Sunday, April 19, 2009


Had a weird dream last night...

I was in a war - one of those swords/arrows ones and there were lots of weird monsters attacking and coming down from the sky. And i was a journalist photographer with a camera. :D

And i would alternate between looking for a great photo, and whipping out my bow and killing someone. lol

That is all. :)



AJCon89 said...

thats one fucked up dream


love ya buddy

naturgesetz said...

Where's your journalistic objectivity?

Mr. HCI said...

Kick ass! Too bad your camera couldn't shoot the arrows so you could get shots of guys right when ya' nailed 'em.

Aek said...

I could see you as a ranged unit (in a game). :P

Jeremy said...

Weird dreams you have there :P

Don't worry, mine are usually weirder >.>


Hypnos said...

Did you maybe watch LOTR before you went to bed :)

Lol, I also had a dream last night and I must blog about, I'm just going to write the post. :)

Wolf said...

haha thats sooo cool! so long as you shew them who's boss Mboy

keep fighting the good fight *high fives*

Anonymous said...

heh, thinking about universes too much?

cvn70 said...


sounds like a cameo apperance in your novel and these videos games you kids play i think are to blame :P

take care and be safe