Thursday, April 30, 2009



They stay out till 7:30 at night when it's pitch black.

And i have to wait in the kitchen until they decide to come home.

They they will come up to the door and meow.

I step outside and they run off.


I'm only a couple posts from my 200th post! :O

And for that, i need 200 random facts about myself.


Why oh why did i promise to do this? It's sooo hard.

And i already used the good ones for my 100th post facts. :(



Deadwing said...

you are more ambitious than i am...i couldn't manage to think of 20 interesting and/or random facts about good luck!

Col said...

Yeah, good luck Mboy! And no repetition allowed either... I will be checking ;)

Take care,

cvn70 said...


Isnt that just how cats play? hey if you cant find 200 cheat a little skip some umbers no one with notice :P

take care and be safe


Kevin Wilson said...

Cats are the most infuriating, arrogant creatures that God ever shoveled guts into, but when you need something to cuddle up to when you're a bit down, they're up for it in spades.

Rather than 200 random facts about yourself, why not ask your readers/commenters for random facts about themselves?

Seth said...

You know already that you are at your cats' beck and call.

gnomsms when the Travelocity gmone sends text messages.

AJCon89 said...

all fact about you are good ones...

Love you buddy!


tom bombadil said...

Don't you love the games cats play on your mind :P

Can't wait for the new facts. You could decide to only do 100 facts per 100 posts if it gets to hard when your posts reach 400 +

(L) :P


Rhythym Changes said...

Haha you're cats are good and come home at a reasonable time, mine? 3:oo in the morning. Scratches the window, not just meows, and will be pissed off if you wait too long.

But I love cats so what can you do?

goleftatthefork said...

I'm so lucky - my two cats don't like me so I don't have to bother with them :-)

Mr McCabbage said...

Your cats are trying to tell you something - probably that you should get out more. Come home late at night sometimes, and you will see who sits waiting :( :(

naturgesetz said...

My advice: don't promise more random facts in a number equal to the number of your posts (or views or visitors) again.

And let this be a lesson to all of us.

Aek said...

So, is this 200 facts in addition to the first 100? Or is this 200 total (so 100 new facts)?

Highwayman said...

I think just an additional 100 facts would be fine. Have a gr8 day.

John said...

Your Mean ! Go out in the dark and play with those kats !
They love you they bring you dinner and everything they want YOU out there with them lol !
200 things should not be a problem for you
Think ! See ya, John

torchy! said...

oh for goodness sake mboy, 200 facts? it's easy. i did it only a couple of days ago. piece of cake.

ok, i might have skipped a few, but it's easy. really.

torchy! :D

Tyler said...

im working on coming up with 100 right now.... i've spent two days on i just broke into the 30's.

200 will be a bloody marathon! lol