Friday, May 22, 2009

It's My Birthday (in case you didn't already know). :P

Yeah woot woot. :P

I didn't do much. After my psych appointment Mum bought me a Wii game, and then we did grocery shopping and had dinner with my Grandma at a restaurant.

Probly the best thing though, was all the love you guys showed me.

I really wasn't expecting anything, but you guys were really sweet. :)

I got texts from people with my number, emails from readers and friends and some of you bloggers even made posts for me. *feels really really special* :)

to everyone who cared about me.

Here are some of my fav posts. :D

AJ. My best buddy. loves u heaps :)

Col Col Cauliflower. ;)

Tylerrrrrrrrr. Posted some hair pics for me. :D

DW. One of my best pals. :)

Seth knows what mboy likes. ^_^

That's right i refer to myself
in 3rd person. lol

And this freakin awesome post from deejohn of westasian. Pure awesomeness. *loves* ^_^

Much love everyone, from mboy. I'm honoured to know you all. :)

note, i changed my profile pic again. :P


Deadwing said...

:D The honour is all mine. *hugs* HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

cvn70 said...


happy bday you are the best hugs

take care nad be safe



Sebastian/school/dutch/ said...

Mr Popular strikes again lol


Man big Happy birthday


Paul said...

Hope you have a great birthday, make the most of being 16. I'd love to be that young again. xxx

Baz said...

Happy Birthday - sorry to be a little late

Mr. HCI said...

Sweet! I hope you got the Monk-E-Mail I sent ya'.

S said...

Happy Birthday! :P


Pilgrim said...

Happy B-day, Mirrorboy!

Jeremy said...

Happy Birthday again :D

Psh, I don't have your number :P


Mr McCabbage said...

:) :) :) :) :) + :)

Steevo said...

I hereby declare a birthday week for mboy. One day is simply inadequate.

I dont know about down there, but here in kinki kali its a time honored tradition to give the birthday boy 16 spanks and a "pinch to grow an inch"....

and he's even legal... so....


Rhythym Changes said...

Whoo! Happy 'appy birthday to you! I loves you and you get to be my favorite!

Homonormative said...

Happy Birthday!

jlo said...

Happy Birthday I hope it is a really great day

naturgesetz said...

Love the *teddies* in deejohn's.


Benji said...

Oh !!! again, Happy BirthDay !!! (still the 22 in Paris :P )
and i don't know since very much time, but i already like you a lot !!! Have a great day :D !!!!!
And my only worry for not have a blog already is that i cann't make a Post for you. But i'll have mine next week (josh said it :D i'm so happyyyyy !!!! )
I won't forget you :D !!!!
Welcome to the 16 Boys Club :D

cant think of a cool one said...

happy birthday m8


Col said...

It's the least I could do. No, really... it's the *least* I could do!! j/k

Hope you had a smashing day!


Joie Mayfield said...

Happy Birthday!!! WHOOO!! :)

Hope your special day is amazing!

AgentK said...

i no weve nevr met an u dont no me at all but i wantd to say Hapy Birthday! Bob tol me a bit abut u an i felt so sad uve been thru so much. hops u get some relief nowin how u give strngth to othrs an how much u mean to ppl. Yeah bob speak like so highly of u. so have a supr gr8 day. i was goina send a pic of my bday suit but ummm then bob wuld nevr speak to me again so ummm this gretin will have to do..ok i was jus jokin im not realy like that but i do hope u have a birthday full of hapiness. Omg like we stopd at a gas station an i grabd a cup cake an mum was lookn at me bad cause i just come from the dentist an had a cavity . i just smild an said WHAT! im just celebratin my frinds bday. It was good evn tho i bit my tonge. LOL

G said...

(although you'll only see this tomorrow... it's the earliest I could get online this afternoon)

Mirrorboy - I hope this year ahead is going to turn out to be a FANTASTIC one for you.
Love and a hug from Graham

Seth said...

Oh wait.... it was your birthday? I wish someone would have told me.

Happy birthday dear. :)

Steevo said...

@benji... you can do a post and someone will make a "benji guest post" from you. Has been done before. Tell us a bit about u, but keep yourself anonymous.

It's a way to test the waters.


welcome benji.

I can do it but others *cough cough" have much more traffic than i do.

steevo in cali


leavinglasvegas said...

Happy Birthday...a bit belated...did you get a spanking?.....muah

Aek said...

This is a little belated, but happy birthday! I didn't have access to internet until about now. :-/

Landyn said...

buddy, happy birthday :) i posted about it, haha sorry if it sent mixed messages.

love u man

pinstripe said...

I just punched some random numbers in my phone and hoped for the best =p

Ray's Blog said...

MBoy, Happy Birthday!

Wish you all the best!