Friday, April 3, 2009

Insert Post Here.

I was gonna make a decent post tonight, but i just spent hours working on a long post for Mirrorboy's Words. I really can't be stuffed writing anymore right now. lol =_=

I doubt many of you will read it anyways. *sigh* It's the longest post i've ever put up.

2 weeks off from school, and of course i've got a lotta homework cos i missed a fair bit of school. :P

Anyways, i'm heading to Melbourne on Thursday. :D

Staying at my cousin's house with my Mum and coming back on Monday. Yay

I've only been to Melb once, and that was on a school camp. For those of you who don't know, i wanna live in Melbourne one day. I loves the big city. It will be my escape from this craphole.

Mum wants to take me to some concert. The John Butler Trio will be playing. I axly hate them but it will be an interesting experience. lol

Anyways, i really can't think right now. I'm drained. So byes!



cvn70 said...


2 weeks off it sounds great i hope it gets you refreshed. I love tovisit cities but live in the burbs where we have green grass and less traffic

have the best time in melbourne and enjoy your time there.

take care and be safe. Oh yea get that home work done lol


Col said...

Have a great time in Melbourne young man!! Re: the concert... a couple of years ago a friend asked me to go to Las Vegas with her because her husband couldn't go. It was all paid for (we stayed at Caesar's Palace), but the main reason they were going was for The Osmonds 25 Year Reunion Concert (or something like that). So, there was I in the second row all on my own, while she was standing at the front of the stage like a teenager, and it was being filmed... aaarrgh!! The cameras kept sweeping across and a guy kept getting close-ups of us, and I had to smile and clap my hands etc. like I was loving it, just so I didn't look like a total knob on TV. Still, it was a small price to pay for a free 10-day holiday. Lol! And, the worst thing was... I actually did (sort of) enjoy it, so maybe you will too he-he!!

Take care and enjoy your holiday,

p.s. I also had to hold her handbag for her, f**k knows what people must have thought of me when they saw me on TV :(

@ Sethy: Thanks for the hug! One for you too: *HUG*

naturgesetz said...

I agree with bob and Col: enjoy Melbourne. Have some Peach Melba for me.

AJCon89 said...

So wait... are you gone this weekend or next... I am always confused with this whole date line thing... lol

I really hope you enjoy your trip... you deserve it...

Have an AMAZING time...

Love ya


Deadwing said...

I hope to have a great time in Melbourne. You certainly deserve some time away. I always read your posts on Mirrorboy's Words. :) Anyone who doesn't should be ashamed. :p

Aek said...

Enjoy your time in Melbourne!!

Oh, and I really enjoy reading your excerpts. :D

PoisonedHappiness said...

Go to Sydney, Melbourne is overrated :P But when you are in Melbourne you have to visit Eureka Tower and experience The Edge there!

xthecouragex said...

Hope you have fun on your trip. The concert will be fun I'm sure and I kinda like John Butler Trio. Its one of the few bands from Aussieland I listen to. And isn't hate quite a strong word for this case? haha

I'll go post comments on your writing soon, i've just been really busy with school work.