Friday, April 24, 2009

Welcome, and Welcome Back.

So this is pretty cool.

A really cool guy Jeremy just started up a blog. And i mean just started. Only a few mins ago. lol

Check him out and give him a warm welcome. I know him through msn and he's really nice.

Falling Through The Void.

It's also a great pleasure of mine to welcome back Zee!

Our blogging community's resident gay muslim!

He deleted his blog a few months ago, but now he's back. He's really really nice and sweet and funny and he's one of my pals, so go check him and his blog out.

Where I Stand.



Jeremy said...

Aww thanks <3

I want to make a longer comment but I'm tired and must sleep :P


Zee said...

w00t, w00t. Thanks for the shout out.

cvn70 said...


hope all is well you the best

take care and be safe


Sebastian/school/dutch/ said...

communities growing thats good