Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Of Me Telling You What To Do.

Go read my MBWords blog. I spent hours on the latest post and if you don't comment i will cry... :'/

Also, go check out Cutie's blog. He is awesomeness and i loves him.

That is all. :)

It's a short post cos i spent hours on the Words one. lol


Daily Dan said...

thats why i love u so much. your probably my favorite person in the world. =)

Mr. HCI said...

You're not the boss of me!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! :) I just wanted to let you know that I started following your blog because I really like reading it. I found it only 3 days ago but since then I've been kind of addicted to reading it. I've also read some of the old posts too. I'm planning on the read them all but it may take a while :)
Keep bloggin! :P


Baz said...

Unlike Mr. HCI, i am yours to command!
Comment posted, very short compared to my usual lengthy essays, but that just reflects the improvement i see in how you are writing now.
luv, Baz

cvn70 said...


is that dan guy really that cute :)

take care and be safe


Ian said...

just started reading your blog, im 15 too (and gay) :) only out to a few of my friends, living in asia and its not the best place to be out. hope to get to know you better, or share experience. just gotta say that you are amazing and most certainly a very brave boy. loves!

LJ said...

you're not my mother, though i wish you were.

I'll check it out bet its better that some of the tripe i've been reading lately lol


tom bombadil said...