Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm Game For Games.

Well, Tyler at TOAGBIHS came up with a game where bloggers post a picture of the place that they blog from. He tagged me as one of the next people so here are my pics. :)

I blog from the kitchen computer. :)

There ya go.

It's cold and rainy outside.

So the cats are inside.

Oh hai!

Anyways, now i'm gonna tag a couple people who can show us where they blog from (For the rules, take a look at Tyler's post).

Joshie, Courage and AJ are next.

You don't HAVE to take part... but if you decide not to... there will be consequences...


Monday, June 29, 2009

I Won't Be Back For 2 Weeks!

That's right. You heard me. I won't be back at school for 2 weeks! ;)

Unfortunately in Australia, the school year goes from early February to late December. We get about a 5 week break around January, and three 2-week breaks throughout the year. That's it.

Anyways, today is the start of one of those breaks, so yay.

Unfortunately once this break is over, i'll be going back to school at the start of a semester. I'll be taking more classes and my school hours will increase drastically (I think Mondays will turn into a 7-hour school day). :/

In other news, i came up with a good idea for my 300,000 views post (i know i was leaving the idea up to my readers, but because so few of you bothered to comment about it...)

Anyways, i'm going to post about how coming out (or rather, being outed) changed my life.

So that'll be a special and personal post. :)

That is all.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Random Interestingness.

Few things i wanna get through. :P

First tho, i'll start by giving this blog a plug - New Beginnings.

I've taken a real shine to this new blogger Louie. He's an aspiring writer, and the way he describes what he does, it's like i'm listening to myself from a year ago. :P

Anyways, he's new to the blogworld so go show him some love. :)

Nexty, has anyone heard anything from Col? It's been over a month with no word. I hate it when stuff like this happens. :/

I sent him an email a couple days ago but still no response.

That's what sucks most about our blogworld. People can slip away and you can't stop em. ):

Also, i'll be hitting 300,000 views in the next few days. I've decided i'll let my readers decide what i should do for the post special. :P

So, what would you like to see? Me talking about something about Aus like our Politics or celebrites or TV? Is there a facet of my life that you'd like to hear more about? Got something you want me to do? Got other ideas for my post? It's up to you. Just leave a comment. :)

I'll leave y'all with this song i like from a game i like. :P


PS. Check out the post i made below. :P

Photoshopped Kitties. :P

I know i'm strange. :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Sowwy this took a while, but i had over a hundred questions (geez, thanks bob. lol). I picked and chose because some q's were boring. lol

Sorry if i forgot any but i've got questions all over email addresses, msn and many of my posts. :P

Height - 172 cms - 5'6". Weight - 77.9 kilograms - 171.4 pounds (was 79.4 - 174.7 a week ago :D).

2 qualities I like most in others - People who help others, instead of leaving them and expecting someone else to help (I suppose that could be called caring. lol), and being unselfish. But i hate that word. lol

Who/Whom do you have a crush on currently?
No one. :)

What job do you want?

Are you considering going to college/university after high school for English or journalism?
Yes, considering. :)

Favourite school class?
English. :D

Least favourite?
Architecture was awful. lol

Are you still in contact with your friends from your old school?
Only a couple. Some of the others are c*nts and i want nothin to do with them anymore.

Whats going on with you and Jake now?
Very little.

What is the real reason you won't post pics of yourself?
I'm actually an elderly man who gets off by pretending he's a teenager online.

If that were true i would certainly have lots more exciting sexual adventures than i'm getting. lol

When you connect with people on a personal level (either online or in real life) what is the most important thing you want in that relationship and why?
We have to care about each other.

The most important person in your life?
My Mum. I'm an only child with a singe parent. We've got a close bond. Especially recently i've known that she'll do anything for me.

Other than Writing, Wii and the internet, what thing or activity (and not wanking btw), do you enjoying doing or participating in more than anything else?
:D Wanki-- Oh umm. Writing! I don't care what you said. Writing ftw!

Favourite home cooked meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
I'd eat pasta for all three. :P

Favourite ice-cream.
Cookies and cream.

Your favorite type of clothing to wear is?

What clothing do you sleep in?
That's assuming i axly sleep in clothing...

Favorite video game you have played?
Paper Mario TTYD. :)

Video game you want to play that you haven’t yet?
Fable 2.

Explain to me what is it about these video games that makes you want to play them.
Well aren't you demanding? lol. They're an escape from life.

What's your favourite childhood book?
I can't remember what it's called but it had cats in it and it was by Enid Blyton.

If your house was on fire what five possessions of yours would you grab before running out?
I'd be more worried about my Mum and my cats than possessions. But i'd grab my iPod and my teddy. :)

Would you talk to other bloggers about OCD if they had it also?
Strange question but yes. lol

The first blogger you emailed?
Jake at My Life On A Wall. Luckily he replied or i wouldn't be blogging. :P

The first who contacted you on MSN?
Lach. Who would have thought a few months later i'd be meeting him in Melbourne. :D

What has been the best thing about blogging for you?
Making friends.

Do you like sunsets or sunrises better and why?
Sunsets... I like the darkness...

What do you like about cats?
They're plain awesome. lol. Dogs are dirty and smelly. Cats are neat and clean and chilled out, and playful when they want to be, like me. lol

Why do you use plastic cutlery?
It feels nicer. And it's less germy... lol

What's your favourite word?
Could say something special and fancy, but i can't go past a word as versatile as f*ck. lol

What clothes do you wear for school?
Jeans, shirt, jacket. lol

Do you cook for your mother as well, and what are your favorite recipes?
I made these pizza things last night. You make the dough and roll it out, put the toppings on, and then roll it up and cut it into slices. I made Mum's dough for her and rolled it out. I'm a good boy. lol

Ask you anything??? I wanna see you :P
That's not a question. :)

Will you marry me? (Asked by Dan. :P)
Yes. I'd marry you for the lone reason that i get to play with your amazing hair. lol :D

Have you ever wanted to visit the States, and what would you like to see-know about them?
I'd go to the US to see some of my friends. I don't really care about the country. lol :)

If you could be any kind of turtle, what kind would you be?
Definitely a wood turtle.

What is your name? What is your quest? What is your favorite colour?
Mirrorboy. Find the Holy Grail. Red. No, wait-- aaaaaaaaaaahhhh!! ...

Pervs... lol

First crush?
An Asian friend in Primary School.

When you are looking at a guy what do you check out first?
Hair. :S

What turns you off?
Smelliness. Eww. lol

What is an immediate visual turn-on to you in someone?
Again, hair. lol.

How long is your thing?
My dick? lol. About 6 inches. :)

Top or bottom.
100% bottom. :P

Do you have a fetish?
Yes, a few, and i'm not sharing! lol

Do you squirt or shoot? Your shots thick, ropey, watery?
I shoot to kill. Whatever that means. :P

Are you trimmed, shaved or au naturale? Cut or u/c? Sure wish you'd post a pic or two to show us! :)
Trimmed. U/c. I was going to post a pic, but you forgot a question mark, so it's only a statement. Damn.

That's all folks!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One Of Those Days.

Firstlyyyyyyyyy, this is Shaun Micallef's appearance on Rove the other night. It takes a while to load, but it's so worth it. :)

(The intro is a bit... strange. lol)

(Sorry about it not fitting, but i don't know how to fix it. lol)

Anyways, do you ever have one of those days where everything just irritates the heck outta you? Every little thing seems to go wrong and you end up wanting to smash something.

A bit of plastic sticks to your foot. You drop something. You spill something. You get an itch. Someone annoys you just by talking. Little things, that leave you going insane.

I had one of those days today. :)

I also seem to be... insatiable, recently. If you know what i mean. lol. It's quite annoying. Fun, but annoying. It's really hard to get to sleep (no awful pun there), and i keep getting distracted.

I really need a boyfriend. Any volunteers? lol

Anywhoop, this is your last chance to comment or email any questions you have for me. My next post will be of the answers. :)


& a bit of lust :P

Monday, June 22, 2009

Full Monday.

6:00am - Wake up when alarm goes off.

6:02am - Go back to sleep.

7:45am - Get up and get ready for school.

9:00am to 1:00pm - School.

1:00pm to 1:45pm - Lunch up the street.

2:00pm to 3:00pm - Psych Appointment.

3:00pm to 4:00pm - Grocery shopping.

4:00pm to 5:00pm - Gay Group Thingy.

5:15pm - Come home and change clothes, read blog comments and make sandwich. :P

5:55pm to 6:30pm- Go for a run.

6:35pm and onwards - Have a shower, change clothes again, cook dinner, watch tv, and then blog. :)

Changes of outfit throughout the day - 4. From my relaxing at home clothes in the morning, to my school clothes, to my running clothes, and then back to my relaxing clothes.

That was a random fact. lol

A reminder to leave any random, interesting, exciting or stange questions for me in the comments section. I'ma post the answers soon. :)


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Allo Quickie. :)

This is a quickie post cos there are tv shows on that i wanna watch. lol

A night in bed with a warm blanket is a nice way to relax. It would be even better if there was someone to share with, but oh well, i do have my teddy bear at least. lol

I axly went for another run tonight. I think i'll make it a regular thing. The feeling you get afterwards is so good. You feel good because you're putting in effort and there's no guilt about being lazy or whatever.

Starting this week, i'll also be walking home from school. And that's a 45 minute walk. So woopety doot woot. :P

Today i also found out how to download embedded videos that are posted on blogs.

*cough porn ftw cough*

So that's cool. I also figured out how to fix something with Internet Explorer that was really bugging me. :)

And, i've had the hiccups throughout the day it's really annoying.

Anyways i'ma go now. Shaun Micallef is supposed to be on Rove (a tv show :P) tonight, and Micallef is my absolute favourite tv personality. Always good for lols.

(I posted some vids of his once before, so if you look for Shaun Micallef in my labels, i promise you'll get some lols for yourself.) :)

many loves

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Good Night Times.

What does a boy do when he wants to lose weight, and has a love of running, but is too self-conscious to actually go running down the street or to a gym?

He goes running at night! :)

For the past 3 weeks, on Saturday nights, when it's black outside, i've been going running. I love running. There's something so satisfying about just letting go and pushing your body to its max until you're too tired to take one more step. And of course, there's the added benefit of excercise, and feeling good when you get back.

It's so peaceful. The cool air is on your face and in your hair. The only sounds are of the wind rustling the leaves on the trees and the beat of your footsteps, and the huge night sky is above.

And my porch light waits for my return. The warmth of a home awaits.

It could only be better if i had someone to return to.


Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm ok, btw.

Peoples have been asking how i'm doing after my break. Well, i'm doing okay. lol

My new 'school' is going well. It's soooo much better here than at my old school. Thinking back on what things were like for me there, and what i went through... so much pain, it really is a wonder that i didn't suicide. I guess i really am stronger than i think. But i'm pretty sure what happened there has f'ed me up pretty bad emotionally. It's quite obvious that the mental issues i have to deal with daily now, are a result of the crap i endured there.

But that's what psychologists are for. :)

And i'm going to a different place now, and it's much better. So i try not to think about the past.

Everything else is going okay. After a long period of stress, for once, i don't have anything major on my mind to upset me.

School is okay. My bloglife is getting back to normal. Online friendships and such are settled. I'm working on losing weight. My cats are fine. I found my iPod after i thought i'd lost it (and was freaking out, but it was in the pocket of my shorts in my wardrobe :P). I'm working on self-esteem and such with my psychologists. Money isn't a problem at the moment. etc etc.

Things are going okay, and in my life, that's unusual, but good. :)

Thanks to everyone who cared. :)


Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Grand Rewrite.

Normally i would post stuff to do with writing on my Words blog, but since that doesn't get much traffic, i'ma post this here.

So i haven't actually done any writing for months. I'm kind of stuck, for the reason that i've got a story (Universes) that is so complex and multi-layered, that i've left alone for months. Also, when i look back at my stuff, the majority is at a literary level that i'm not happy with.

I'm a perfectionist. If i'm going to do something at all, it has to be done right. So how can i continue writing a story that i'm not happy with?

Either, i plot out the basics of the rest of the story, so i can get my dear baby's skeleton finished (I still haven't worked out how the story progresses, evolves, finishes), and then rewrite the whole thing. Or, i could start again now, rewrite the whole thing from the start so i'm happy with it, and once i finally get back to the point i'm currently at i can continue on with a story that is already decent. (Considering it's 183,000 words long at the moment, that's a huge undertaking.)

I really dunno what to do. :(

Say i decide to start from the start right now. First of all, that is going to take a huge amount of effort. I need to be 100% commited, and at a time like this, i don't know if that's possible. It might be better to wait until 6-week school holidays at the end of the year. Or maybe in a few years time when i'm a better writer, and my high school education is finished.

If i decide to plot out the rest of my story, it will finish differently than if i were writing it another way. My best plotlines have been made up as i wrote. I might be missing out on some great twists if i start planning it all out to the finish.

There is also the option of leaving Universes for later in my life, when i've got time and am a better writer. It's such complicated stuff, with such a diverse level of skill throughout it. It needs work, and a lot of it.

I could begin my next writing project, Hope Hurts (working title :P), which i'm excited about.

Bah. Everything's a mess. I dunno what to do. I could always try to push through with what i've got and just write till the story is finished... Now that i think about it, that may be the best way to go... but it's just so hard.

Grrrrrr. :/

PS. Don't forget to get your questions in for my 'Ask Me Anything' special. :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bitch. lol

So for the past few weeks in my gay youth group, we've been working on rainbow stickers that we can put up in businesses around our homophobic little town, to show that the place is SSA (same-sex attracted)-friendly. We aim to help gay and bi people feel a little more comfortable and accepted.

A few weeks ago we sent out letters to a bunch of places explaining what it was all about, and asking that the businesses give us a call if they're interested... We got very few replies... and by very few, i mean none. lol

Then we called the businesses. That wasn't very successful either, as most of the managers weren't in at the time. And many places didn't even recieve the letter that we sent.

So yesterday, the group of us (there were only 4 that day) grabbed our stickers and headed along the street visiting places. Most of them said yes this time. It would have been hard to say no, wouldn't it? How could you say no when we're actually there in your shop asking for support? Sure would seem pretty homophobic of ya... lol. But we don't care if they felt pressured cos a yes is a yes. :P

We did a really good job. We almost used up all of our dozens of stickers.

Then we got to the ice-creamery and the lady there was all like 'i don't think you should be forcing it on people, getting in their faces, bla bla bla'.

So you know your ice-cream there comes straight from a cow. :)

Anyways, this group is really nice. The people are really nice. I always have a good time there and it's nice to be amongst people who are from the same world. I don't feel like such an alien, and i'm doing stuff there that i care about. It's good times.



Monday, June 15, 2009


I've had wayyyyyy too much time on my hands since i took that break from blogging. lol - So much time that i didn't know what to do with myself. :P

So i return!


A lot of stuff has happened since my break, so i'll post about that during the next few days.

For now, you will notice that i am the author of only 2 blogs now. I've moved some blogs around in the sidebar, added some, removed some, and added a whole new category.

I'll be returning to normal posting on this blog now (even if my frequency of posts does cut down a bit). Be sure to check the other 2 posts that i just made, below. If you wanna make me feel special you could also leave some feedback on the posts i made to Words while this blog was on break, but yeah, i won't get my hopes up. lol

One thing i missed doing was plugging the new bloggers that have made their way to our world. Each new blog is a chance to make a friend, and help someone out. People don't blog for no reason...

So here are some new (well, fairly new, lol) blogs, that i demand you all check out!! *angry face*

Some of our new bloggers are pretty damn gorgeous too. ;)

SimplyNick - Surely everyone has already come across this kid's blog... If not, well you'd better jump on board quick!

Here's an excerpt from his 1st post.

"I'm 15, gay, and Christian. Fun? No. I live in the US but for the time being I'm keeping my detailed location private. Why? Because there are many, many people I'm not out to yet. I'm out to one person in real life... I guess I've known deep down that I was gay since i was 12 or 13, just never wanted to admit it to myself. Over the past month or two it has become very real, and I finally gave up on trying to change. Due to the fact I'm Christian I'm not sure what to think about my sexuality, other than I am who I am, and if God wants me to change, then it'll happen."

Benji's Adventure - Really sweet French boy. :)

If you can stand fractured English, he's definitely worth getting to know. lol. His blog is about vids, pics, and lots of cute stuff. And speaking of cute stuff...

(That's him on top) ;)

Secret Sides of Me - Incredibly sweet US boy. My nickname for him is 'big boy'. lol. He's intelligent and thoughtful, and just plain awesome. :)

Here's a little excerpt from one of my fav recent posts. ;)

"ok so let me start by just saying that i am unequivocally a Top. lol. i'm not really even remotely interested in entertaining the idea of someone or something in me. At the same time i have never been with a guy, as far as sex is concerned. other than a blow job. Now the one thing that is like more than anything turning me off the the whole prospect of it are some rumors about anal sex:
1. ur gonna get shit all over your dick
2. eventually they will shit all over you because you stretched their hole too much and they can't hold it in [medically this is true, stretching the rugea tissue that makes up the anus (butthole) requires time to regain it's original turgor]"

Oh yeah, good times. lol

And gawd, he's fricken hawt

Anyways, you'll be hearing more from me in the next few days. I know you can't wait. ;)

Got any questions for me? Check the below post for details.

much love

Ask Me Anything.

Other bloggers have done this, and it seems like a fun idea. :)

Here's your chance to ask me anything. Absolutely anything. Nothing's off limits, but of course i'm not promising that i'll actually answer everything. :P

Make sure you ask things that you actually want to know; not generic questions copied from a quiz on myspace or something. I don't want to spend an hour trudging through questions that no one really cares about. lol

Leave a comment on this post, or send me an email to any of my email addresses, which can be found in the sidebar (on the right) or on my profile. :)

I'll answer within the next few days in a post. :)


Enjoy. :-)

Fatcat and Fincat.


To get a shot like this, you have to be willing to get on all fours. :P

Believe it or not, that pic is unedited. :)

That's Jemima. Tiger would never fit in the drawer.

Here are some more of Jemima/Jim/Fincat. Nice photos are rare cos she always looks away when the camera comes out.

Balancing cat act. :)

Always on the lookout.

She wore this for hours. I think she liked it. ;)

Someone was coming down the walkway beside the house. lol