Saturday, April 4, 2009


Another uneventful weekend in blogland begins...

I have to admit, i'm kinda disappointed with the response i'm getting on my Writing Blog. I spend up to a few hours on each post, but i get only a handful of commenters? I'm trying to improve as a writer but i'm not getting much help here guys... If i try any harder for feedback, i'll practically be begging for comments. Do you really despise longer posts that much? *sigh*

I've got a helluva lotta blog links, yeah? Well, i'm thinking of putting the non-regular-updaters (those who go weeks without posting) into their own category so the bloggers who post a lot get more light. I don't know what to call the category though. lol

Non-regular-updaters is way too clunky and could come across as a bit mean. But i can't think of much else. :/

Any ideas?

Anyways... I got to speak to Landyn today! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D

Also, don't forget my MSN address is now on my profile. You can add me if you wanna talkkkk. :)

I'm trying to post every day, cos i can't wait for my 200th post special. :D

That's all.



PoisonedHappiness said...

I couldn't read or comment lately because I've been really busy with my work, sorry :(

Col said...

I shall be reading your other blog today/tomorrow. I always read it and leave a comment, even if I can't offer any practical advice.

Take care buddy,

Anonymous said...

Don't be disappointed if you get few comments. I have a blog too - a gay one wiht X-rated pictures and videos- it attracts 3000 visitors a day - but I get very few comments. I assume that most people enjoy the blog they're reading (yours or mine)but they don't care or but don't feel like or don't wish to leave a single comment. Keep up the good job and don't worry. what is important is *your* satisfaction writing the blog and comments - when they come in - are just an extra treat.

Anonymous said...

you could call them 'relaxed bloggers'?

AJCon89 said...

I commented... :-P

Now what do I win?

Mr McCabbage said...

You overestimate the abilities of some of us. Reading is one thing. Then we start commenting (offline) and have to discover that we're talking BS. Then external duties interfere etc. Some of us need more time. Just saying "nice work keep it up" won't help you or express what we feel - but we've not all been born writers, or English, or cool :(

naturgesetz said...

For the infrequent bloggers, you might say, "Shy or Busy". But if you can gets your list to show them in order of latest post, it would accomplish the same purpose without having to create another list. And then when they *do* post they will be noticed.

On my blog the "Configure Blog List" screen, which appears when I click the hammer and wrench graphic to edit it, has a box just below "Title." The box is labelled "Sort" and if I click the arrows, it gives the options "Alphabetically" or "Most recently updated." I assume since we're both on blogger that you have the same options; and I think selecting most recent will take care of it for you.

As for commenting on your writing, it's kind of what others have said. It is mainly an issue of the time it wold take to read more carefully, think about what felt a little bit off, figure out why, and then — major problem for me because I'm a real "wordsmith" — actually write out my suggestions. Sorry not to be more helpful.

Aek said...

You might just need to wait 2-3 days to accumulate comments. Life moves, and if we don't move with it, we get stuck behind. Give me a couple more days, and I'll give you a more detailed comment.

With your current blog layout, you could put your MB's Words up as the first link rather than Secret Project. That might help. :)

How about "Casual Blogs" for the non-regular-updaters?

Jeremy said...

Lol. When I'm not busy I will take a look at your writing blog.

You can call them like random updaters. I dont know, that was random..


Anonymous said...

Call them "Updaters" and "Waiters." Alternately you could go with another rhyme: "Always Updating", "Thoughtfully Waiting". :D

Mirrorboy said...

RE:blog list.

I like Aek's suggestion. :D

cvn70 said...


jeez i have had a very busy week and really could not get to this until the weekend.

me too on landyn yeaaaaaaaaa

take care and be safe


Tombi04 said...

I would comment, but you want constructive feedback, and I don't know anything about writing ;p.
But I read every post.

Love You.

Planetx_123 said...

Woah!! Im glad Im in the 'great guys' category! That just made my day, MB!


naturgesetz said...

BTW One more advantage of going to the "Most recently updated" order in your blog lists is that it updates much more promptly than the blogger dashboard, so you can use it to check who's posted and get real time info.

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