Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm ok, btw.

Peoples have been asking how i'm doing after my break. Well, i'm doing okay. lol

My new 'school' is going well. It's soooo much better here than at my old school. Thinking back on what things were like for me there, and what i went through... so much pain, it really is a wonder that i didn't suicide. I guess i really am stronger than i think. But i'm pretty sure what happened there has f'ed me up pretty bad emotionally. It's quite obvious that the mental issues i have to deal with daily now, are a result of the crap i endured there.

But that's what psychologists are for. :)

And i'm going to a different place now, and it's much better. So i try not to think about the past.

Everything else is going okay. After a long period of stress, for once, i don't have anything major on my mind to upset me.

School is okay. My bloglife is getting back to normal. Online friendships and such are settled. I'm working on losing weight. My cats are fine. I found my iPod after i thought i'd lost it (and was freaking out, but it was in the pocket of my shorts in my wardrobe :P). I'm working on self-esteem and such with my psychologists. Money isn't a problem at the moment. etc etc.

Things are going okay, and in my life, that's unusual, but good. :)

Thanks to everyone who cared. :)



Tombi04 said...

You are very, very strong sweetie. Don't forget it!

It's good to see everything's going okay for you cutie

Love You.

AJCon89 said...

yay... its great to hear...

love ya buddy!


Joe said...

Its so good to hear that things are getting better! :):):)

Stay strong and remember that there we are all here for you if you ever need to talk

Much love :)

J xxx

Pilgrim said...

I knew, there is more in you than just the splinters of a broken mirror. :-) You have an incredible attitude towards life, keep this treasure, my friend. Tadah, Pilgrim

Planetx_123 said...

awesome! You are pretty strong-- you've had to deal with twice as much in your 15 years as I have in my whole life (almost 26 years)...and I don't think I could've dealt with more.

Ive lost 15 lbs so far--and have been working out everyday. I've felt better than I have in years. Good luck!

Much Love,

Mr. HCI said...

Yea! on all counts!

naturgesetz said...

I'm really glad things are looking up on so many fronts.

word verification: chest
I win!

Jake said...

Strange. I haven't heard any one say that in a long while, what with this Economy and all.

Daily Dan said...

im so happy that your happy. =)

Rhythym Changes said...

You being happy makes me happy!

Glad to hear everything is well.



Anonymous said...


Aahsazyl said...
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cvn70 said...


Glad to know thing are going ok for you. And I hope they continue to improve

Take care and be safe


Aek said...

Everyone's already said it. Glad things are looking up. Never give up, right? :)

Jeremy said...


torchy! said...

yay - i got my question answered first! lol

and i like the answer :)


Benji said...

Ask you anything ??? I wanna see you :P

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are doing better.

Anonymous said...

ummmm..... 8-)

Seth said...

This is like SO late of me to comment two weeks later LOL so I won't say much except I'm so happy to hear things are going ok for you

*super hugsnuggle*

verification word: lotses

I <3 you lotses