Thursday, April 30, 2009



They stay out till 7:30 at night when it's pitch black.

And i have to wait in the kitchen until they decide to come home.

They they will come up to the door and meow.

I step outside and they run off.


I'm only a couple posts from my 200th post! :O

And for that, i need 200 random facts about myself.


Why oh why did i promise to do this? It's sooo hard.

And i already used the good ones for my 100th post facts. :(


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Welcome to 2001 Mboy!

Haha so i finally set up my Ipod! ^_^

It's an Ipod Nano (pink, of course).

This is awesome. :D



I can picture this being my new best friend!




Heh so i've kinda taken up cooking and baking.

Cooking etc is actually quite enjoyable. And when you make your own food, the result is usually a lot healthier than something you pick up at a fast-food place, or something frozen.

Anyways, this ain't very healthy lol, but i made scones yesterday, and today. Yes, you heard me, SCONES!!!

They're yummy though. :)

Unfortunately cos i'm obsessive compulsive, i had to go through half a box of tissues wiping everything as i made them. :(

And my least favourite bit is when you have to rub the butter into the flour. I can't stand the feeling of anything under my fingernails. *spine chills*

Still fun though, and yummy. Anyone wanna share with me? :D

butt-scone lol

Moving on. :)

Bob finally started a blog. You all know who Bob is don't you?

He comments on pretty much everyone's blogs as cvn70. Me and him go way back i guess. Known each other for months and talk on msn and everything.

Anyways, he's really nice and always willing to help, and he has time for everyone. Go have a look and show him some love. He just made his first post.

Okay, that's it. :)


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hey so umm...

I wanna apologize for all the boring posts recently.

There's not a lot going on in my life at the moment to blog about.

And the only things that are worth blogging about, are too private to post.

So, umm... yeah.

I hope i don't bore the hell out of you all and you all end up not reading, but i wouldn't blame you. :/


*i added a poll in the sidebar (above the links lists) after James' comment. Vote plz. :)*

Monday, April 27, 2009

I Want To, So I Will.

Stuff it. I'm going to make a post that's only about blogs i wanna plug!

First is Westasian.

It's my favourite picture blog and the guy who runs it is really nice (and has great taste :D). He was one of the first popular bloggers to link me so it was a great help to me and my blog. He responds to every comment so it's fun to get involved. He also just made a post about a certain aussie teenage blogger so at least go check it out. I love it. :)

Okay, here's a new blog. S From F.

Unless i am mistaken, i think this is the first female blogger i've linked to! :O

She's 15 and from Finland. Anyone who loves Skins is alright in my book. ;)

Go give her a warm welcome then!

Figured i'd do this one next, even though he doesn't link me back. lol

But he lives in Melbourne so he can't be too bad. ;)

Chosen Life Foreva.

He's been around for over 2 years now. :O Veteran blogger much.

Go check him out. :)

And finally, Daily Dan.

One of my good pals and the cutest boy i've ever seen. ;)

Really sweet, really funny, really caring, (gorgeous heh) and he doesn't get as much traffic as he deserves. Go show him some love. :)

Okay. That's all, for now. :)


The Dreams... They Just Get Weirder.

Okay, i'm not going to go into too many details (mainly because they wouldn't make sense).

But last night in my dream i had a friend with a galaxy for a head. Yes. A galaxy for a head. O_O

There were also small children running around that were Coca-Cola bottles.

And i appeared in a Summer movie.

What am i in for tonight? lol


Oh Hai!

And it's 4am. :O

Those who have any sense of time zones, may be asking what i am doing up at a time like this...

Well, i'm not! I'm in bed! Asleep! :D

I set this to automatically post, just for something different. :)

I'll probably be dreaming. Hopefully something nice.

As you may have noticed if you actually read my blog, i've been having a lot of strange dreams recently. I had another one last night - perhaps the most bizarre of them all.

One of my real life friends was spoken to by God, and he was told he had to become a teacher because he would help people. Then, me and my friend and a few others walked around a rectangular lake collecting aluminium cans and putting them in a plastic bag. We then walked up a hill and came to a barn, in which there were jockeys and horses. My friend pulled out some foldout chairs and sat them down in the barn, and everyone sat on them, but we were one chair short so i walked off. The end.

Weird. I've been having strange dreams almost every night, and remembering them. It's only been happening recently. I dunno why.

Anyways, umm, goodnight! lol

dream sweets


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Listen Bitches.

Okay, i looooooove MSN k? I've met some really awesome people on there and i love using it. And the reason i put up my address on my profile was so that i could meet more awesome people. And most people i talk to are awesome...

But ffs! Do NOT say hi AND THEN ASK ME FOR PICS.

Not a good way to start off k?

Especially when my status message is:


Yeah, it's okay to ask me why. Then i'll say something like 'umm, cos i don't want to.'

A good reply is NOT:

are you ugly?

Move the convo along. Don't make it about pics, because then you get DELETED.

Anyways, saying all that. I'm a really nice person and i love meeting people on msn. :) lol

(I don't want to scare you all away now lol)

I'm just so sick of meeting creeps.

Here's another NEW blog. :)

Ten Seconds At A Time.

By a gay teen who lives in Aus. :D

Like me. :D

In the middle of nowhere. :O

So go check him out and give him a warm welcome!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Buried It Deep.

"meow, meow, meow, meow, meowww"

"What is it!?"



"... meeeeooooooooooooooo-"


So my cats had brought a dead bird inside, and hidden it under the clothes rack, so i didn't actually know it was in here for like 5-10 mins. They were both meowing and meowing and i had no idea why.

It had been totally murdered. Like, feathers falling out and skin ripped off and everything. I think Tiger had a bite...

Well, i put on a rubber glove and took it outside, and i buried it in the backyard. :)

I just have to remember to tell my Mum where it is, so she doesn't end up finding a zombie bird next time she's gardening.


Friday, April 24, 2009

Welcome, and Welcome Back.

So this is pretty cool.

A really cool guy Jeremy just started up a blog. And i mean just started. Only a few mins ago. lol

Check him out and give him a warm welcome. I know him through msn and he's really nice.

Falling Through The Void.

It's also a great pleasure of mine to welcome back Zee!

Our blogging community's resident gay muslim!

He deleted his blog a few months ago, but now he's back. He's really really nice and sweet and funny and he's one of my pals, so go check him and his blog out.

Where I Stand.


WTF is up with my dreams?

So i was a guy (i don't think it was me) trying to pick someone up (may have been a girl or a guy, i can't remember). I brought them back to where i was staying, which was a big hall for some reason, but my asian parents were there and wouldn't leave me alone. We went and sat at a table but my parents pulled up chairs!!

Then the hall flooded, and everyone had to go outside.

As i walked out of the flooded hall, i was myself, and i was in Africa on holiday. Me and my Mum were walking down the street along a lake with the other people who were staying at the hall, and there were elephants and all these other cool animals down by the lake. I had my camera and was taking pics, though the camera seemed to be suffering from static sometimes. lol. I was thinking 'when i blog about this my readers are going to be so jealous'.

We meet up with a few family members and then we went hiking or something. There was a lot of rough ground, and i was having a lot of trouble getting over it and i was slipping and falling a lot. Again, i had my camera and was taking photos because we were in the Something Garden and there were tall colourful trees.

I must have left the group at some point to go shopping. I ended up looking at games. I bought a few and one of the Game Boy games was $45 and was number 3 in a series. In my shopping bag i also had a bunch of hair products. lol

So i got in the queue and the server was nice. I showed her my bag and i payed for the games, but as i took a few steps i realised i hadn't been charged for the expensive hair products! I informed the server just as the couple behind me had stepped up to be served. The server was like 'oh haha sorry', and was about to serve me again. The couple behind me suddenly got really aggresive, and the man started swearing and yelling. I said something very politely along the lines of, 'don't worry about it, i'll just get in queue again' (which was much longer now) with a smile, and i grabbed my stuff. The server commented on how amazingly nice and sweet i was. The man behind me grumbled, and decided to step back and let me finish being served. But that was my plan all along! I knew they would let me finish being served if i showed them niceness and respect, even though they didn't deserve it.

I opened the Game Boy game, but it was in fact number 2. I was ripped off. And when i played it, it was really crap. I was someone like Samus (game character), and i was forever running backwards, shooting at a bunch of robots that were charging me down. Yeah, it was crap. So i knew i wouldn't play that again. I headed back to meet up with my Mum.

But then i had another dream. It was like a TV show, where they show something horrible at the start, roll the title scene, and then the detective starts investigating. But i (not actually me again) was both the detective, and involved in the horrible thing at the start. I was with some friends at a house, when we were attacked by something that could only be called a witch. There were lots of bright flashes and i (as the detective) don't remember anything else. And then my friends disappeared.

I was investigating around the house the next day with my police force, and came across a bookcase. When i pulled out a few books, i saw these strange pictures of broomsticks.

Now i am me again, and in my own home. I go to the closet, and pull out a broom with straw on the end. It looks old/scruffy. When i sit on it, i feel it lift into me, and my feet just leave the ground. It feels amazing. I had been imbued with witchcraft powers or something. :D

So i head down the hallway, and my Mum takes a picture of me. I'm like 'WTF!? You want the whole world to know that i'm a witch!?' (i suppose the correct term is warlock). I said something about her being a nurse, and that was supposed to be equal to my secret. 'Would you want me to tell everyone that you're a nurse!?' or something like that.

I floated around my house a bit. It was great fun.

Then for the last scene, i was outside in a backyard or something and my Mum was relaxing in a chair. It was on a hill, and there were lots of colourful trees and plants around. As i looked down the pathway leading up, i saw that it looked beautiful, and then my cat Jemima appeared. My Mum had the camera, and started taking photos cos it looked really awesome, but i was thinking to myself, 'You don't know how to use it properly,' and i knew i would have taken better pictures. She even went for a diagonal shot. *shakes head*

But i didn't say anything. I just enjoyed what i was seeing. :)

And then i woke up and i really needed to pee. lol


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Of Me Telling You What To Do.

Go read my MBWords blog. I spent hours on the latest post and if you don't comment i will cry... :'/

Also, go check out Cutie's blog. He is awesomeness and i loves him.

That is all. :)

It's a short post cos i spent hours on the Words one. lol

Fuck You. :)

('asl' means 'age, sex, location')

nick says:
hi asl
Mirrorboy says:
lol umm
nick says:
oh 15 lol
u got a pic
Mirrorboy says:


*nick is offline*

Mirrorboy says:
fuck you

Good times. lol

Monday, April 20, 2009

Poll And Some Good Links.

I figure it's time to take that poll down. It's been up for weeks now. :P

Mirrorboy, i wanna...
108 votes.

1st was - Be your friend. 21%
Aww that's nice. :)

2nd was - Love you and be boyfriends and do everything. :D 17%
Yayyyyyyy. I am loved. lol

3rd was - Sex you. 12%
Okay guys. That's a bit creepy. lol

4th was Hug you, and 5th was Be your best friend.

Cool :)

That was fun. If you've got any ideas for another poll, comment! :D

Anyways, here are a couple blogs i'm gonna plug. :)

The Night Rider - He drives trucks! Honk honnnk :D
Really nice guy and very supportive. So check him out!

I've Got Rythym and It ain't always music - And he takes over from Steve for the longest blog title. :D
Seems like a really sweet and interesting boy. So go have a look!

And show some love to everyone. :)

As i mentioned to someone else today, it's like Days Of Our Lives around here at the moment. So much drama in this blog community of ours.

So who's the homicidal maniac!? (homocidal lol)


So Cruel.

90% of my dreams are about me being happy. They're about me doing or being something i've really wanted to but never had the chance to, or haven't had the guts to, or just haven't been able to. They're the sorts of dreams that give you what you want and make you happy, and then you wake up and realise you're back at square one.

I had a dream i was friends again with someone last night.

Someone whose relationship with me i fucked up (online).


Sunday, April 19, 2009


Had a weird dream last night...

I was in a war - one of those swords/arrows ones and there were lots of weird monsters attacking and coming down from the sky. And i was a journalist photographer with a camera. :D

And i would alternate between looking for a great photo, and whipping out my bow and killing someone. lol

That is all. :)


Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Good Old Days.

I'm back. lol. Sleepover was quite boring. :P

Thinking back when i first found and became a part of this online community, it seemed like everyone i knew was happy. There were no huge issues in friends' lives and nobody was doing it tough to the point where they were struggling. Everyone was really nice and making friends around here was easy. Online, i would catch up with some great people regularly, and blogging was fun and easy, and everything was good. Being a part of this all was amazing.

But what's it like now?

Some people i used to talk to every day, i now haven't seen a sign of for weeks or months. Some bloggers that used to update all the time, have disappeared completely and nobody has heard a word from them. People have grown distant to the point where there's no contact at all.

Many of the people that i know are really having a shit time and just holding it together is hard. And for the bloggers that rarely update, it's easy to worry about them. I've met my fair share of creeps and weirdos since coming online. And i've gotten some pretty disturbing emails too.

And worst of all, it seems like some relationships with people i really love are falling apart. Things change, and suddenly your heart is aching because you said something wrong or hurt someone unintentionally, and things may never go back to the way they used to be, when that's all you want.

It's strange, how when i entered the community everything was so great, but as i watched and waited, things have just seemed to have gone downhill, and i can't help but wonder if we will EVER get to the point where everyone is okay, and happy, or if it will be one problem after another forever...

(wishing he could mend some friendships) :(



Friday, April 17, 2009

See ya soon, again.

One or two friends are coming over today for a sleepover so i'll be back tomorrow. :)


Thursday, April 16, 2009

200,000 views! :D

Lol that's right! 200,000 views! :D

I haven't actually got anything prepared lol. So here are some interesting blog facts. :)

Top 5 countries
that i get the most views from:
1. US
2. Germany
3. UK
4. France
5. Australia

Top 5 countries from which viewers spend the most time on my blog:
1. Fiji
2. Guadelope
3. Mauritius
4. El Salvador
5. Egypt

Average time spent on my blog each visit - Imin 25secs

Average number of views per day - 1,124

Top 5 search engine keywords to get here:
1. mirrorboy blog
2. mirrorboy
3. mirrorboy's blog
4. mirrorboys blog
5. mirrorboys

5 most popular labels on my blog.
1. videos
2. young
3. wanking
4. sex
5. about me
creepy much lol
weird - 'sleep' was number 8. :)

Top 5 linking sites that i get the most visitors from:
4. (meaning followers)

Most looked at post:

Hope you enjoy me. :D


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Enjoy! The city of my dreams. Each photo can be seen in more detail by clicking.

And remember, i come from a small coastal town. So this place was epic to me!

The first pic i took coming in by train, out the dirty window.

Photo from the car.

Some of the buildings.

We went up the Dandenongs. It was misty but still really cool and really high up.

A few pics of the concert, and the John Butler Trio.

All playing the drums at once.

At the Melbourne Museum. Phar Lap was Australia's most famous racing horse.

Next one reminds me of my cat Jemima. lol

It's such a pretty city.

The Rialto Tower at night.

We went for a walk along the St Kilda beach.

Then there's the Eureka Tower. It's awesome. The world's largest residential tower and the tallest tower in the whole southern hemisphere. It's 300 metres high.
We went up at night, and i got just a few pics before the camera battery died.

No photo could truly capture how beautiful this place was though.

I'll be back. :)


Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm baaaaaacck.

It is so fuckin good to be behind a keyboard again. Blogging from a mobile phone was so lame! Both the 'end call' button and the 'cancel' button were between the clear/backspace button and the 'go right' button. So sometimes i would have to write a post 3 or 4 times cos i kept accidentally deleting the thing! And i could only type about a letter every second. It was so hard to say what i wanted to say! In comments too, and emails. So much stuff i wanted to do, but i just couldn't because so many things didn't work on mobile internet.

Anyways, it feels so good to be behind a keyboard again and to have the internet! :D

I thought it would be nice to be 'home' again, but arriving home i just felt so... eh. I didn't ever want to leave Melbourne. It was just so fucking amazing. And i feel like i belong there! Not here, where i feel crushed and restrained.

The trip was fantastic. And what i got from it is beyond words. There, i actually felt good about myself. And i never feel good about myself! What i mean is, i wasn't cripplingly self-conscious. I wasn't disgusted when i looked in a mirror. My heart didn't race when i went outside cos i was so worried about how i looked. I didn't feel so hopeless and pathetic all the time. Cos that's what this town does to me. It makes me feel like shit every day. But Melbourne was so... different! And i will be back soon!!! One day i will catch the train and not come back.

I'm in love with it! It blew my mind. It gave me hope when i was hitting the bottom. I feel like a new person, and now i have something to aim for. I will not sit here at home and wallow in sadness and frustration. I will work for what i want. One day i will get it. And one day i will be in a place where i fit in.

The best thing was the diversity. Seriously, there are hardly any blacks or asians here, and nothing like muslims. But in Melb there was every type of person under the Sun. And it was amazing. I can see why people there are so open-minded compared to my own town. In Melb, you see all sorts of people every day. Here, those people are ridiculed and laughed at. Just like gays.

As you can see, i could talk about it forever. I just want you to understand how different and new this was to me. This is a trip that changed my life for the better on a huge scale. I am a new person!

So while we were there we went to the Melbourne Museum, went to the Chill City Concert, went shopping in huge places, went up the Eureka Tower at night, saw the fire show along the Yarra River, went up to the Dandenongs while it was raining, walked along the St Kilda beach, saw Luna Park and took dorky photos, and just took in all the sights and sounds and tastes.

Took heaps of photos too but there are so many i'll make a post just for them tomorrow.

I also met up with one of my online friends and his boyfriend and we spent the day together. That was really cool - to see a gay person in real life! lol. He was really nice and i know he's reading this and he's really sexy too. :)

Bought my first mobile phone and used up all the credit, got a recharge, and used up all the credit again. lol. Stupid internet!

Also bought an Ipod, and a bunch of games, and heaps of clothes, and sunglasses, and shoes. And hair gel and stuff. lol

Also, my cousin had 100's of channels on his TV. That was awesome. ^_^

The weather was great and sunny the whole time. And for once, during a trip, i wasn't sick or tired or sore.

Everything was... perfect.

I can honestly say, they were the best, and most important, 5 days of my life. And without them i probably would have given up hope on ever being something and shrunk away from life and reality until i just was crushed beyond help and suicided or something.

Okay. Now i'm back here. The plan is to make it through until i've got some sort of plan to move there. That's all i have to do. Just tough out everything life throws at me until i can leave. And i think after that trip to Melb, i may just have the strength to make it.

I can't wait to catch up with all of you and your blogs. While i was gone, some people seemed to get the impression that i hate them or something. I dont know how the hell that happened. I don't hate anyone. MB LOVES ALL lol. So i've got a lotta internet stuff to sort out.

It can wait though. I'm gonna go relax. :)

Remember, no matter how shit life is, there is always hope!

Lotsa love!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

back tomorrow

ill be catching the train back 2 shitsville tomorrow. I dont want 2 go back. :( but it will b nice 2 b behind a keyboard again. Internet on a mobile is so glitchy and fiddly and takes 4ever to type. Looks like things went 2 a mess around here while i was gone too. Ive got some work 2 do once back... Anyways, evrything was closed today but it got better as the day went on. Went along the beach, and had a look at luna park. Got tea at a pizza place and saw someone frm SYTY Can Dance Aus. Then at nite we went up the huge eureka tower. It was awesome. Then after, we saw the fire show along the yarra river. So it was a good day. Tomoz well do some more shopping and then ill b back home and back 2 the blogging world. Lotsa love!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


omfg! A fantastic day! I met up with one of my online friends and his cute boyfriend! In real life! Gay friends! Hanging out! Can u believe it - I FINALLY GOT MY HUG! Actually, i got 2! Really great guys and we spent the day in the city with my mum and cuz. Tho after my mum realized they werent pedos i got to hang with them by myself. Got some food and bought some nice clothes and shoes. It was awesome... I gotta say, this trip is doing wonders 4 me. I used 2 just feel so pathetic every day and feel like there was no hope 4 me. But now i feel like a new person. I needed this. I really did. Otherwise i would have ended up... just giving up on life. But every day has just been amazing. This place is amazing. There is hope 4 me yet! Lotsa love!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


had a fuckin awesome day! Its surreal cos ive never done stuff or been 2 places like this. And the buildings are so epic and beautiful! Its just pure AWESOMENESS! Anyways, today we went up 2 the Grampians - so cool. Then for the whole evening and night we were at the chill city concert. Saw paul kelly, betty davis, and john butler trio. Bout 15 metres from us. Fuckin amazing!! Loved every minute. And city was so pretty at night. Remember guys, ive never seen ANYTHING like this in my whole life. Ive been stuck in that shitty town of mine my whole life. What its like being in a place like this is beyond words... Ok. Better go. Remember, things can always get better. Lotsa love!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

hi from da big city

blogging from my new mobile phone! Melb is fuckin awesome. I stepped off the the train and fell in love. People are so diverse here. All colours and races, emos and muslims and all sorts of people you would NEVER see back in my city. Shopped all day and now have sore feet. Got clothes and games, haircut and mobile phone. Fuckin tired. Got 3 and a half hours sleep last nite. Ugh. Better go b4 i stuff somethin up. Cant axly see comments until back home lol. Hope everyone is being nice and staying safe. Lotsa love - special love to aj. Ok byes. Havin a good time and dont wanna leave!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

To Da Big City.

Hi guys.

I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow morning (Thursday) and i won't be back until late Monday night.

I have to get up at 4:45am to get ready, and we leave at 5:20. The train i'm catching with my Mum leaves at 5:40 and then it's a 3 and a half hour journey to get to Melb.

We're staying at my cousin's house. I might be able to use the internet, so i might make a couple short posts to let you know how i'm going. But then again, i might not. :P

Hopefully i can just forget about my shit for a while and clear my head.

By the way, i will be turning on comment moderation before i go, so i don't have to worry about deleting abusive comments. :)

Oh, and my Grandma will be looking after the cats.

Look after each other while i'm gone.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bye For Now.

I need a break from this place, and blogs, and people online. It might be a day or two. It might be a week or two or more. I don't know. I just know that some things online are really getting to me and i can't take it and i feel miserable. I need to leave before i break down.

Don't worry about me.

Bye for now.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Uneventful Weekend In Blogland My Ass!

AJ is having a less than great time right now. Things really suck, and i really hurt for him. :(

Jake from My Life On A Wall's computer got a virus and is crashing. He says you can catch him at his tumblr Jake City until his computer is fixed.

Landyn has been around recently - after MONTHS of there being no sign of him. I saw him on msn today again, but only for a short while. He said he was having a really shitty weekend. Poor guy.

And i spilt Coca-Cola on my dick. lol

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Another uneventful weekend in blogland begins...

I have to admit, i'm kinda disappointed with the response i'm getting on my Writing Blog. I spend up to a few hours on each post, but i get only a handful of commenters? I'm trying to improve as a writer but i'm not getting much help here guys... If i try any harder for feedback, i'll practically be begging for comments. Do you really despise longer posts that much? *sigh*

I've got a helluva lotta blog links, yeah? Well, i'm thinking of putting the non-regular-updaters (those who go weeks without posting) into their own category so the bloggers who post a lot get more light. I don't know what to call the category though. lol

Non-regular-updaters is way too clunky and could come across as a bit mean. But i can't think of much else. :/

Any ideas?

Anyways... I got to speak to Landyn today! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D

Also, don't forget my MSN address is now on my profile. You can add me if you wanna talkkkk. :)

I'm trying to post every day, cos i can't wait for my 200th post special. :D

That's all.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Insert Post Here.

I was gonna make a decent post tonight, but i just spent hours working on a long post for Mirrorboy's Words. I really can't be stuffed writing anymore right now. lol =_=

I doubt many of you will read it anyways. *sigh* It's the longest post i've ever put up.

2 weeks off from school, and of course i've got a lotta homework cos i missed a fair bit of school. :P

Anyways, i'm heading to Melbourne on Thursday. :D

Staying at my cousin's house with my Mum and coming back on Monday. Yay

I've only been to Melb once, and that was on a school camp. For those of you who don't know, i wanna live in Melbourne one day. I loves the big city. It will be my escape from this craphole.

Mum wants to take me to some concert. The John Butler Trio will be playing. I axly hate them but it will be an interesting experience. lol

Anyways, i really can't think right now. I'm drained. So byes!


Thursday, April 2, 2009


A few of you may have misinterpreted yesterday's post.

I have no intention of stopping blogging. :D

I've now changed the sidebar colour for the first time :O, and also added a picture link for MB Words. I might add a couple more links and rearrange things soon.

Had a really crappy night's sleep. It's becoming a trend. :(

I'm going to bed at 12 but not getting to sleep until around 2am. I know for some of you that's normal, but i like being an early riser and i want to sleep earlier. :(

So i try to get up early so i'll be tired at night and be able to sleep, but i'm so fuckin tired in the morning i can't manage to drag myself out of bed. I hit the snooze button about half a dozen times today.

I turned on the TV as well, and apparently somehow had a dream that mixed with what was on TV. There was a fashion segment on TV, and in my dream i worked in the fruit section of a supermarket, and there was a guy going around judging people's clothes. :/

Oh well. I'm off.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why Am I Here?


First, as you might have seen, i've started changing stuff in the sidebar. I've changed a couple of the links (Secret Project and Jake's blog) to be pics, and i reckon they look okay. Once i've fixed all the links there it'll look better. :)

Also added a quick poll, so go vote ->

'Mirrorboy, i wanna...'
And pick the answer you want to do with/to me.

It's kind of disturbing that 'Sex you' is rating so highly at the moment. lol o.O

Also added a few links to old posts... Good times... Still not finished with that either though.

I spent the night waiting for Landyn to come online, but he didn't show up. -.-

Man my life is boring. lol

Sometimes i wonder what my purpose here in blogworld is. Now that i've told most of my story, and everyone has gotten to know me, what service am i doing here?

I wonder whether i'm here to talk about me and entertain and give my perspective on things etc. like i've always done.

Or if i'm still here now to keep an eye on everyone, and give help to bloggers or readers who need it, be a friend for those who need one or an ear for people who need to spill, and the blog acts as a connection to everyone. I'm still here just so i can connect and help.

I'm not sure... But i'm happy doing what i do. :)