Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One Of Those Days.

Firstlyyyyyyyyy, this is Shaun Micallef's appearance on Rove the other night. It takes a while to load, but it's so worth it. :)

(The intro is a bit... strange. lol)

(Sorry about it not fitting, but i don't know how to fix it. lol)

Anyways, do you ever have one of those days where everything just irritates the heck outta you? Every little thing seems to go wrong and you end up wanting to smash something.

A bit of plastic sticks to your foot. You drop something. You spill something. You get an itch. Someone annoys you just by talking. Little things, that leave you going insane.

I had one of those days today. :)

I also seem to be... insatiable, recently. If you know what i mean. lol. It's quite annoying. Fun, but annoying. It's really hard to get to sleep (no awful pun there), and i keep getting distracted.

I really need a boyfriend. Any volunteers? lol

Anywhoop, this is your last chance to comment or email any questions you have for me. My next post will be of the answers. :)


& a bit of lust :P


gomad.ch said...

I've increased my workout recently and just got horny as a teenager. Maybe the running has to be blamed for your recent insatiability.

kelisseou said...

Wow, you sound really... tense. Don't know what to say about that. I don't know if I've ever experienced a day like that - at least for the first part, the second part... well... not for a long time. :-P

Rhythym Changes said...

Ok you've officially got me hooked on this Sean Micallef fellow. I've been spending far too much time watching him now. Haha the cowboy boots, hat, and bolo tie are the best though!

Yes I've had those days :/ they aren't too fun, but sometimes you can realize it's one of those days and laugh at yourself for being so ornery.

*volunteers!* Insatiability is fun!

Question question question... What do you want to be when you grow up? Haha that's lame... How about... What's the one invention you wish they would just come with already?

naturgesetz said...

Yeah, those days when things just seem to build up. Something sets things off wrong and then you're in a bad mood for everything else. If nothing breaks the bad mood you just have to wait till tomorrow.

Insatiability: it seems you've created a monster. Now you've got to tame it!

Jeremy said...

I've had those days. It's especially annoying when it seems like everyone is just stopping in front of you in hallways. It's like wtf move or I'm just going to knock you down next time (I'm not a small person lol)

*volunteers* ;D


Aek said...

To fix the embedding size, go to the right side of the YouTube clip. There's a button next to the "Embed" part called "Customize." It opens a panel for you to alter the size and color of your YouTube embedded vid. Play around with it to get the size and color you want. :P

You're not alone, I've been having those days a lot recently. I think it's because I'm bored with little to do. :-/

Spastic Fantastic said...

lol liked the video very much :)

sorry ( i guess???) to hear you're so insatiable :P
but i'm sure you'll get lots of volunteers to help you with that ;)

goleftatthefork said...

Lol @ you asking for volunteers - I thought you already had a queue outside your house! (a virtual queue)

cvn70 said...


Well ide volunteer but I think its ilegal:P but as Dan says Ill bet there's a que forming as I type. Maybe it is the exercise lol
Take care and be safe


Tom said...

Hey mate,
Sure you will have loads of offers, What you need is a screening porcess. Get them to send in an applicatio form including picture for your own pesonal approval. Then after narrowing it donw a bit you can make sure they take you out on dates. THey pay. LOL
GOod luck mate you don't need it

The Vice Buddha said...

Oh u can fix the video by changing the size while u download/give a link to it!

Aahsazyl said...

ive already volunteered more than once
you are welcome to my attentions whenever you like :P

Tom said...

In my opinion you pass the picture test!!!

Louie_P said...

Love your blog Mirrorboy!! hope ur feeling better. hey, im kinda new at this whole blogging thing, wanna hook me with a link thingy? lol. thanks, have a great one!!

Peter said...



Benji said...

Can we ask a picture ?? and many pictures ??
And you to come in paris ?? :D
hehe :p

James said...

*volunteers* To adopt you that is. :P You're on your own for finding a bf. lol