Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Foar Warwy.

It's Wkboy's Blog's birthday and i just wanna make a post for the occasion, saying that you are one of my bestest friends. We have so much in common and so many similar interests and i'm really glad we know each other. You're one if the sweetest and most kind boys i've ever known in my life and it always makes me happy when you come online. (:

And you're amazingly sexy. o___o

Happy birfday... to your blog. :P

If you wanna share the love go visit his bday post.



naturgesetz said...

Already been there, done that. LOL

Nice of you to give the plug, though.

word verification: ocklum — city in new zealum

Mirrorboy said...

He didn't even need a plug. Already had a zillion comments. :P Just wanted to do something nice for him and i couldn't think of much else other than to declare how awesome he is to all my readers. :P

southern said...

Nice gesture MB.
@Naturgesetz - this Aussie loved your word verification joke - very clever - just sitting here watching the New Zealum news with a breaking story from oklum.
Regards Stef

Pilgrim said...

Dis donc!gleot gleot

cvn70 said...


he is a wonderful guy warwick and you aere a good friend

take care and be safe