Monday, May 25, 2009

It Wasn't A Bad Day.

lol. Yeah, i survived. :)

I was still really nervous and everything, but i didn't feel like people were judging me and i didn't make an idiot of myself, which are things i worry about.

I was pretty highly-strung today though. I couldn't help that. I overthink things too much.

I haven't made any friends yet. That's something i struggle with too.

But it's good that we don't have to wear school uniforms (i feel much more relaxed in my own clothes). The teachers i had today were pretty nice. The maths teacher was helpful and was constantly walking around the room to help people (which i didn't see at my old school). The atmosphere was more relaxed. The hours won't be as long and i'll get Fridays off too (at least for the next few weeks).

I can't tell if things will work out yet, but a day here was marginally better than a day at my old school. :P

I got home tired after what felt like a really long day. I was lying in bed watching TV at around 7 o'clock and i actually fell asleep for half an hour. I must have been tired for realsies cos i never do that.

Shortly after school i went to my gay youth group thingy. We had more people show up this time than usual and that was good. Everyone there is really nice and going there is something fun to do. We're currently making a poster for our group that we can put up in schools and around the city so that people who might need a group like this, can know that we exist.

Thanks for the comments and emails. It means a lot. I'll get around to responding to emails once i have time. Right now, i just don't feel like sitting here for an hour typing replies. But i've read everything and it does mean a lot, so thanks.

Okay, i'm off. I'm tired. I would have posted earlier but my Mum wouldn't let me have the computer. :/

much love


pinstripe said...


I'm really happy for you :). Keep up the positive attitude and it will work itself out.


or i'll spank you =p

Mirrorboy said...

*doesnt do homework*

exalen said...

Good news! One day at a time, dude! Try not to put too much pressure on things, and yourself! :-)

MartininBroda said...

Good to hear, I’m only here to see how your day was, but let me say this, it needs a lot of courage and strength to be so open and honest like you in your yesterday post. Respect! And all the best.

aron2631 said...

sounds like a turning point.

cvn70 said...


well you better start doing home work, i agree with Lach get it done, you will have less stress if you are always prepared. Yea for no uniforms.

And i wont spank ya if you dont :P just yell at yu a bit.

but sounds like a good day and you have some teachers who care. I am sure tomorrow will be even easier.

As far as friends just be the person you really are and people will repond to you because you are caring, friendly, smart and lovable

Probably all the worrying and stress were making you tired but you will be okay just do you best.

Glad you like the gay youth group as i remember when you were worried about going there also.

Have a great day tomorrow and take care and be safe


Jeremy said...

Yayyyyy :)

I probably won't see you on msn as much though D:

Well be relaxed and stuff... what everyone else said :P

*spanks for not doing homework* :O

Mr McCabbage said...

Mboy, some maths to check - looks like a "personal year eleven" for you:
2+2 +0+5 +2+0+0+9 = 4+5+2 = 11.
Eleven is a Master Number and (finally) not added up to two. It is the number of magic. Note the 11 letters of ABRAGADABRA, 5 identical A's and 6 diverse, thus interlocking the pentagram and hexagram, also 1+2+9+1+7+1+4+1+2+9+1 = 38 = 11. On the positive side you would this year be more intuitive and see potential where others see nothing, also making plans come true more easily. On the negative side you may feel misunderstood and should explain ideas more patiently. You are also likely to face "tragedies and legal battles" of some sort this year, requiring fancy footwork. But in the end you will win.

Planetx_123 said...

Im glad it was tolerable. I'm especially glad you are still going to your gay youth group that is AWESOME! Im still hoping that you will meet a nice boyfriend there :-) That would probably be a major confidence booster.

Much Love,

naturgesetz said...

I'm glad the day went well.

The talk about homework reminds me of the time my group manager was on vacation and we had an acting manager. The secretary said she hoped he'd be nice to her and he said there'd be no problem as lang as she did her work. She answered, "I don't do work," which was funny but also not far from the truth.

xthecouragex said...

I'm really happy that things went alright the first day. I'm sure you'll start to make friends soon.

Like I said before, just be yourself...

but you may want to cut back on the pervy comments in school. haha


Mr. HCI said...

I'm thrilled to hear you had a pretty good day! Oh, dear . . . I've hugged you so hard you've popped again.

Cleanup on aisle 16!

Drew said...

Good to hear that your first day back wasn't awful. I hope you make some great friends there, I know that once I was at a different school it was alot easier to make friends.

James said...

W00t! *is happy for you*

It sounds like a more college-type of environment that you're in. Teachers and the other students will hopefully be more concerned with your work and abilities than looks and sexuality. Here's hoping...

Key said...

Fuck O.O thats rough man, having to leave your school. I mean... christ I'd love to put some of those bellends in your situation and see how they'd cope.

Just finished reading your blog there O.O long ass posts to fuck and loads of em too... dont mind tho :D I like reading. Sorta like a mini biography hehe.

New to the blogging world too think bob said he'd give me a mention in his next one so people will hopefully have a read.

Mboy If I could I would gladly inflict pain on the scum that have made your life a living hell. But seeing as I dont live anyway near you heres a *hug* instead <3 =D


Mr McCabbage said...

Ja friends of mine would have been glad to drive out in the Mercedes and to thunder them. Pity you are so far away.

Highwayman said...

Glad that things went well

kelisseou said...

You know what? Not every school school is the same. Atmospheres change, attitudes change, administrations change, people change from school to school. So it's quite possible you hit the right one for you. Think positively and I'm sure good things will happen.

... and for God's sake Do the homework.

Len said...

Glad to hear it went well and i'm sure you will have fun, try to relax and enjoy your time mate.

Anonymous said...

first time reading your blog. Hang in there little dude. You know it's gonna get better. great blog. your very open and honest. your gonna be the man not those idiots.

Aek said...


It looks like things are working out for the better for you. It's alright to be a little tense and nervous the first day, but hopefully as you relax, it just gets better!

Anyway, glad to hear that things are going fine. :)

Seth said...

It will take you time to get adjusted to your new school, teachers, students, everything.

It will take THEM time to get used to you, feel you out (I almost typed "up") and for you to settle in.

Be nice, be polite, be strong, be YOU.

Try and find some nice people to become accquainted with, as a first step.

Good to hear about the gay group I'm glad - its a great environment for you to meet people (friends, advice, commiseration) and to hopefully feel a bit more comfortable about yourself. Plus doing a worthwhile project.


Jonathan said...

Sounds like a great start, not only in school but for yourself. Take this opportunity to step out of what usual routine and try something new. I know it might be hard, but it just takes time and motivation.

And, do your homework!


Kevin Wilson said...

It's good to know that day one was a positive experience for you despite your misgivings.


Rhythym Changes said...

Ah give making friends time. I have never been able to make insta-friends, and it usually takes me FOREVER to make new friends. So don't worry on that front yet.

I'm glad things are going even just marginally better. Remember the boat of awesomeness needs it's captain and you're the only one who can be in that position (and many more i'm sure haha).



Tim said...

Wishing you all the very best at the new school. Keep at it, keep smiling and stay positive.