Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bitch. lol

So for the past few weeks in my gay youth group, we've been working on rainbow stickers that we can put up in businesses around our homophobic little town, to show that the place is SSA (same-sex attracted)-friendly. We aim to help gay and bi people feel a little more comfortable and accepted.

A few weeks ago we sent out letters to a bunch of places explaining what it was all about, and asking that the businesses give us a call if they're interested... We got very few replies... and by very few, i mean none. lol

Then we called the businesses. That wasn't very successful either, as most of the managers weren't in at the time. And many places didn't even recieve the letter that we sent.

So yesterday, the group of us (there were only 4 that day) grabbed our stickers and headed along the street visiting places. Most of them said yes this time. It would have been hard to say no, wouldn't it? How could you say no when we're actually there in your shop asking for support? Sure would seem pretty homophobic of ya... lol. But we don't care if they felt pressured cos a yes is a yes. :P

We did a really good job. We almost used up all of our dozens of stickers.

Then we got to the ice-creamery and the lady there was all like 'i don't think you should be forcing it on people, getting in their faces, bla bla bla'.

So you know your ice-cream there comes straight from a cow. :)

Anyways, this group is really nice. The people are really nice. I always have a good time there and it's nice to be amongst people who are from the same world. I don't feel like such an alien, and i'm doing stuff there that i care about. It's good times.




Tombi04 said...

*Gasp*!!! Could I possibly have gotten the first comment?!!

Nice to hear you're getting out in the community with your activism cutie.

Love You.

cvn70 said...


well it will be intersting to go by the shops and see if they display the stickers. I hope they do

and for the ice cream lady i would have agreed its a shame she didnt answwer your letter and that we have to do this cause you aint supporting us

And as for your gay group i only know one gay person irl and it is nice to be around him but you and all these bloggers give me the same feeling, thanks guys

Just keep enjoying life, take care and be safe my friend


Anonymous said...

You should write up a standard letter for us to all sign our names to and spam the icecream shop with... so we can show her the meaning of getting in her face... tsk tsk tsk

rofl... my word verification is sheproo... is that like... what happens when a kiwi and an aussie get together?? :P

Anonymous said...

activism = ftw

but i think you already named a post that lol

anyway glad to hear you've found a group thats accepting of you. I'm sure they all see what we see on here, how your such a nice guy :)

y78ilm said...

Of course the managers "weren't in", and they "didn't receive" your letters. It's so easy. I guess you guys know where NOT to buy your ice cream right?

Well done anyway.

J said...

Bob's right about checking back. You should always volunteer to put the signs in the window, then you know they'll be displayed even if they're later removed. Check back anyway. I suspect a substantial portion of those you approached will prove to be two-faced. (Sorry to be so cynnical.)

Planetx_123 said...

a yes is a yes! What did she mean in her face? She thinks that its unfair because should would rather be 'passive aggressively' homophobic? She only wants to be homophobic behind your back, and its somehow UNFAIR for you to pressure her to 'be the bad guy'? That's BS because she IS THE BAD GUY!! She should at least embrace her bigotry. Somehow I don't think four gay youth asking to put up rainbow stickers is terribly threatening :-) Unless you were carry rainbow brass knuckles and clubs to beat people with or something (*makes note for how to get MORE people to say yes*)

I wish I had a similar group I could attend in my town (although I have never checked; there probably is)


Anonymous said...

I love you - you're doing just what we had to do through local campaigning groups across Britain when we started the fight here.

You're doing it with great bravery and conviction.

It's not easy to walk in and, in effect, tell someone else you're queer. You have my admiration. And, if it's any help, you're following in some very well worn footsteps as you do this work.

In answer to a question or two in the other comments - please do find out if there are any campaigning gay groups near to you and if there aren't, why don't you try to get some support to start one?

This prejudice isn't going away unless we do something about it!

Once again Mboy shows the way!

naturgesetz said...


I'd like to think that at least some of the people who hadn't responded were well meaning but procrastinators like me. But realistically, some of them were probably ignoring it because they weren't interested. Ice creamery lady has her rights, of course, so I wouldn't spam her. But y78ilm is right: you know where not to go for ice cream. Hopefully there are other places that have accepted the sticker.

Anyway, it's great that you folks did that. It makes bigotry a little less acceptable, and respect a little more the norm. And it's good that you have a place where you can be really comfortable.

Spastic Fantastic said...

Have I mentioned lately that your awesome? ;)

Glad you had such a good time, and even if only one business leaves your sticker up it's a win. You gotta start somewhere, right?

Laterz Mboy :)

jay.osa said...

it is really god that you found a group that you can be yourself in and not feel bad about yourself. we all love you they will too.


Anonymous said...

Right on. :)

Well, we'll have to forgive the ice cream lady. Perhaps she has good reasons for not wanting a maybe she wants to lose business from the queer community? XD

Antony said...

That sounds fantastic. Keep up the good work - we need to change those homophobic attitudes out there!



The Vice Buddha said...


Sure thing.. Ice creams come from fat cows :P

And that's a good thing yoo are doin there!!

Anonymous said...

did you buy a nice rainbow colored assortment of ice cream? or did you boycott her? nice job either way - I hope you're finding some friends in that group!

sr said...

Hi mirrorboy sr here. I just became one of your followers today. Ive been reading your blog for a couple weeks. Im enjoying it very much. thank you.

sr said...

Also im from new jersey in the united states like sethboy. Good to be on board.

Seth said...

err... right then. good timing. I must protect my good name here. :P

Yay M-boy, I am glad you found that group - those sort of things are great learning and social experiences.


pinstripe said...


I'm really proud of you, that takes more balls than a lot of people claim to have!

sr said...

Hi mirrorboy I just wanted to say keep up the good work. Dont worry about people like the lady at the ice cream shop. Shes just a homophobic jerk that doesnt understand. Im a gay person too and people like that just annoy me sometimes.