Friday, April 10, 2009


had a fuckin awesome day! Its surreal cos ive never done stuff or been 2 places like this. And the buildings are so epic and beautiful! Its just pure AWESOMENESS! Anyways, today we went up 2 the Grampians - so cool. Then for the whole evening and night we were at the chill city concert. Saw paul kelly, betty davis, and john butler trio. Bout 15 metres from us. Fuckin amazing!! Loved every minute. And city was so pretty at night. Remember guys, ive never seen ANYTHING like this in my whole life. Ive been stuck in that shitty town of mine my whole life. What its like being in a place like this is beyond words... Ok. Better go. Remember, things can always get better. Lotsa love!


Baz said...

2nd awesome day?
Hope they're all as good.

Luv, Baz

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J said...

mboy, you were meant to live in an urban environment. The writer A J Liebling once compared New York City to a complex renaissance clock, with tiers of dancing figures: "The variety of the sideshows distract one's attention from the advance of the hour hand."

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're having a good time. See JBT wasn't too bad. Hope the rest of the trip goes well too. Miss youuuuu

Anonymous said...

Sounds fantastic - envy is dripping off me. I've turned green.

cvn70 said...


I am so happy for you and each new experience you have

These new memories will help you endure, survive and prosper until you can move to your city

I hope your easter is peaceful. Take care and be safe my friend


Col said...

And just think; in a few short years you could be living there!!! How awesome will that be!! Whenever you're down from now on, just remember... "Melbourne, Melbourne, Melbourne..."

Take care buddy,

Anonymous said...

Reminds be of the first time I went to San Francisco...I just stared up the whole time, face pressed against the glass of the car window, eyes as big as dinner plates.

Glad you're enjoying yourself, man. I hope the trip has much more good in store for you.

Aek said...

I'm glad you're having an amazing time. ^_^ Don't forget to take pics!!

Hypnos said...

Where did you go when you're so excited?

Deadwing said...

I'm sooooooo happy for you. I'm really glad you are having such an awesome time. You deserve every second of it buddy. I can't wait to hear all about your trip. Hugs and love. ^_^

Kim said...

Welcome to Melbourne and all that ;)

If you get a chance, try and get down to the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, where there's an exhibition of portraits by Australian painter Jeffrey Smart. He's gay, and if you like cityscapes then that's another major element of his imagery that you'll enjoy. I went on Thursday and I'm very glad I did. Go here:

Kevin Wilson said...

I guess living within an easy commute of the city, I find I prefer the peace and quiet of the bush. Keep up this pace and you'll do your head in.

Landyn said...

hey dude

i cant tell you how happy it makes me to know that you are having a good time out there. I'm so glad for you - you really needed a break from your town.

Im sorry for everything/anything Ive done :(

-Landyn <3