Sunday, September 13, 2009

All About You.

*crap this took me 3 and a half hours!! lol*

People seem to be put off talking to me because they feel like i've got many other people to talk to.

Well you can never have too many friends. Hopefully this week of posts has shown you just how much having friends means to me.

This is probably gonna be long, but i wanna thank everyone that i've met through blogging who's made an impact on my life. If it weren't for the people i've met through blogging, i probably wouldn't be here.

This as also for all you who keep complaining that you don't get a mention. :P

Landyn - You're my favourite person in the whole world and when you hurt i hurt. I would do anything for you. I hope things get better for you because seeing you happy would make me so happy.

AJ - You're my best friend. We've been through so much together and i'm sure we will for many days to come.

Jake - lol. If it wasn't for you being in my life things would have taken a much different turn. You had a huge part in making me who i am today. lol

Bob - You're like a father to our blog community. You've got everyone's backs and i hope you know just how important you are and how much of a difference you make.

Lach - You gave me my first hug. ^_^ Hanging out with you was a lot of fun. You helped me feel more... normal. When i move to Melbourne i hope we'll see each other a lot more.

Deadwing - You're one of my best friends. I'm glad to have made a difference in your life, i just wish things could be easier for you too. I hope when you get down, you'll just remember how far you've come.

James - We've had our ups and downs, but you're still one of my firm friends and you've helped me a lot. I'll always be here for you and i know you will for me too.

Drew - There are some things i can only talk to certain people about, because i know they'll understand. I trusted you with some very personal thoughts and i know you've done the same. You're a good friend. :)

Joshie - You helped me during a rough time and i think that's when we grew a lot closer. I'll always be happy to repay the favour. Also, you dyed your hair pink and that makes anyone awesome in my book. :P

Wawwy - You's such cutenesh. ^_^ I loves talking to you. Is always interesting and funness. Fun is a good word to describe you. :P

Elliott - You were one of the first people to add me on msn and we've been friends since. On top of that, you were the first person i've met through the blog to talk to me on the phone, which is always fun. ^_^

Reilly - We have a huge amount in common. We've shared a lot of personal stuff with each other too. I'm really glad i met you.

Cutie Dan - Though if i said 'Cutie' you would immediately think it was you anyway, i bet. ;) You're a lot of fun to talk to and i love your hair. :P

Benji - You're adorable. You're so sweet and cute. J'adore Benji. :P Don't be so down on yourself. You're a great guy and things will get easier for you, i'm sure. I'll always be here to support you either way.

Matt - You're my good friend too. Memories? Playing uno against each other on msn. lol. But seriously you're cool and i like talking to you. :)

Steve - We don't talk much outside blogging but when you talk you always provide such a good and intellectual opinion. Whenever i make a thoughtful post i always look forward to your comments.

Aek - For an Asian you sure can be dumb sometimes. lol. You're a good person though, very helpful. Thanks for helping me with some of my medical problems too. Woo free advice. lol

Seth - One of my first linkers, and you gave me a big boost. You're very caring and to me blogworld would be a very different place without you in it.

Naturgesetz - I love that you're part of our community. I really value your opinion on the religious side of things. We've had some good discussions. :)

Mr. HCI - You're like a kid on the inside. lol. I know you'd always be willing to offer support to anyone you could. You're nice, and funny, and generally a great guy. :)

Steevo - You always say it how you see it. That's an important trait. Other than that, you helped me a lot during my rough times and i'll always be grateful.

AgentK - You're such an amazing kid. I hate it that you've been hurt so much. I hope you get some love you deserve.

Louie - It was great having someone to talk to about my writing, and i liked hearing about yours. We'll have to catch up soon. Next time i see you online i'll say hai. :)

Peter from PA - The compulsive video-poster. lol. We don't talk much but when we did it was always fun. We have some good memories. :P

Jeremy - We never seem to say much but we're still good friends. lol. You're good to talk to and always good for some lols. :)

Spastic Fantastic - You're also lotsa fun to talk to. Even though it seems we mostly talk about TV, game and movies. :P

Randy - I loved getting comments from you on my writing blog. I knew when you didn't like something you would tell me straight. That's what i really wanted and i grew as a writer because of you.

Kiwi/Chris - You're sweet and funny and you gave me the most helpful advice when i was writing. You also had a great blog which is missed. I doubt you'll even be reading this, but i hope you're doing okay.

David ex-Westasian - You had the best picture blog i knew. You had great tastes, and similar interests in many things other than boys. You were one of my most popular bloggers and i was so amazed that my blog was being read by someone 'famous'. You also gave me a birthday present which i'll never forget.

Victor - I'm glad you kept in touch because i always like hearing about how you're doing and your emails are always a pleasure to read. You're a smart, honest person and i'm glad we're friends.

David JB - I always love hearing your feedback on stuff i blog about. It's really nice that you take the time to email me so often and care about me. Thanks a lot.

Robert in the USA - We don't see each other that often but when we do i feel like we have a strong connection. You're a really sweet guy.

Zee - We've had some interesting discussions (arguments). :P You're so bloody stubborn and that's why i love you.

Torchy - You're another important part of our blog community and i'm glad you're around. On top of that you're really funny and your posts are almost always lolable.

Nick - I've seen that that people you've met through blogging has helped you to accept yourself more, and i'm so happy to have been a part of that. I wish you all the best. :)

John in the USA - You've been emailing me for so long now it seems like you've been with me from the start. We've had our disagreements but i'm glad i've gotten to know you.

John in Aus - The writer. Thanks for being my proofreader when i still had my writing blog. I dunno what i would have done without you. I also remember all those horrible, horrible jokes. *shakes head*

Tyler GBIH - You're really cool and funny. You've also got an amazing ass. ;D But seriously, we recently found out we've got a lot in common so no doubt we'll be talking a lot more.

Tyler DIML - And you've got an amazing face! lol. Talking to you is always entertaining. You're a really smart guy too.

Mike - Talking to you is always good times. We've got heaps in common, like 2 jigsaw pieces. :)

Jayson - You kept an eye out for the bloggers and were always supportful.

Col - One of my biggest memories of blogging was when you interviewed me. It was a great idea of yours to do those interviews. You were also super-nice and really caring and i'm sorry that you disappeared.

Doomed BC - He who types in huge paragraphs. lol. You're a really nice, caring guy.

Aahsazyl - You're just plain strange. lol. And you're so lovable because of it. :P

Baz - You gave me some good writing advice and you always tell it how it is.

Lance - We've had some ups and some major downs. But i do care about you and i hope you're doing okay.

Hayden - When we first met i thought you were a bit strange, but you're really a nice guy. :P

Justin - You were the only one who knew how to get that game of mine to work. You can call in that favour any time. ;)

Olivia - You're still the only girl on my msn. lmao. You're wicked-cool and i still remember the poem you wrote for me during my rough time. It was really sweet. :)

Tristan - You were really helpful during my first days as a blogger and your words of advice were really important to me.

Tom ex-Daily Jizzt - Tommy Toppy or Tommy Bottomy. Works either way. xD. You had a great sense of humour and you were also really nice and caring. I miss you.

Chris from Aus - You're a really smart guy and i like talking to you. We share a lot of opinions on things too.

Paulie - You're funny, you're sweet and you're hot. ;)

Peter PH - You're a really nice guy. I remember that you'd always send me those funny story things, and that was always fun. And we've got very similar tastes in boys. :)

And Grant - Thanks for all the awesome smileys. lol

I really do hope i didn't miss anyone. lol


Deadwing said...

*HUGS* You are an incredible person, and i'm so privileged to know you. Thanks for always being there for me buddy. Lots of love!!!!

James said...

*Loves you very much*

BladesofReality said...

AWRHHHH <3 i love it. love it. your so sweet and i love your blog and i always will. plus zee kick ass lastname <3 hehe. I enjoy being the only ogirl on your msn your a special friend and always make me happy. Even when your not around for me to bother. Thanks for everything and Ill talk wif yu tomorrowww Byee Hun and Congratz on doing this about all your amazing friends We all support you


kinderfield said...

Thanks for the comment about me <3

Aahsazyl said...


Ryan said...

It sounds like you have some amazing friends. I just met you and already I am just amazed at how wonderful a person you are. Thanks for giving me great advice and looking forward to chatting again!

Lots of love,

cvn70 said...


thanks for the kind words and i just try to be kind to people who i have met here and enjoy so much.

In a lot of ways your blog is what links us all together figuratively and literally

thanks for writing your blog, you have changed a lot of lives out here and you should be proud of yourself for helping so many

take care and be safe, my friend


Alien Son said...

Thank you for remembering me! I hope you can keep writing - you're a natural.

AS / John in Aus

Mr. HCI said...


You're too sweet. You are gonna make some lucky boy very, very happy one of these days.


Rhythym Changes said...

Hehe we have to play uno again, damn purple bastard can't win again!

And you're really too sweet, I've been meaning to do something like this for everyone I have met as well.

Oh well.

Lotsa eric loves,


Highwayman said...

Thanks for the mention MB. I really enjoyed your writing blog and hope that someday things will calm down for you so that you might resume it. Best of luck with the job project for school and know that i will always be there for you.


Aek said...

Thanks for this post. You've certainly put a ton of effort into it. Blogging has truly opened up your world in ways you probably didn't think possible before. :)

Eirik said...

Dude; I still new to all of this, but that was way cool of you to mention all those people! That was incredibly nice.

torchy! said...

3 hours? it would have taken me a *lot* longer!

"People seem to be put off talking to me because they feel like i've got many other people to talk to." ...that's what i tell myself too. except in your case it's probably true :)

thanks for the shoutout mboy, sorry i've not communicated fot a while, i'm still reading though.

take care of yourself

naturgesetz said...

You're an amazing guy to take the trouble to think of something meaningful and positive to say about so many people.

And I'm really pleased to know that you feel that way about me.


Tyler said...


aww, you've made my day :)

if there is a god, he defo needs to make a few more mboys :P

deejohn said...

Well it must be coming up to a year now since that first nervous post. And to think that 10 or 20 yrs ago you'd have been forced to suffer in silence without internet and a blogging community.
Good to know that we've each all been helping you a little bit. You know that we all want to adopt you.

Oh I've been working on the new blog. With so much beauty on it I cant take it...haha! With a new look and new name it's sure to be a favourite of your's again. Bloggy cant wait. He misses all the attention.

Hi to Seth as well.

Thanks for the mention.
Big London kiss!


Anonymous said...


Thanx for the mention, you really are a great guy. Thanx for writing the blog, i really love. Your an awesome friends aswell.

Mirrorboy said...

I can't wait deejohn. :D

Spastic Fantastic said...

hey, i can't help it if i'm lame and boring :P

Mr. Urs said...

Here the media like to sing the song about how irrelevant blogs are. You proved them so wrong.

This is a brilliant series. I love the way you celebrate your anniversary. Congrats to your stamina and perseverance. You're an inspiration to a lot of people.

WkBoy714 said...

Psh.. :D Mirrorboy. :)
I hope you didn't write this partly because of my 'joking' requests for a mention, otherwise I'd feel bad that it took you so long :P

Really you're an awesome boyie. Remind me to thank you on MSN :) And what a lucky guy you are to have all these friends :P And they're each lucky too :)

I'll catch you later :) *love*

John said...

A`h gee`s I feel special now ! I got
mentioned by the Famous One !
Who could feel put off just look at that list of names ? Wow, when would
you have time ? You do have alife ya
know !
Thanks so much for being you !

Peter said...

I don't post *that* many videos... do I?

*goes and counts*

I've only posted about 50 videos on 9 separate posts out of 179 posts all together. That's not that many :p

Hehe, we do have some good memories; like AJ's chatbox way back when :D

Talk soon

P.S. You're awesome ^_^

Landyn said...

Aww <33333

I love you too man :) You mean soo so much to me and I am so glad that we started talking a year ago (wow time has changed us eh?)

I can't imagine my life without you, you have become an integral part of it.

Love always and forever,

Col said...

Thanks for remembering me Mboy, you've got me all choked up now :(

I have to say that it's both a pleasure and a privelege to know you (even from afar). The world would be a much better place with a few more Mboys out there! :)

Wishing you a happy 1st blog-birthday for the 17th. I hope you enjoy many, many more!!

Lots of love and hugs,

Planetx_123 said...

Thanks for the nod! You make my day Mboy :-))))

Seriously, echoing MrHCI- you are going to make some lucky boy very very happy one day. You are such and amazing person, which such a big heart. I love you! And all of this is proven by the impact and importance of your blog.

Here's to the impending one year anniversary! Can you imagine a five year anniversary!? :-) You will be out of your tiny town, Aek will _still_ be in med school, Deadwing will have met some cute guy at some restaurant or shoe store :p, and I will...well I don't know where I'll be, but I hope I get there with the help of my blog friends, and we can have a laugh about it together. :-)

Much Love,

Handsome Devil said...

You're an exceptional guy, period. in every way, I wish I was thousands of miles closer and could be around you, it would brighten my life, and make me very very happy

Jason Carwin said...

That was a great post. For a moment, I freaked out because I thought you were leaving the blogging community and this was your farewell post.

Jeremy said...

hey we've had longer conversations before :P

*hugs* lol

Anonymous said...

Sending my love. Even though we dont chat much anymore I still read your blog and keep up with how you're doing. I'll always be here for you if you need anything :)

::hug:: Tristan

Mirrorboy said...

Thank you so much for all the love everyone. :)

pinstripe said...

:) See you soon homeslice

~kiwi said...

Mr HCI and Planetx are right. I just wish I had a mboy all of my own :(

You're awesome, keep up the awesomeness. *lovehugs* :)

~kiwi/Chris xxx

PoisonedHappiness said...

Oh, I see those few months we were talking meant nothing for you. Well, ok, I think I have to live with that.

Mirrorboy said...

I'm sorry i forgot but we haven't spoken in months, Peter.

I added you anyway.

PoisonedHappiness said...

No, we haven't. I told you I'm not into one side friendship and I don't like when I'm the only one starting conversations so I stopped doing this. I didn't comment because I wanted to be on this list (it's nice of course to be there). It's just... It's kinda depressing to see that people remember about you only when you "force" them to talk to you. But don't worry, seems like all people treat me this way.

Mirrorboy said...

Well i said i was sorry.

Benji said...

Awwww you're so cuute :D

Wolf said...

awww, nice post Mboy :)

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

I would write you a short reply, but I simply don't have the time.

Poorly paraphrased, but you will know what I mean, I am sure. As for having huge paragraphs; some of us are blessed with bigger things than others - sadly, it seems my blessing is in verbosity and practically pointless prose.

You, however, have been blessed with a Big Heart - which is why we (I) love you so dearly.

Not many people of your age have saved lives, either in person or online. I happen to know that *you* have, which I find completely awesome.

Cheers to another year *clinks glasses*

G =]