Sunday, July 11, 2010


Haven't posted in a while, so here i am. :)

Back to school tomorrow after my 2-week break. :/ I had to put up with majorly slow internet for the entire break cos we'd reached our cap, and it only reset today - the last day of the holiday. Stupidness. :/

Had a friend's birthday sleepover on Friday/Saturday. It was nice to see my friends again and have fun and feel less like Mirrorboy, and more like me.

Don't think about Bitboy much at all any more. Breaking up with me is his loss. Gotta feel bad for him though. He'll most likely never find a fulfilling relationship and will never do better than me. Meanwhile, i deserve better than someone so self-absorbed and hurtful. And that's the end of it.

Mum is doing good. As is my Grandma, and my cats. And i'm still working on my story. (:

A'ight. Can't think of much else so leave a comment if there's anything you wanna know. :3


naturgesetz said...

Just glad to know you and the others are okay.

Good luck back at school.

Planetx_123 said...

Glad it was nice seeing your friends.

Sorry for bringing up Bitboy yesterday...i shouldnt have (ill blame the wine :p). hope it didnt upset you. glad that you seem strong and at least realize that its his loss.

Much Love,

Biki said...

I'm glad to know that you realize your worth. No one deserves to be mistreated in a relationship, and you were. One fine day you will meet a guy that understands what a treasure you are.

WkBoy714 said...

/agrees you are awesome.

Deeper Daze said...

I hope you find someone who respects you and loves ya ;)

Kevin Wilson said...

Time with friends and a chance to be yourself is definitely time well spent.

Enjoy being back at school.

cvn70 said...


glad u spent some time with friends and a sleep over sounds fun :P

good to hear about Mom and Nona too

take care and be safe


jaygeemmm said...

"Breaking up with me is his loss. Gotta feel bad for him though."

EXACTLY the right attitude! Clearly you are getting on top of life. Nice progession. Good for you.

You will go far, and do well, and find true love. It just takes time. I hope to find it, too, one day.