Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Memorable Moments #2

March. It was early in the month, when i celebrated 150,000 views, that i started up my other 2 blogs, Secret Project (co-owned with Jake) which was basically boy pics, and Mirrorboy's Words, on which i posted excerpts from my story

2 days later, i started seeing my psychologists (thank God they came into my life). I had a bit of support in my life now, but school was still really hard.

At the end of March, i posted the interview that Col had done with me, and it provides a bit of insight into my life.

April. The 8th, and i was getting ready for my trip to Melbourne, the state's capital city. Not only was it my first holiday, but it showed me that there was a life outside of my crappy, small-minded town. I could at least look forward to the day when i finally leave.

And i had photos. :P

During April was the time i stopped attending school. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and it had all become too much. My Mum knew she couldn't keep sending me, so i just stopped going. I didn't make a post about it though, because frankly, it was private.

May. Not much happened in May. I continued not going to school, and instead focusing on trying to get better by working with my psychologists. I also kept going to my gay youth group.

The 22nd was my birthday. I got some really nice bday wishes from my online friends. :) Other than that it was a pretty crappy day. lol

2 days later, i explained everything about school, and life, and i told you about my disorders. I also said that tomorrow i would be starting at a new school (which is my current one). My first day wasn't bad, although i was expectedly nervous.

With a lot on my mind, i took a break from blogging and didn't return until mid-June.

June. I included a post about the kinds of things we get up to at my youth group.

By the 19th, things were starting to get back on track for me, thankfully.

June also had a Q&A post about me, and if you're interested, i showed you pics of where i blog from.

July. My school hours increased. I was also going through a lot of ups and downs. Life was pretty unstable as i juggled blogging with school and my disorders. I used my blog to vent when i needed to.

I also posted some pics of the beach in my city.

At least things were on the up, now.

August. I was busy, and that was good. Inadvertently, i was also being more positive. Things were starting to improve.

And now September. There's not much point in looking back on this month. :P

But i will say, the past few weeks have been the best in a long time. Every single day, things get better for me. Living gets easier.

The time between now and a year ago almost killed me, literally. But i've survived. I've got the scars in my mind and bruises on my soul, but i made it, thanks in no small part to all of you who supported me.


naturgesetz said...

Congrats on all the progress.

I hope you realize that your continued progress will probably not be uninterrupted. There will continue to be ups and downs. Since that is to be expected, don't let the occasional setbacks and problems get you too down. There will also be improvements. And your situation will change as you grow, go to uni, and start on a career.

Keep a positive attitude, and make the best of the good and the bad.

God bless.

John said...

Love you !

WkBoy714 said...

I remembered all of those since I started reading. :)

Well done you, lol

cvn70 said...


im glad you have made it to a point where your life feels better. You have gotten here by hard work and dont forget that

Keep going and get the most out of life you can my fiend fo you deserve it all.

take cae and be safe


Mr McCabbage said...

No bruises on your soul Mboy - only a bigger soul. Intense pleasure works better, but we fear that more than suffering. Decide which you will have next? Your soul (like a cat) will not postpone for long. If you hurry you can have touchy-feely instead of ouchy-bleedy.

BILIKEME said...

hey..been reading your blog, very interesting..I'll be watching..
check out mine..its new..maybe you can list me!

Col said...

I'm really happy that the past few weeks have been good for you.

Re your final paragraph... it just shows that the old adage "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" has at least a grain of truth in it! :)

Happy 1st Blogging Birthday Mirrorboy!

Take care of yourself! :)

Lots of love,

Wolf said...

its absolutely fantastic what u have achieved and overcome Mboy! =)


Eirik said...

Very Cool Bro! I am a fairly new reader of yours so I wasn't there when you went through those hard times, but I congratulate you on your hard-wond success.

Anonymous said...

I have over 150 confirmed guests and others who would say that they would come to your party celebration just be sure to look nice :P

On a serious note I'm glad to hear that despite everything that happened over the year (I'm still shocked that it was all in a year too) you survived everything and that you have decided to go through all your memories (good and bad) and re-think them.

For that I think you must be a really cool guy

Catch you later