Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Welcome to 2001 Mboy!

Haha so i finally set up my Ipod! ^_^

It's an Ipod Nano (pink, of course).

This is awesome. :D



I can picture this being my new best friend!




Planetx_123 said...

Yea I just got a nano so ha! I know jokes on me, everyone says Ipods are better. But morally I am obligated to buy microsoft's stuff.

What is the first song you put on there? Hopefully 'Boys Boys Boys' by Lady GaGa because that would be fitting for a pink ipod :-)

Much Love,

Mr. HCI said...

If I were to get an iPod, I want either pink or black but I don't see it ever happening. At least my knife is pink.

Rhythym Changes said...

Whoo! iPod! Of course I still revert back to my old sony walkman (tape player/radio) to listen to music too... and I got a record player for christmas... I like old stuff I guess haha.


Aek said...

It's unanimous, I'm the only person on Earth without an iSomething. Oh well, I hope it's everything you've ever wanted! :)

Deadwing said...

i didn't see any reason to have an ipod until i actually got one. now i can't imagine being without it! i've got to go along with rhythym changes about records, tho. i love my vinyl collection, and my turntable! have fun with your new ipod!

Anonymous said...

iPod's ftw! ^_^

Jeremy said...

Yes, ipods are full of win :D

I have an ipod touch, and I love it :D


Jeremy said...

Oh by the way, I think you can also put pictures on a nano (hint, hint) :D

Sorry for the double comment :/


kinderfield said...

i got an iphone its my sexiest accessory yet i wish it were a man then i would make love to it

Seth said...

i once put a couple of songs on my ipod and listened to them while walking around.

what a novel experience.

Planetx_123 said...

Wow I just realized I said I got a nano...I meant Zune. I'm allergic to Apple products...and there I go with a Freudian slip like that... I wonder what it means.

In the end, when Apple has conquered all...there will be at least two left- I'm never caving!!

Much Love,

cvn70 said...


having music with you at all times is always a good thing

take care and be safe


Kevin Wilson said...

I think I must be the only person in the world who thinks that Ipods (and Apple in general) are evil. I think I have Luddite tendencies when it comes to new technology.