Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Enjoy! The city of my dreams. Each photo can be seen in more detail by clicking.

And remember, i come from a small coastal town. So this place was epic to me!

The first pic i took coming in by train, out the dirty window.

Photo from the car.

Some of the buildings.

We went up the Dandenongs. It was misty but still really cool and really high up.

A few pics of the concert, and the John Butler Trio.

All playing the drums at once.

At the Melbourne Museum. Phar Lap was Australia's most famous racing horse.

Next one reminds me of my cat Jemima. lol

It's such a pretty city.

The Rialto Tower at night.

We went for a walk along the St Kilda beach.

Then there's the Eureka Tower. It's awesome. The world's largest residential tower and the tallest tower in the whole southern hemisphere. It's 300 metres high.
We went up at night, and i got just a few pics before the camera battery died.

No photo could truly capture how beautiful this place was though.

I'll be back. :)



Jeremy said...

Wow, that city is beautiful. Now I am jealous :P


Brody said...

Bonjour Mirrorboy~

What a beautiful city! I especially liked the night time vistas that you took. Thanks for sharing the photos & your enthusiasm over what was a wonderful experience for you.

au revoir


Ryan said...

Number 1. Melbourne is awesome. I think photos of the Yarra river at night are the best.

Number 2. Wasn't Phar Lap a New Zealand born and raised horse. The aussies just stole him ;)

Glad you enjoyed your time

deejohn said...

Great pics m/b. I think they're the first lot of photos (not of Jemima) that you've posted up. Melbourne has had such a positive effect on you.

D. xxx

naturgesetz said...

It certainly looks like a beautiful city. When I saw the first few, I thought of Boston. So I was pleased to note in the Wiki article, that Boston is Melbourne's sister city in the U.S.

Those last photos look as if they could have been taken from an airplane.

I'm glad you had an enjoyable time, and thanks for giving us the pics.

PoisonedHappiness said...

And where's photo of you? :P

Melbourne is nice but I expressed my opinion which places are better already :P

Jeremy said...

-_- I live in Boston...

From the photos, I think Melbourne is prettier >.>

Maybe its just because I've been here so long? I dunno.


AJCon89 said...

you got some really great shots there...

I really want to visit australia one day... and not just cause its a beautiful country... (if you know what I mean... lol)

I know you loved the place... but I am so happy you are home so we can talk again... I know... selfish... right?

Love you loads...


Aek said...

Nice photos!! I'm always in awe of how amazing places are in real life that no photo can truly seem to capture.

Mr McCabbage said...

You're lucky to have that enchanting and functional city nearby. For some contrast you could see the Death of Johannesburg. Under the local Nazi regime we also had clean parks where you were not definitely killed, as people are now. Thank God the past is over but - as you can see, we're not out of the woods yet.

cvn70 said...


I am glad you have seen that htere is much more for you in this life than the little town you despise so much

The pictures are nice, they and your memories will carry you through the times ahead

take care and be safe


Seth said...

Phar Lap was Australias most famous racing horse. And now he is Australias most famous stuffed racing horse. :)

I am so glad you had a good time - I think I already said that, but YAY again.

The odd thing, and I don't mean in any negative way, is that - every city really looks the same. From the tracks approaching the outskirts, to a skyline, to the highways, cars, street lights. Just an interesting observation.

The first and second shots remind me of Philadelphia, the third of Baltimore's inner harbor, 4th and 5th of Chicago. All "sort of" vaguely, I guess. Or maybe I just read too much into it. I hope someday you get to visit all these places too, m-boy. And maybe I'll come visit down under!!


Kevin Wilson said...

I am terribly biased against any city in the world that isn't Sydney but your photos give a good overview of the type of city Melbourne is.

Don't you find the stuffed Phar Lap to be a bit bizarre? Definitely a Victoria thing....

Deadwing said...

Melbourne looks like a really beautiful place. You took some awesome photos! Thanks for posting them. *hugs*

A Random Person said...

Glad to see you enjoyed your trip to Melbourne. Having lived in Melbourne for so many years, one takes all of this magic and beauty for granted. Your enthusiasm for the city and the wonderful pictures you posted has re-opened my eyes to what Melbourne has to offer not just for tourists but also her citizens.

Hypnos said...

Very beautiful city, I especially like that night pictures. Maybe one day I will visit it, I think that I have some cousins there in Australia, but i don't know are they in Sydney or Melbourne. o_0 This city is worth visiting, and by your experience I can see that you agree with me :) I also LOVE to travel...

Kim said...

You had me really confused talking about the Grampians. Why come to Melbourne only to drive 250km west to visit the Grampians? (They are far more awesome than the Dandenongs though. See them some time!) ;)

@Seth: Phar Lap is certainly just as famous for being poisoned (probably accidentally) and stuffed as for winning races. Viewing him in his glass case used to be the highlight of any visit to the Melbourne Museum. Perhaps it still is.

I'm glad Melbourne came up to expectations. Come back soon!

~kiwi said...

Welcome back! Glad you had such an awesome time, and you've got heaps to look forward to in a couple of years :D

I'm with Ryan. Phar Lap was a kiwi born and bred horse. :P