Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Buried It Deep.

"meow, meow, meow, meow, meowww"

"What is it!?"



"... meeeeooooooooooooooo-"


So my cats had brought a dead bird inside, and hidden it under the clothes rack, so i didn't actually know it was in here for like 5-10 mins. They were both meowing and meowing and i had no idea why.

It had been totally murdered. Like, feathers falling out and skin ripped off and everything. I think Tiger had a bite...

Well, i put on a rubber glove and took it outside, and i buried it in the backyard. :)

I just have to remember to tell my Mum where it is, so she doesn't end up finding a zombie bird next time she's gardening.



Jeremy said...


I remember that happening :/


Anonymous said...


My cat did that to a pigeon a while back...ewwwww...

Peter said...


My brother's cats used to bring home birds, mice, and other creatures.

mmmm, good times.


Steevo said...


great furry hunter

Aek said...

Woah. o_O

Steevo said...

perv title b t w
but steevo knew it was a ruse

Rhythym Changes said...

Haha I love cats. Bluebirds harass my kitty now that it's springtime again. :(

kinderfield said...

My jack russel brought home a mouse once it was funny cuz she dropped it on my mums lap

naturgesetz said...

Awww, that's so sweet that they brought it in for you.

Kevin Wilson said...

My cat did a similar thing to me a couple of weeks ago. She was outside and I heard her meowing like she does when she's about to get into a stoush with any of the local strays and when I opened the door to bring her in for her own safety, she ran up the steps to the verandah, dumped a dead mouse at my feet and made a dash for her food bowl.

The previous gifts she left for me were hairballs at 3:00am - I preferred the dead mouse.

Col said...

Lol @ "zombie bird"

Carefully txted by Pilgrim said...

That´s cats! :-D

Anonymous said...

Its a cats way of showing their affection!

you should be honored and you are clearly loved by them!

Seth said...

Gifts of love. Or dinner?

I'll blog sometime about a similar yet much more melodramatic incident in our house.

cvn70 said...


those cats are just showing you how much they love you lol

hope its buried real deep

take care and be safe


John said...

Annom. is so right they LOVE YOU MAN or they would not be doing all that !
Lets face it cats can be abit lazy and I think that they just get this idea that they have to show you their earning their keep!