Monday, September 21, 2009

Tonight Was So Gay.

My gay youth group had another movie and pizza night. :P We got pizzas, lollies and chips (idk i think Americans call them crisps or something :P). And we watched 17 Again. It was a lot better than i expected. Lots of lols. :)

I probably shouldn't be calling it a 'gay youth group'. For starters, not everyone there is gay. There are a few bisexuals, and also a few straight people who just hate homophobia. In fact our facilitator is straight, and getting married soon.

Okay from now on i'll start calling the group by our proper name. We're called ********. I would tell you what it means but then you'd know where i live. :/

(Edit: Okay okay so i decided against naming what we're called. It's too easy to find info on me once you know. I just still need a name i can call the group...)


Next post will be of my bedroom. :)


Anonymous said...

You could try 'The group' at least everyone who reads you would understand, in context, what was meant.

But then again, it is a 'Gay Campaign' group - which might be another idea.

Whatever you call it - it's gotta be an excellent thing.

Planetx_123 said...

I love how the world all calls patato chips (like pringles, lays, ruffles) and french fries (like fried potatoes at mcDonalds) varies things, all of which confuse each other.

In America we call potato chips: chips and fried potatoes from fast food places: "french fries" or "fries". We don't really call anything crisps (or if we do, not in my region). I am excluding the laughable, faux patriotic (more just idiotic) "freedom fries" that our previous President's administration tried to push in an anti-French moment.

What are lollies? Like lollipops?

I think Gay Youth Group is fine-- we know what you mean. Better than *******.

I kind of want to watch 17 again.... for zach efron :-)

Much Love,

Mirrorboy said...

Lol yeah and he's got such awesome hair. Goddammit how can one person be that sexy!?

Obv language fail with lollies. Lollies basically means sweets. :P

Pilgrim said...

Mboy, why don´ty you just stck with Youth Group and abbreviate it as YC?! Propz Pilgrim

Pilgrim said...

@ Steve, indeedy, that freedom fries were the runner up to "Old Europe" for non-participants in the anti-Saddam coalition. I suddenly felt like a 2.000yrs. old Raman.*lol*

Peter said...

From Wiki:

There is little consistency in the English speaking world for names of fried potato cuttings. American and Canadian-English uses "chips" for the above mentioned dish (potato chips)—this term is also used in continental Europe—and sometimes "crisps" for the same made from batter, and "French fries" for the hot crispy batons with a soft core. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, "crisps" are the brittle slices eaten at room temperature and 'chips' refer to the hot dish (as in "fish and chips"). In Australia, New Zealand and some parts of South Africa, both forms of potato product are simply known as "chips", as are the larger "home-style" potato crisps. Sometimes the distinction is made between "hot chips" (fried potatoes) and "packet crisps", or simply "potato chips" in Australia and New Zealand.

Thought you'd like to know that :p

"The Group" or "Youth Group" and abbreviations as Pilgrim suggested would do fine.

lmao The word verification is chrips, like chips and crisps combined. Sometimes these words are creepy close to what you're talking about. They're watching us O.O


Peter said...

Btw, I've only heard one person call potato chips 'crisps' and that was Aahsazyl...

...and you know how he is...

I think you used the word 'strange' on that one post. :p

Octavius said...

I watched 17again the other night as well. I was pleasantly surprised with the level of acting by young Mr Efron, personally I don't think that much of him, but the film was certainly decent.

On the whole group thing, well call it whatever you like, as long as you are consistent.

Courage and Honour!


Anonymous said...

I think it's such an excellent thing that you have a place like that to go to. I really really wish I had had something like that when I was younger. I might be a lot less f-d up. :P

Wolf said...

Your group sounds like so much fun! :)
I was so glad when my family made me stay in and watch 17 again , I may have enjoyed it for reasons other than the comedy though lol

- Wolfi


Anonymous said...

idk if you get "Entourage" over there but Zac did a cameo on there last week that was really funny - he was getting hit on by some cougar and he looked really cute in it - you might be able to find it on Hulu or iTunes ... your group sounds great - a nice place to relax with open minded people, they don't have to all be the same :-)

Benji said...

Aww so cute :p
i watched 17 again a week ago OMG :p

WkBoy714 said...

Yay for the next post.
And yay for this one. :)

Sounds like one of the better things of life - pizza and movie with gay boys for company.

What I want to know is if you have an eye for any of them, or they for you? :)

Ryan said...

Well I am not sure where the fries conversation came from, but alas, its a great one!! Freedom fries are the equivelant to America putting it's foot in it's own mouth. Dumb and pointless and made us look like an idiot! lol

Love the YG or Gay Youth group ideas... it doesn't matter what you call it. We will not judge and as long as you have fun there, it doesnt matter what you call it...

My suggestion.... Gx idk

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

I was thinking potato chips. Chrisps are sweet. I guess you really meant chrisps.

I havent seen 17 Again yet. Sterling Knight is in it. I've seen him on Disney Channel where he plays a stuck up actor. I think he's cute. I hope he has a better role in this movie.

Tyler said...

i wonder if my area has a gay youth group :O

anyways.... maybe call it an lgbt youth group? ..... or stick with gay youth group, i dont think anyone really cares/is offended :P

BrightenedBoy said...

Oh, I love thinking up pseudonyms for different people and places in my life!

I, like you, am completely anonymous, and have always taken care to protect my identity.

I do think that most people have figured out by now which state I'm in, even if they don't know exactly the part of the state.

Seth said...

I vote for calling it:

"The Incredible Amazing Mirrorboy Society Of Like-Minded Individuals Sharing Their Social Repartees On A Semi-Frequent Basis"

Or, for short, just call it "my gay group" - I think everyone knows what you mean.


Oh, and my understanding is that in America, we call potatos (cut into thin or thick sticks and deep fried snd served hot and crispy - like they serve at McDonalds, for example - as "French Fries" ** or really just "fries" - which many other parts of the world call "chips" - and not quite sure what the French have to say about all the confusion.

"Chips" here in the USA are very thin round slices, also fried until crunchy, but usually served cold, which I think might be what your are referring to as Crisps.

So confusing!!

** Or now called "Freedom Fries" in some sort of "Americans Are Offended At The French But We're Not Even Sure Why Anymore But We Had The Menus Printed And Besides It Sounds Patriotic Which Always Sells"

Mirrorboy said...

Silly Americans. *shakes head* :P

Tres Iqus(john) said...

i would say something about us not being silly but id be lying i dont understand us at all most of the time really it gets kind of annoying
but i cant think of any thing i would call a crisp

Pilgrim said...

Just another thought; the only thing we or the americans would call a crispie are these cold, but fried ricebars w/chocolate a.k.a Rice crispies.

Anonymous said...

well, why not keep "gay youth group"?

since english is not my first language, it is very easy to me to see "gay" as meaning "happy" :D and it IS a happy group, isn't it?

but yes, here at Brazil "gay" means exactly the same than in english :p

Anonymous said...

Crisps ARE crisp, chips are not (unless some goof burns them).

Speaking of groups, I am totally privileged to lead a bunch of guys, ages 18 to over 50, in discussions and just 'guy stuff' about twice a month, and about half the participants are gay. Although it's not gonna stamp out H8 by itself, we get on totally fantastic and some interesting friendships have sprung up across age, orientation and culture lines.

Many of the "str8 men" have spoken up honestly about having crushes on other men, but not knowing how to deal with it. The night that this topic really came up, I asked a dude in his 20's to share his own feelings - he's a gay/bi close buddy of mine, and he explained how conflicted he was at times about the people he loved, and where he stood in his own life. Talk about guys loving girls loving guys who love guys back........a little circular at first but it was a very revealing discussion. Two men came out to the group who had never before had the courage to admit they preferred male intimate companions.

Mirrorboy said...

That's very cool. :)

Pilgrim said...

You really have still just a Kimdershrift! Propz Pilgrim

Anonymous said...

chips in the states [US] , crisps over the pond in the UK. cow chips are something totally different tho' .