Monday, April 27, 2009

I Want To, So I Will.

Stuff it. I'm going to make a post that's only about blogs i wanna plug!

First is Westasian.

It's my favourite picture blog and the guy who runs it is really nice (and has great taste :D). He was one of the first popular bloggers to link me so it was a great help to me and my blog. He responds to every comment so it's fun to get involved. He also just made a post about a certain aussie teenage blogger so at least go check it out. I love it. :)

Okay, here's a new blog. S From F.

Unless i am mistaken, i think this is the first female blogger i've linked to! :O

She's 15 and from Finland. Anyone who loves Skins is alright in my book. ;)

Go give her a warm welcome then!

Figured i'd do this one next, even though he doesn't link me back. lol

But he lives in Melbourne so he can't be too bad. ;)

Chosen Life Foreva.

He's been around for over 2 years now. :O Veteran blogger much.

Go check him out. :)

And finally, Daily Dan.

One of my good pals and the cutest boy i've ever seen. ;)

Really sweet, really funny, really caring, (gorgeous heh) and he doesn't get as much traffic as he deserves. Go show him some love. :)

Okay. That's all, for now. :)



Micky said...

OK M - thanks for the last links - nice guys! I'll check these out.

Daily Dan said...

not sure if ive said this before, but i loves you. a lot. so thank you. THANK YOU!!!!!! haha

im bad at leaving comments haha

cvn70 said...


westain must think you are a nice guy, and plugging S from F, what a nice guy you are

take care and be safe


deejohn said...

Thanks m/b, You're an angel.
Have some sweet and crazy dreams tonight.

D. xxx

S said...

Hi thanks for linking me :) How do you make that kind of links btw? Like that "warm welcome" which leads to my blog. I've been trying to find that out for ages but I have never found anything that would explain me how to do it :P


Jeremy said...


Type the word that you want to become a link, and highlight it with the mouse cursor. Then click on the hyperlink button and insert the URL.