Saturday, June 27, 2009


Sowwy this took a while, but i had over a hundred questions (geez, thanks bob. lol). I picked and chose because some q's were boring. lol

Sorry if i forgot any but i've got questions all over email addresses, msn and many of my posts. :P

Height - 172 cms - 5'6". Weight - 77.9 kilograms - 171.4 pounds (was 79.4 - 174.7 a week ago :D).

2 qualities I like most in others - People who help others, instead of leaving them and expecting someone else to help (I suppose that could be called caring. lol), and being unselfish. But i hate that word. lol

Who/Whom do you have a crush on currently?
No one. :)

What job do you want?

Are you considering going to college/university after high school for English or journalism?
Yes, considering. :)

Favourite school class?
English. :D

Least favourite?
Architecture was awful. lol

Are you still in contact with your friends from your old school?
Only a couple. Some of the others are c*nts and i want nothin to do with them anymore.

Whats going on with you and Jake now?
Very little.

What is the real reason you won't post pics of yourself?
I'm actually an elderly man who gets off by pretending he's a teenager online.

If that were true i would certainly have lots more exciting sexual adventures than i'm getting. lol

When you connect with people on a personal level (either online or in real life) what is the most important thing you want in that relationship and why?
We have to care about each other.

The most important person in your life?
My Mum. I'm an only child with a singe parent. We've got a close bond. Especially recently i've known that she'll do anything for me.

Other than Writing, Wii and the internet, what thing or activity (and not wanking btw), do you enjoying doing or participating in more than anything else?
:D Wanki-- Oh umm. Writing! I don't care what you said. Writing ftw!

Favourite home cooked meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I'd eat pasta for all three. :P

Favourite ice-cream.
Cookies and cream.

Your favorite type of clothing to wear is?

What clothing do you sleep in?
That's assuming i axly sleep in clothing...

Favorite video game you have played?
Paper Mario TTYD. :)

Video game you want to play that you haven’t yet?
Fable 2.

Explain to me what is it about these video games that makes you want to play them.
Well aren't you demanding? lol. They're an escape from life.

What's your favourite childhood book?
I can't remember what it's called but it had cats in it and it was by Enid Blyton.

If your house was on fire what five possessions of yours would you grab before running out?
I'd be more worried about my Mum and my cats than possessions. But i'd grab my iPod and my teddy. :)

Would you talk to other bloggers about OCD if they had it also?
Strange question but yes. lol

The first blogger you emailed?
Jake at My Life On A Wall. Luckily he replied or i wouldn't be blogging. :P

The first who contacted you on MSN?
Lach. Who would have thought a few months later i'd be meeting him in Melbourne. :D

What has been the best thing about blogging for you?
Making friends.

Do you like sunsets or sunrises better and why?
Sunsets... I like the darkness...

What do you like about cats?
They're plain awesome. lol. Dogs are dirty and smelly. Cats are neat and clean and chilled out, and playful when they want to be, like me. lol

Why do you use plastic cutlery?
It feels nicer. And it's less germy... lol

What's your favourite word?
Could say something special and fancy, but i can't go past a word as versatile as f*ck. lol

What clothes do you wear for school?
Jeans, shirt, jacket. lol

Do you cook for your mother as well, and what are your favorite recipes?
I made these pizza things last night. You make the dough and roll it out, put the toppings on, and then roll it up and cut it into slices. I made Mum's dough for her and rolled it out. I'm a good boy. lol

Ask you anything??? I wanna see you :P
That's not a question. :)

Will you marry me? (Asked by Dan. :P)
Yes. I'd marry you for the lone reason that i get to play with your amazing hair. lol :D

Have you ever wanted to visit the States, and what would you like to see-know about them?
I'd go to the US to see some of my friends. I don't really care about the country. lol :)

If you could be any kind of turtle, what kind would you be?
Definitely a wood turtle.

What is your name? What is your quest? What is your favorite colour?
Mirrorboy. Find the Holy Grail. Red. No, wait-- aaaaaaaaaaahhhh!! ...

Pervs... lol

First crush?
An Asian friend in Primary School.

When you are looking at a guy what do you check out first?
Hair. :S

What turns you off?
Smelliness. Eww. lol

What is an immediate visual turn-on to you in someone?
Again, hair. lol.

How long is your thing?
My dick? lol. About 6 inches. :)

Top or bottom.
100% bottom. :P

Do you have a fetish?
Yes, a few, and i'm not sharing! lol

Do you squirt or shoot? Your shots thick, ropey, watery?
I shoot to kill. Whatever that means. :P

Are you trimmed, shaved or au naturale? Cut or u/c? Sure wish you'd post a pic or two to show us! :)
Trimmed. U/c. I was going to post a pic, but you forgot a question mark, so it's only a statement. Damn.

That's all folks!


Spastic Fantastic said...

omg i'm commenting already!!! stop yelling at me :(

Mboy is being mean to me!!!!


now i have to read the post!!!


Mirrorboy said...


Tombi04 said...

Lucky teddy =P

Anonymous said...

That plastic cutlery is only cleaner if it's fresh out of the package. I guess we should assume it is?

And, you took an architecture class? o.O

kinderfield said...

Very interesting but the clean cut wholesome boy thing has go to go!

i wanna see your dirty laundry if you know what i mean

I know there's a dirty little slut in there somewhere

Mirrorboy said...

Hehe there's a reason why i didn't answer some q's. ;)

Jeremy said...

lol, I'm probably like... almost 40 kg heavier than you :P
But I'm taller too so I guess it makes sense... I still need to lose weight though.

Italian food is my favorite by far. :D

Fable 2 is an awesome game. I beat it like 3 times lol.

"Definitely a wood turtle."
Is that a euphemism? XD

"Do you have a fetish?
Yes, a few, and i'm not sharing! lol"
I like.. hands... and ankles.... don't ask >__>

Spastic Fantastic said...

great post Mboy!

Wood Turtle.... interesting.... I picture you as more of a yellow-spotted river turtle.


Jeremy said...

So he yelled at you to comment too, eh Spastic?


*hugs him*

Mirrorboy said...


Spastic Fantastic said...

He totally yelled at me!

then i cried

then he hit me

and yelled more

now i have post-traumatic stress disorder

and will never be the same.

and the worst part is......

i was gonna read the post anyway!

( Hey Mboy, Luv Ya!!!!)

p.s. no, Mboy did not really hit me (yes he did)

AJCon89 said...

I think you would be a snapping turtle... cause you like to bite when... oh... nevermind... probably shouldnt say more :-P

Oh... and Dogs FTW... how dare you diss them... lol

Love ya buddy...


Spastic Fantastic said...


*hugs Jeremy*

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I knew there was something wrong with you !
Dogs are dirty and smelly ?
I can not belive you said that !
Well you do know that fat people eat pasta ! ha ha

naturgesetz said...

Very interesting.

As for visiting the U.S. — yeah, the only place worth visiting for its own sake and not just to see the people is New England and upstate New York (the part between Massachusetts and Buffalo).

Anonymous said...

A very enjoyable read. Thanks for answering. I'll be sure to use question marks if you solicit questions again. LOL.

J said...

Mboy, if you're worried about your weight, take some pointers from your blog friend Shannon Boh. I suspect he'll substitute fish and vegetables for the pasta. It takes discipline,like running. Regarding the States,I disagree with Naturgestez's fixation on New England. Vermont is the prettiest New England state, but everyone should see the coastal cities of the Old South, Charleston, Savannah and New Orleans, and the west, especially San Francisco and Seattle. Everyone should see Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyons, Point Lobos State Park on California's Monterey Peninsula, and the mountains of Yosemite.
Then again, the greatest city in the world is New York City.
Come see us.

Planetx_123 said...

Mirrorboy-- I love this post! I wish I had real friends like you! for some reason your blog always makes me happy-- even when its just the more mundane posts.

Much Love! and 'pouncehugs' (as you say)



x! said...



My mind equals blown.

Mirrorboy said...

It was way too long. :P

torchy! said...

hey - what happened to my questions about the bandages and the bike tyre. and the trampoline? lol

thanks for sharing the info mboy. keep up the exercise - let's get that bmi down a bit, and trust me, your self image will improve no end as you shed the pounds. alternatively, grow taller!


Brett said...

Haha - Aww, you're taller than me.

Brett =]

cvn70 said...


Excellent answers and sense of humor. Learned a little more about you and kepp up th running you good boy :P

Take care abd be safe


Benji said...

hehe !! Wank- Writing rocks !! i do it too :p
And i still wanna see you :P

Aek said...

Hehe, some cute answers there. :P

I'd be a red-eared slider turtle. That, or a Galapagos tortoise (if we're including tortoises in with turtles).

Take care man, pay particular attention to some exercises you should be doing.

Seth said...

Losing weight FTW.

You'd better go to "uni"!!!
Don't build buildings, we'll all be safer ;)
Especially since you're really an old man... bad vision = bad architecture plans = bad buildings

so you run around in only shoes and your birthday suit.. must be quite a sight!

YAY for saving Mum, kittehs, AND TEDDEH from your burning house!!

Some perv questions, shame on you guys!! LOL

Anonymous said...


Key said...

Rather sad that some of your 'friends' are dicks simply because of your orientation... I mean what a bunch of narrow minded fuckwits >.<

Kevin Wilson said...

Very interesting - you should consider doing this every few months.

Hmm, my word verification is orelog - I don't know if that's a good or bad thing.

Antony said...

Interesting post!

Ha ha not sure I'd personally be answering some of them questions - a bit personal for me. lol.



Shannon said...

Great post and great answers. I really had a chuckle when I read some of them. I have to disagree with you about the cats and dogs though.