Friday, July 16, 2010

Recommended Linx!

I wanna really suggest this song. Not only do i really like the sound, but i adore the lyrics and to me they have a very personal meaning. That's what makes certain songs stand out and be memorable to us. It's almost as if they're speaking, or singing, to us. Anyways, i love it so check it out if you feel like it.

Or if you live in the US, try this link.

And if you want to see the lyrics you can click here.

While i'm plugging Youtube Vids, one of my online friends has been making an online series and posting the episodes on Youtube. So if you want to see something funny by some amateur filmmakers then you should click this link and watch the "Population 94,000" videos. It does contain coarse language, shoddy fight scenes and gay stereotypes so don't click if you're overly sensitive. :P

And btw, my friend is the sexy black one. (; So you might wanna watch just for that. :P

And finally a blog. Louie is 19 and a creative writer like me, but rather than writing stories in a novel form, he wants to make movies. We have a lot in common, even in what we write and he's a genuinely nice guy. He used to have a blog and had to delete it, but has now returned so it would be good if you could all go welcome him back and say hi, and you might like what you read. :3

A'ight, time to listen to the song for a seventh time then get to bed. (:


Austin said...

I have a version of "Hide and Seek" that has strings added to it; everything else is the same. I like the a cappella version, but there's something haunting added with the strings.

Anyway, great song (and great album).

cvn70 said...


they took down the song link so i couldnt hear it

I hope all is well and take care and be safe


Mirrorboy said...

Works fine for me Bob. o_O lol

louie90 said...

yeah boy! Got me a plug from MB! lol. Thanks a boat-load! :)

Jeremy said...

The song has been blocked in the US by Sony, mboy... that's why bob couldn't hear it (I can't either)

Mirrorboy said...

A'ight i'll find another link. :P

Mirrorboy said...

I added a link as a second paragraph. Lemme know if it works. :3

Planetx_123 said...

I've seen Imogen Heap twice live, and I have to say the second time (a month ago) was one of the best concerts I've ever seen.

She ended both concerts with Hide and Seek. This time, the audience had to sing along. We sang the "ransom notes keep fallin' out your mouth" part-- it was somber and amazing. I won't ever forget that. She also did an improv based on time sig, key, and tempo provided by the audience (via shouting out options). And the improv song was recorded and sold on her website for $1 to go to a local charity. Just amazing...

So YOU MUST SEE HER LIVE!! She's just amazing.

Much Love,

cvn70 said...


the second link worked. all i can say is that i do care :) its a bit haunting that song

take care and be safe, my friend


belle said...

that song is really nice. Thanks for sharing :)