Sunday, June 28, 2009

Random Interestingness.

Few things i wanna get through. :P

First tho, i'll start by giving this blog a plug - New Beginnings.

I've taken a real shine to this new blogger Louie. He's an aspiring writer, and the way he describes what he does, it's like i'm listening to myself from a year ago. :P

Anyways, he's new to the blogworld so go show him some love. :)

Nexty, has anyone heard anything from Col? It's been over a month with no word. I hate it when stuff like this happens. :/

I sent him an email a couple days ago but still no response.

That's what sucks most about our blogworld. People can slip away and you can't stop em. ):

Also, i'll be hitting 300,000 views in the next few days. I've decided i'll let my readers decide what i should do for the post special. :P

So, what would you like to see? Me talking about something about Aus like our Politics or celebrites or TV? Is there a facet of my life that you'd like to hear more about? Got something you want me to do? Got other ideas for my post? It's up to you. Just leave a comment. :)

I'll leave y'all with this song i like from a game i like. :P


PS. Check out the post i made below. :P


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out! Really do appreciate it. And about this blogging milestone, you should post pictures of your feet. Random, I know, but hey! why not.

cvn70 said...


Havent seen or heard from Col in a while, mabe befor ehis last post, i know several people are concerned for him though.

thanks for the link, get that homework done :P

take care and be safe


A Poor Student said...

I wanna hear your opinion on the Chk Chk Boom chick!!! I think shes a tool! ;)

B xo

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Just post the regular mboy stuff, that's more than special enough I think. :)

Mirrorboy said...

Hey anon,


Spastic Fantastic said...

lol i was wondering how long it would take for someone to ask for pics :P

Mboy i think you should write me a story!

or post nuudz.. y'know , whichever :)


Key said...

Mboy dont listen to gowls trying to leach pictures outta you. You dont wana put up any that your decision ;D

Jeremy said...

I haven't heard from Col either :(

I dunno what you should do for 300,000 views... haha I suck at coming up with ides apparently.

well *hugs*

Aahsazyl said...

ive tried looking for him :\

Miles said...

I think that your post (post 300K) should be entirely composed of limericks

Kevin Wilson said...

300,000 already? Doesn't seem that long ago you were up to 200,000.

Anonymous said...
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Mirrorboy said...

At least i'm not a prick like you.

Anonymous said...

I think for 300,000 you should post about how coming out (or rather, being outed) changed your life.


Anonymous said...
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