Thursday, April 2, 2009


A few of you may have misinterpreted yesterday's post.

I have no intention of stopping blogging. :D

I've now changed the sidebar colour for the first time :O, and also added a picture link for MB Words. I might add a couple more links and rearrange things soon.

Had a really crappy night's sleep. It's becoming a trend. :(

I'm going to bed at 12 but not getting to sleep until around 2am. I know for some of you that's normal, but i like being an early riser and i want to sleep earlier. :(

So i try to get up early so i'll be tired at night and be able to sleep, but i'm so fuckin tired in the morning i can't manage to drag myself out of bed. I hit the snooze button about half a dozen times today.

I turned on the TV as well, and apparently somehow had a dream that mixed with what was on TV. There was a fashion segment on TV, and in my dream i worked in the fruit section of a supermarket, and there was a guy going around judging people's clothes. :/

Oh well. I'm off.



Deadwing said... have my sympathies. I know all to well the misery of not being able to sleep. I love the new colors, and the pic links looks great. Very odd dream. :p Hope you get some good sleep soon. *hugs*

Mirrorboy said...

Of course the pic looks great DW. You're the one who sent it to me. :)

Micky said...

Is it part of Bloggers Disease? So many are having trouble sleeping just now.

Or is winter changing to spring, clocks changin and the rutting instinct kickin in?

cvn70 said...


you worked in the fruit section lol sorry to hear you cannot sleep try to clear your mind and find the rest you need

btw how did you do in the clothes judging, imean did he like the cargo shorts

take care and be safe

bob said...

There must something wrong. I woke up at four and could not getting back to sleep again although I was (and still am) tired.

Mr McCabbage said...

Problem then is your mind would still be asleep through the morning, only waking at night.

This trick is hard to explain: Lie on your right side. Fold your arms. Keeping this position, untangle left hand and turn palm away from bed, resting back of hand on bed, fingers pointing to your head. Push forward right elbow to rest on bed and provide support so you don't roll forwards. Turn palm of right hand to face bed, fingers pointing to your feet. Rest right hand against chest on left side. Relax as the arm bones will maintain the position, which will also expand your chest for better heart and lung function. So the palms now face each other more or less, with fingers pointing in opposite directions. Imagine a smooth whirlwind (chakra) between them, centered on your lower chest, and in the direction your fingers point. (To check, make a fist with your right hand, thumb against chest, fingers will show the direction.) Also imagine that the hand palms now hold good energy between them. Additionally see what happens if you part your teeth slightly and keep tongue against top of mouth, behind upper teeth.

A friend of mine was terminally sleepless and rejected the above position. I got the tip to put him to bed like a toddler, fussing with the covers and kissing him. He's a genius with a short fuse, so I had to explain how one can deliberately bamboozle oneself. He was desperate enough to try, and it worked - slept soundly for ten hours. It never had to be repeated, he just remembers and voilà.

naturgesetz said...

In the poll, I said "be [your] friend," and I'm not going to change it. But I've been thinking that it would be great to adopt you. If I were your dad, I'd get to impose some discipline, make some rules for you, like sending you to bed at a reasonable hour, and getting you out of the house for physical activity (which is probably what you need to get to sleep).

lol, sorta

P.S. If I don't adopt you, you may need to get Mr. McCabbage to visit you and show you how his method is done. I don't need it because I usually go right to sleep.

Aek said...

:( I'm sorry you're not able to get to sleep. For some reason, I've been wanting to go to bed earlier (doesn't mean I do, just feel tired earlier).

You could wank before when you'd want to go to sleep. That helps a lot of guys. :P (There is a physiological reason for that, but I forget what it is.)

Baz said...

Actually AEK's suggestion could work.
@ AEK to refresh your memory, the ejaculation of semen (by whatever means), causes the production of serotinin and norandreline within the body. A lack of these substances, related to neuro-transmission, has been linked to depression. The production of both or either of these substances does result in a feeling of satisfaction and relaxation within the body.
I don't where you live, but in the UK we have an expression "the sleep of the just cum"!
It really does work, Mboy - try it!
Luv, Baz

James said...

I have not much to suggest for the sleep, outside of meds, but I find that some regular, strenuous exercise during the day generally guarantees a good night's sleep. And I'm talking about more than wanking (though that might also help). :P

Seth said...

Do NOT let yours sleep schedule get screwed up. It's very tough to bounce back once you do that.

Don't try getting up earlier - keep to your normal hours. But DO try and go to bed earlier. 2 hours difference, it seems - so hit the bed at 10 or 11pm latest. It might take a few weeks but your body will start adjusting to that, and you can balance back to normal range of sleep habits.

Also the usual suspects - no eating after 8pm, no caffiene/etc, excerice is hear is better in the afternoon (or mornings) but not too close before bedtime.

Relaxing, even if you don't fall asleep for those extra two hours, will help too. Meditate, postures, whatever.

Kevin Wilson said...

It's such a shame we have to sleep because I know I would get a lot more done during the night without the distractions of the day.

It's funny how things work though - if my cat doesn't stay in of a night and sleep on my legs, I have a hell of a nights sleep.

Mr McCabbage said...

By day the combined cloud of everyone's mental activity is oppressive, if one can feel it. Better when most are asleep. A problem with being awake at night though is that each of our outdated bodily systems was designed to recover at specific times, and do so better if we sleep at night. We still have a split brain and a subconscious, so we have to sleep.

Over here we often have intruders setting off alarms. Sometimes a shootout at 2 AM with police choppers flying low, beaming lights into the house. No choice then but to keep watch.

Beware some of the new meds just make one feel awful and actually prevent sleep, while doctors refuse to prescribe the old stuff that worked, such as Arem. Please beware St John's Wort, rather try Bach Rescue Remedy or Bach Rescue Remedy "Sleep", about 18 dollars for you. Take these drops while there are no other tastes in the mouth. Mix with some saliva before swallowing, as it is taken up via the mouth. Other homoeopathic brands you can trust are Dr A. Vogel and Dr Reckeweg. These are safe but take them only as needed - anything that can help can also harm.