Friday, April 24, 2009

WTF is up with my dreams?

So i was a guy (i don't think it was me) trying to pick someone up (may have been a girl or a guy, i can't remember). I brought them back to where i was staying, which was a big hall for some reason, but my asian parents were there and wouldn't leave me alone. We went and sat at a table but my parents pulled up chairs!!

Then the hall flooded, and everyone had to go outside.

As i walked out of the flooded hall, i was myself, and i was in Africa on holiday. Me and my Mum were walking down the street along a lake with the other people who were staying at the hall, and there were elephants and all these other cool animals down by the lake. I had my camera and was taking pics, though the camera seemed to be suffering from static sometimes. lol. I was thinking 'when i blog about this my readers are going to be so jealous'.

We meet up with a few family members and then we went hiking or something. There was a lot of rough ground, and i was having a lot of trouble getting over it and i was slipping and falling a lot. Again, i had my camera and was taking photos because we were in the Something Garden and there were tall colourful trees.

I must have left the group at some point to go shopping. I ended up looking at games. I bought a few and one of the Game Boy games was $45 and was number 3 in a series. In my shopping bag i also had a bunch of hair products. lol

So i got in the queue and the server was nice. I showed her my bag and i payed for the games, but as i took a few steps i realised i hadn't been charged for the expensive hair products! I informed the server just as the couple behind me had stepped up to be served. The server was like 'oh haha sorry', and was about to serve me again. The couple behind me suddenly got really aggresive, and the man started swearing and yelling. I said something very politely along the lines of, 'don't worry about it, i'll just get in queue again' (which was much longer now) with a smile, and i grabbed my stuff. The server commented on how amazingly nice and sweet i was. The man behind me grumbled, and decided to step back and let me finish being served. But that was my plan all along! I knew they would let me finish being served if i showed them niceness and respect, even though they didn't deserve it.

I opened the Game Boy game, but it was in fact number 2. I was ripped off. And when i played it, it was really crap. I was someone like Samus (game character), and i was forever running backwards, shooting at a bunch of robots that were charging me down. Yeah, it was crap. So i knew i wouldn't play that again. I headed back to meet up with my Mum.

But then i had another dream. It was like a TV show, where they show something horrible at the start, roll the title scene, and then the detective starts investigating. But i (not actually me again) was both the detective, and involved in the horrible thing at the start. I was with some friends at a house, when we were attacked by something that could only be called a witch. There were lots of bright flashes and i (as the detective) don't remember anything else. And then my friends disappeared.

I was investigating around the house the next day with my police force, and came across a bookcase. When i pulled out a few books, i saw these strange pictures of broomsticks.

Now i am me again, and in my own home. I go to the closet, and pull out a broom with straw on the end. It looks old/scruffy. When i sit on it, i feel it lift into me, and my feet just leave the ground. It feels amazing. I had been imbued with witchcraft powers or something. :D

So i head down the hallway, and my Mum takes a picture of me. I'm like 'WTF!? You want the whole world to know that i'm a witch!?' (i suppose the correct term is warlock). I said something about her being a nurse, and that was supposed to be equal to my secret. 'Would you want me to tell everyone that you're a nurse!?' or something like that.

I floated around my house a bit. It was great fun.

Then for the last scene, i was outside in a backyard or something and my Mum was relaxing in a chair. It was on a hill, and there were lots of colourful trees and plants around. As i looked down the pathway leading up, i saw that it looked beautiful, and then my cat Jemima appeared. My Mum had the camera, and started taking photos cos it looked really awesome, but i was thinking to myself, 'You don't know how to use it properly,' and i knew i would have taken better pictures. She even went for a diagonal shot. *shakes head*

But i didn't say anything. I just enjoyed what i was seeing. :)

And then i woke up and i really needed to pee. lol



naturgesetz said...

Those sound like pretty normal dreams. Normal dreams never make sense.

If you're in psychoanalysis, the psychiatrist can help you tease out what the unconscious significance of it all is. Otherwise, the best thing is to have a good laugh and forget it.

Spastic Fantastic said...

lol i don't know what your dream means, but "Would you want me to tell everyone that you're a nurse!?" makes a pretty good comeback to just about anything ;)
mind if i steal it? :)

Aek said...

Haha, oh dreams. I haven't had a crazy dream like that in a good long time. Oh well.

AJCon89 said...

god... I havent had dreams like that in years... :/

lucky you...

cvn70 said...


sounds like quite the dream and a little bit scary at that

take care and be safe


PoisonedHappiness said...

It seems your brain can't stop working even when you're asleep :P

Jeremy said...

I think your desire to travel is manifesting in your dreams :P

..Even though I already said that on msn. But we like repetition right? :P


Jake Annonymous said...

"really aggresive, and the man started swearing and yelling"
that happens so much its not funny.
also, Game Boy? I know your phone brought you to 2001 all you need now is a DSi to get to 2009!

Anonymous said...

How do you remember your dreams so vividly? That's nuts. NURSE! :P

Planetx_123 said...

MB thats so rude calling out someone to be a nurse :-)

That is pretty amazing that you remembered more than one dream so vividly. I remember in psych class talking about how we dream something like 4-5 times a night, but I do well just to remember one!

I LOVE dreams though... especially where Im hanging out with cute naked guys. Although I remember after I saw SAW the first time, I dreamed of a similar situation, except the guys I was with in the game were I guess that was some consolation.

Much Love,

Hypnos said...

It sounds as normal dreams. They are always confussing and they seem normal when you dream them, then after you woke up, you realize that it's totally crazy...

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

Confusing complex dreams are always the best. When you experience the theta waves in your brain, just before you fall asleep or wake, and actually remember what is going on, it makes you wonder why anyone bothers with hallucinogens - natural wackiness is far more entertaining!