Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hey so umm...

I wanna apologize for all the boring posts recently.

There's not a lot going on in my life at the moment to blog about.

And the only things that are worth blogging about, are too private to post.

So, umm... yeah.

I hope i don't bore the hell out of you all and you all end up not reading, but i wouldn't blame you. :/


*i added a poll in the sidebar (above the links lists) after James' comment. Vote plz. :)*


J said...

You're still coming down from your trip. It gave you something to work for and look forward to.

Jeremy said...

Don't be silly, I check your blog every day :D

More than once :P

We like all your posts, even the boring ones :)


Anonymous said...

With my blog I try to stick with good quality and not too often. Of course, this has the downside of people assuming I've passed on, and then no one reads. >_<

But don't worry, I'm still checkin in on you here and there.

Mirrorboy said...

Quality v Quantity hmm...

I'll put up a poll. :)

Seth said...
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Seth said...

in a way, its good that nothing major is going on in yur life (with the exception of the too-personal things, which I hope you are talking out with your blog-friends, your teacher, mom, advisor, etc - using your support network!!)


Planetx_123 said...

I love your blog and you regardless of boringness. That's kind of the point with these things-- life is boring sometimes. Its not always drama and excitement, and that's ok.

I like coming home every night to see how my friends in the blog world are doing...that being said I wont hold it against you if you want to post less frequently.

Much Love,

Steevo said...

hey u r doing fine... maybe the cuteness makes up for th rare boredom???


Highwayman said...

Don't worry about a thing MB. Your still a kid. Enjoy it. Hell, you know I check in with you almost every day, even if it just to say hi.

Anonymous said...

Had to laugh at Highwayman's world clock times gadget on his blog. Says.. Cali, NYC, London and Mirrorboy! Fame at last m/b.

D. xx

Deadwing said...

dude, it's your blog. post about whatever you want whenever you want to. you shouldn't have to set a schedule to stick to. i loves you no matter what you post or when. :) and you are never boring, imho. but really, you shouldn't feel pressured to write a post just to keep your readers happy. the ones who really care about you will not complain if you don't post everyday, or 10 times a day or once a week. just keep on being you. you are an awesome person, and i'd read your blog regardless of how often or how important the post may or may not be. *hugs*

Kevin Wilson said...

I check your blog every day and never expect a daily entry let alone multiples in one day. I have dropped my blogging back to once or twice a week myself. I find I either get too busy or there is not lot to say so I don't try to force myself to be interesting.

tom bombadil said...

MB, to tell the truth, I love anything of yours I read, quality or not :)

I seem to take enjoyment in reading anything you write. Is it internet love? :)


whatever - your choice. I dont suggest blogging more than once a day - don't want to spend your life away simply to appease you followers...


cvn70 said...


whether you blog every day or when you feel like, all i can say is thank you for you being a blogger.

Chedking on you and your blog are just part of the way i start my day. Thanks fo rall your links btw

take care and be safe


Mr. HCI said...

You've not been boring me.


Post when you feel like it, so long as it's every day, so I don't worry.


Baz said...

Total agreement with Deadwing on this. Post what you want, when you want.
You missed that option off your poll.

Hypnos said...

Just write whenever you feel need for writing, don't mind who will read and who won't and who will comment and who won't... OK, I also need to read this my own comment :) and stick to it

Col said...

I'm with Deadwing and Baz, so I haven't voted. I REALLY don't care what you write because I don't think I've read a boring post of yours... seriously! With regard to how often... whenever you WANT to! Yeah, of course some of us would start worrying if you hadn't blogged for a few days or more, but that's because you normally post regularly. We'd all get used to the irregularity if you posted less frequently (not that I actually want you too. Lol!)

Take care,