Friday, July 16, 2010

Recommended Linx!

I wanna really suggest this song. Not only do i really like the sound, but i adore the lyrics and to me they have a very personal meaning. That's what makes certain songs stand out and be memorable to us. It's almost as if they're speaking, or singing, to us. Anyways, i love it so check it out if you feel like it.

Or if you live in the US, try this link.

And if you want to see the lyrics you can click here.

While i'm plugging Youtube Vids, one of my online friends has been making an online series and posting the episodes on Youtube. So if you want to see something funny by some amateur filmmakers then you should click this link and watch the "Population 94,000" videos. It does contain coarse language, shoddy fight scenes and gay stereotypes so don't click if you're overly sensitive. :P

And btw, my friend is the sexy black one. (; So you might wanna watch just for that. :P

And finally a blog. Louie is 19 and a creative writer like me, but rather than writing stories in a novel form, he wants to make movies. We have a lot in common, even in what we write and he's a genuinely nice guy. He used to have a blog and had to delete it, but has now returned so it would be good if you could all go welcome him back and say hi, and you might like what you read. :3

A'ight, time to listen to the song for a seventh time then get to bed. (:

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Haven't posted in a while, so here i am. :)

Back to school tomorrow after my 2-week break. :/ I had to put up with majorly slow internet for the entire break cos we'd reached our cap, and it only reset today - the last day of the holiday. Stupidness. :/

Had a friend's birthday sleepover on Friday/Saturday. It was nice to see my friends again and have fun and feel less like Mirrorboy, and more like me.

Don't think about Bitboy much at all any more. Breaking up with me is his loss. Gotta feel bad for him though. He'll most likely never find a fulfilling relationship and will never do better than me. Meanwhile, i deserve better than someone so self-absorbed and hurtful. And that's the end of it.

Mum is doing good. As is my Grandma, and my cats. And i'm still working on my story. (:

A'ight. Can't think of much else so leave a comment if there's anything you wanna know. :3

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Foar Warwy.

It's Wkboy's Blog's birthday and i just wanna make a post for the occasion, saying that you are one of my bestest friends. We have so much in common and so many similar interests and i'm really glad we know each other. You're one if the sweetest and most kind boys i've ever known in my life and it always makes me happy when you come online. (:

And you're amazingly sexy. o___o

Happy birfday... to your blog. :P

If you wanna share the love go visit his bday post.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's Over.

If you haven't been following me on Twitter this is the story.

I got sick of being ignored, feeling like Bitboy didn't care about me at all, and being on the absolute bottom of his priorities list, when he was supposed to be my friend, so i blocked him on msn. Bitboy got pissed off and sent me an abusive text.

I called him the next day and we spoke about it and we both said that we'd been feeling hurt by what had happened. We agreed that we needed to sort things out so that we could remain friends. The last thing he said before he had to go was that i should unblock him on MSN, presumably so we could talk.

2 days later with no contact and i text him. He doesn't reply. The next day (today) i call him and get his answering service. I say that we need to talk so that we can sort out what happened and move on. No reply. I sign on to MSN later and a mutual friend tells me that Bitboy has blocked me on both MSN and his phone because he wants no more contact with me.

It confuses me. He always told me he wanted to remain friends. He said he would always love me. He used to say i was the best thing in his life. He said we were soulmates.

We had a misunderstanding. I tried to fix things but he won't let me.

It doesn't add up.

And now it's over.