but sweet person :)

Mr McCabbage said...

This was very great, thank you. Many of my favourite things are the same.

I found that cats can also pass on a life-force shock, nose to nose, when they want to wake sleeping humans. And I had a Burmese who learned to grab the door handle and open it. He also wanted it closed after him, for which he looked back and summoned a gust of wind. All were amazed with that cat. Then a neighbour shot him. We discovered this immediately, so at least we know what happened. Towards the end I was almost sorry for the neighbour - he was made to severely regret it.

Stormy wheather, playing with water, and sitting at a camp fire all boost immunity against evil spirits. Growing lettuce will indeed help too, and of course your cats. Yes do avoid smoke, alcohol, drugs, piercings and tattoos, for ever, as they are all very poisonous. Also avoid wearing any metal chains around your neck .. A boyfriend, now there is a wholesome idea.

Seth said...

OMG HOORAY FINALLY ALL THAT HARD WORK!!! I'm commenting this comment BEFORE I read it. Gotta sit down for this one. :)

Anonymous said...

And what do you fantasize about when you wank? (Lots of details, please). Also, how much body hair do you have and where? What do you shave, and what do you trim?

Mirrorboy said...


I fantasize about naked women. I have so much hair i look like a wolf. I shave my feet and trim my butt. :)

Mirrorboy said...

Oooh i wanna thank everyone for the great comments! They make me feel so warm and fuzzy. ^_^

I thought people were losing interest in me. :/ lol

much love

Anonymous said...

Now I hope you don't mind that I stole your idea ^.^

Mirrorboy said...

The Boy Blog King can do as he pleases. :P

cvn70 said...


congrats on getting them done and hopefully back to regular posting
you are even more loveable :p

take care and be safe

Anonymous said...

Alright first congrats on 200... and I'm glad you've decided to keep the blog open. I know theres a ton of people that would be let down if you did stop.

Now some responses:

11. 30 Rock FTW!!

23. Apparently I can kick your ass at super smash bros =P

30. Fly here right meow!

53. I'm so sorry

119. Yes?

121. Metroid used to be my favorite game for the original gameboy haha

146. I always chose luigi too

(There's so many other ones that I read and think "me too" lol like plain pasta)

166. Like of you having a party on a cliff? =]

Ok I think the rest of my comments are just "me too" so I wont post all those numbers. Again congrats on 200...hopefully you'll stick around for 200 more

love you mboy =]

John said...

Thank you for your hard work !
# 36 I thought you were fooling us until I looked it up, thanks
a new word learned.
# 42 you swear ?
# 89 no understand ?
# 100 why ?
# 129 thats what us men do !
# 158 ?
# 178 boy or girl ?
Good job, John

Anonymous said...

Well done! I don't know if I could think of 200 facts about my self :P I liked the 94th one. I talk to my self too :)


Doomed But Cheerful! said...

One of the first blogs I read, and even after all this, I know there is still more depth ... good luck for your next 200 posts.
G =]

MartininBroda said...

What a strange welcome text to comment, who should want you to die, strange world as well, but anyway.
I have no clue where I found your blog (it’s a bit off topic for me, but sometimes I look at it, because it’s nice & “refreshing”). 200 is a lot so I will make a short comment if you like. First congratulations. And then:
38. me too.
59. that’s early.
73. cute.
88. Brothers are overrated and mostly not that funny.
92. me too and not proud of it.
94. me too.
100. silly idea!
176. I like spiders.
Wish you all the best with your blog and your blogging-friends. I guess you're a young man who justifies great expectations (J. Chr. I can’t believe I did this here).

Seth said...

You got 40 comments - must mean you went through at least an extra box of tissues!!! :)

$17 - whats a doona? blanket?

#20 - I'd be surprised its not the other way around - much more important to wipe off things in a restaurant!!

#26 - no loss, once in a while.

@50-55 - Aw :( *hugs*

#62 - I've always wondered about that LOL. I'll have to stop writing all those dirty comments and then deleting them ;) j/k

#64 - eat #26, not high fructose corn syrup :)

#65 - thats so cute and endearing

#77 - *hugs*

#78 - *double hugs*

#100 - nooooooooooo!

#125 - because of #114 ?

#123, 126, 127 - OCD. Fun. Not.

#132. - Thats so... neat.

#143 - ohhh, I know. awful huh.

#163 - some day I'll send you a nice bowl of my famous cream of cauliflower soup - TDF yum.

#174 - why omg ?

#183 - Every time I publish a post title... with the ellipses, I remember you asked once if it bothers me (OCD) that I sometimes use ... three and sometimes .... four. It doesn't. :)

#200 - and I pray one day you will have the bestest one ever. :)

Congratulations on making it all the way to 200!! *happy dances*

torchy! said...

15. but do you lick the bowl?
42. don't you mean 'i swear a lot ffs'?
90. who? anyone we know. is this someone you actually met?
107. well you keep it that way. we don't want you getting mixed up with that kinda thing
111. yay me too! except i do like coffee
125. now that is *awesome* unless you got a runny nose in which case you need medication
67,135,143,155,168. me too. lol
138,185. me neither.
191. i know! i was there! or at least had a convo with you soon after. it's about the same thing :)

well done mate!


oh yeah... you say these are all true. does that apply to your comments here as well? do you really have to trim your butt? :S lol.

Anonymous said...

awesome post! well done!

i hardly read your blog but now i feel like i know enough about you to start reading it. haha

very nice!


Anonymous said...

Here are some fact's about myself, should you be interested:

1. My name is Luke

2. I'm Catholic

3. A Texan


5. My favorite thing about you so far is how you spell words like airplane and color. Did I mention I loved your blog? :-)

6. I am a huge reader and my favorite thing to do is write essays. I realize this is lame, but it has the virtue of being true.

7. I don't like to wear cowboy boots with other articles of clothing, but I do like to wear cowboy boots. o.O

8. I believe that your view of plastic utensils is spot on.

9. I am a first time visitor to your blog, but you just went into my bookmarks. Please don't stop blogging as this part of Texas is quite boring and you can only ride horses for so long before they becomes mundane.

10. Feel free to e-mail me sometime. ;-)

Mirrorboy said...

@Luke - I would if i knew your email address. lol

@torchy - If i trim my butt, that means i also fantasize over women. lol

Anonymous said...

Lovely, I've quite a lot in common with you. But then there are differences too. They're quite often what makes things more fun. Similarities add commonality, then the differences make it less boring.

Joe said...

I completely agree with number 29!! I can’t stand getting hair cuts. Lol, I remember once, that I tried to escape and run out of the barbers with the big cape thingy still around my neck!! Haha, good memories.

Also agree with you about cats! They are officially the best animals ever. I have 3: Jack, Felix and Freya. I love them.

Really nice reading these things about you. Keep posting

Love J

Doug said...

Oh my! this must have taken you quite a long while to write! But I'm going to now take the time to read them all. ;) I'm gonna know so much about you after it!

Lightning Baltimore said...

3. Good thing your real name isn't Luke!

10. Red is my fave and pink is probably second. I just got a third pink knife today (picture coming soon on Your Good Fairy)

12. My favorite kind of music is LOUD.

19. I wanted to be an astronaut when I was young. I wanted to be dead when I was a teenager but that's not really a profession.

25. My least favorite kind of music is shitty.

26. Meat tastes good . . . but I've been a vegetarian since before you were born.

36. I drew in the church bulletin every week while I sat there. I did origami at home and at school, though. I even taught other kids origami.

41. I've never been outside of my body.

42. Fuck yeah!

45. I hate wearing shoes. When it's warm enough, I wear clogs to work and kick them off under my desk so I can be barefoot all day.

63. That's not something one hears often. Shorter guys are cuter than taller, IMO. I'm taller than my Phil by almost half an inch!

67. I refuse to see Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

74. I was in a car with a cousin when I was little. He somehow put it in neutral and the brake was off, so we started rolling down a hill. There were no big people in the car.

86. Wax fingertips rule!

92. I've been expert at procrastination since before I was born. They had to go in after me when I was 15 days past due (my poor mother!).

94. I speak gibberish to myself and our dogs.

95. My hands and ears get painfully cold easily and take forever to warm back up again.

102. Smoking is gross. I've never tried it and never will.

103. I don't like drinking (haven't had a drink since before you were in school) and have never done any illicit drugs.

128. Our older dog throws himself at doors to open them. He's pretty strong for a 12 lb. dog.

138. That's 'cause facial hair is gross.

158. I think I can make a lily from memory. I'll have to try later.

162. I had chickenpox. All I remember is standing in my briefs while my parents put lotion on what looked like little nipples all over my body. I was five or six, I think.

170. I definitely didn't want a tattoo until I won a gift certificate to a tattoo parlour. Now I have a small one that has a lot of personal meaning and I smile every time I see it.

171. FREAK! So does my friend Charlie.

186. Your cats follow me, too! That's odd seeing as we're in different hemispheres.

No comments on the dirty ones . . .

h said...

11. My favourite TV show is 30 Rock. I also like Dexter, Lost, Mythbusters and Heroes.

30 Rock is awesome, Lost is fabulous, and Mythbusters has the best explosions, never watched Dexter or Heroes

40. My favourite food is chocolate.
OMG yes......

84. I need a tan. :P
lol me too, wanna meet me at the beach on tuesday :P

91. It annoys me when people add me on msn and then don't say hello.
oops sorry... i'm really shy

135. My favourite ice-cream is coffee. :P
peanut butter & chocolate

140. I don't believe in religion but i do believe in an afterlife.

141. The only bone i've broken was my little finger... at mini-golf. -_-
um, what? details!!!

163. My favourite vegetable is cauliflower.
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :(

189. I like Futurama more than The Simpsons.
me too!

Jake said...

You're adorable. =)

I'd be your bf in a second.

v1b2n3m4 said...

haha this definitely has gotten a lot of comments :)

congrats on making it to 200 dude. im so glad we met (well, at least in this virtual world we call blogging :P)

love you tonssssssssssssssssss<33

Anonymous said...

I have ADD and usually don't read long posts. However, after wishing you well on your birthday I decided reading your 200th post would give me a good background of you.

We are quite a bitter different, yet quite a bit the same.

Scotty said...

LOL, I love it. You seem like a great guy and I'm certain that really soon you're going to meet someone who'll see that.

Life can suck sometimes but you're clearly strong enough to get through it to enjoy the good times. All the best.

Anonymous said...

i'll be your boyfriend. i live like... an ocean way tho :,-(

Jason Clarke said...

So . . . when do you think you might get inspired to post 300 facts about yourself?