Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why Am I Here?


First, as you might have seen, i've started changing stuff in the sidebar. I've changed a couple of the links (Secret Project and Jake's blog) to be pics, and i reckon they look okay. Once i've fixed all the links there it'll look better. :)

Also added a quick poll, so go vote ->

'Mirrorboy, i wanna...'
And pick the answer you want to do with/to me.

It's kind of disturbing that 'Sex you' is rating so highly at the moment. lol o.O

Also added a few links to old posts... Good times... Still not finished with that either though.

I spent the night waiting for Landyn to come online, but he didn't show up. -.-

Man my life is boring. lol

Sometimes i wonder what my purpose here in blogworld is. Now that i've told most of my story, and everyone has gotten to know me, what service am i doing here?

I wonder whether i'm here to talk about me and entertain and give my perspective on things etc. like i've always done.

Or if i'm still here now to keep an eye on everyone, and give help to bloggers or readers who need it, be a friend for those who need one or an ear for people who need to spill, and the blog acts as a connection to everyone. I'm still here just so i can connect and help.

I'm not sure... But i'm happy doing what i do. :)



Deadwing said...

I'm not quite sure what your purpose here is, but i'm glad you are here. You are indeed a very good friend to me, and i'm grateful for you buddy. Keep it up! I'm proud of you and proud to call you my friend.

Baz said...

You've only told most of your story, but you'll have more to tell as your life unfolds.
Anyway, being there for others, sounds a pretty good reason to be there.
Good that you're still happy doing it,
Luv, Baz

Sethy said...


Stick around, post when you feel like it, comment on the rest of us, and more than anything: Enjoy yourself. Our lives unfold on a daily basis, the story never ends while you are still around, and sometimes, it even goes on beyond that.

Blogging can be a therapeutic thing, especially in days of isolation or loneliness.

You obviously mean a lot of things to a lot people.



cant think of a cool one said...

meh, nah, we need you - think about it - ive never stolen so many smileys of one person in a single msn convo. ever. If it wasnt for u i wudnt have so many smileys :P And make some more! now!


torchy! said...

thank goodness i read it again. i was just about to vote when i realised it *didn't* say "shower with you". lol

stick around, mboy :)

AJCon89 said...

I voted "live with you"... cause I think we would be awesome roomies... lol

oh the fun we would have :-P

cvn70 said...


mboy what purpose are you serving here? your a friend ...

a friend who cares about others all over the world who has shown others a little humilty in this life, a friend who shares his life with others so theirs maybe better

i could go on and on but you know who you are and what you do fo rothers more than any one

take care and be safe, and if you stop posting i will come to aussie land and find you lol


Micky said...

The Boy King wonders what his purpose is?

Forsooth! He needs a physic!

goleftatthefork said...

you are here to inspire and enlighten

job well done so far

Fitz said...

"A cloud does not know why it moves in just such a direction and at such a speed, it feels an impulsion....this is the place to go now.
But the sky knows the reason and the patterns behind all clouds, and you will know, too, when you lift yourself high enough to see beyond horizons. Richard Bach

Alien Son said...

Hey, MB, do you need a reason to be here? Like Sethy said, enjoy yourself, and post when you feel like it.

Worrying about it is definitely unwangy!

Col said...

As long as you're happy doing what you do, it doesn't matter what your purpose is. It's just great to have you here!! I was going to vote "adopt you" (again), but as that's never going to happen lol, I voted "be your friend." At least that's achievable!

Take care,

Sethy said...


I voted *hug*, but now I wanna hug YOU :)


Randy said...

Your purpose here is to be you!

A byproduct of your blog is to help others in your situation...

I know you are 15 and just starting out, yet your experiences have helped me tremendously...

AND HOW ON EARTH are you bored with my random nonsense on MSN... Its not easy being chessy

naturgesetz said...

Jake's picture goes *much* better now. Amazing how much difference the lettering makes. And I think the Secret Project pic balances it somehow. So it looks a lot better today than yesterday. IMO.

As for why you're here, obviously one good thing is being available for people who need a sympathetic ear. But we also like hearing about you. We care about how you're doing; and we want to have an opportunity to encourage you when things aren't going great. Don't feel any obligation to stick around and blog if it interferes with your life, but as long as you have the time and inclination, I think it's mutually beneficial.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had something witty to say but I think everyone else has covered it pretty well. We all care for you deeply as one can and only wish the best for you in life. Hope to talk to you soon.

Your Friend

Mr McCabbage said...

Well of all the many blogs I've read so far, yours has helped me the most. You're probably not the cleverest or cutest of them all, so why - I don't know (yet). It's something specific, that sort of opens up my ability to imagine a truly worth while future for humankind. Perhaps you don't even need to do much to have this effect. I do hope it will grow with you instead of fading.

Helen Keller was blind and deaf from 1882 to 1968 but also had a large soul - here is a nice article she wrote :)

Seth said...

Cabbage: of COURSE m-boy is the cleverest, cutest, wisest young man we know!!! And everyone loves him for it. Hellen Keller =/= Mirrorboy.

So anyway - M - you SO used that survey once before, didn't you. LOL. And I voted "hug" of course, I think I did last time. So, *HUGS*

But of course everyone goes through that "slump" in their blog where you wonder what the point is, etc. Just keep doing what you're doing, for you, and for others who take your blog to heart.


Baz said...

Second comment, 'cos a bit short of time to say everything I wanted to in the first. Quite good tho' cos I've read all the other comments, and this is shorter than it would have been (Thank God he says!).
I agree pretty much with all comments, and especially with Randy.
You are here because you are who you are - a kind, loving, and compassionate person, who in spite of all your own issues, always finds the time to help and support others. This is a rare quality, and something I really admire in you. Most people with their own issues hardly "see" other people, they are so introspective, let alone see the issues that those people are trying to handle. That is not the case with you - you have an amazing ability to rise above that, and help others.

Apart from the sensitive side of you (above) I see you as very intelligent, articulate, and creative ( You already know my views on "Universes" )

Hope you do stay around blogging, but as Sethy says "post when you feel like it" - don't feel obliged to, although the occasional post, even if it's just "still here, I'm Ok" would be appreciated by most of you readers, I'm sure.

If you need to take a break from blogging, fine, follow some of your other interests, whether that's writing more of "Universes" or whatever.

That's about it, really, except that in the very short time I've known you, you have actually had an incredible impact on me. It's something I can't explain right now, but I'm sure it's something you've done with others.

I voted to adopt you, 'cos it's like you'd be a "son" I'd be really proud of (all the stuff above) - tho' I doubt you'd be able to cope with me!

Just re-read your review of 2008. Having been caught skipping school so many times, you promised not to? How come I've found you on MSN, and chatted with you, when you should have been at school? Tut-tut!
Seriously, if you've got real problems at school, I'm quite happy to talk with you about it. You might even (no, you almost certainly will) get me to talk about my less than happy time at school. It's your choice - you know how to contact me.

Stacks of love, and Virtual hugs & Cuddles - sorry, can't do the real thing.

Jeremy said...

I vote hug :)
But, I always hug :P

My life is pretty boring too -_- hopefully not so much when I finish school.