Saturday, June 20, 2009

Good Night Times.

What does a boy do when he wants to lose weight, and has a love of running, but is too self-conscious to actually go running down the street or to a gym?

He goes running at night! :)

For the past 3 weeks, on Saturday nights, when it's black outside, i've been going running. I love running. There's something so satisfying about just letting go and pushing your body to its max until you're too tired to take one more step. And of course, there's the added benefit of excercise, and feeling good when you get back.

It's so peaceful. The cool air is on your face and in your hair. The only sounds are of the wind rustling the leaves on the trees and the beat of your footsteps, and the huge night sky is above.

And my porch light waits for my return. The warmth of a home awaits.

It could only be better if i had someone to return to.



Anonymous said...

Should be doing upwards of 30mins a day just to stay in current condition, even more if you want to loose weight said...

Well put.

I never acquire a taste for running but I like swimming. Especially when it's raining, because then I'm almost alone in the pool. It helps when one is a bit self-conscious.

PoisonedHappiness said...

Lucky you that you are loosing weight, I still can't start again :/ I'm not much into running, I prefer swimming and riding bike. And I don't really can run nearby home, you can break your leg on bumpy walking alley or in woods

cvn70 said...


Hey if you are running at night make sure yoiu wear somethng reflective. And glad to hear you are working on your issues at night or during the day

But i doubt anyone would anything during the day about you while they are sitting on their ass as you run by

take care and be safe


Jt said...

Ten byks sais your axly just walking haha

torchy! said...

good start mboy, but you will have to run more often than once a week if you want to lose weight

like bob says: wear something reflective and take care with your steps. last time i went out at night i trod in a huge dog poo that was hidden under leaves. ewwwwwgross

work out how far you go with the mapping tool at and let us know your distances and times, like gauss and i do (mine are on tweets)

after a bit, i'm sure you'll pluck up the courage to go out in daylight. the nights will be getting shorter after tomoz.

have fun

Planetx_123 said...

I completely identify with this. I love jogging outside. I do go to the gym too, but if I want to jog I just like going to the park. Just as you mention, the wind in your face, big sky above-- it reminds you of how wonderful it is to be alive.

Much Love <3,

James said...
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Micky said...

The Loneliness of the Midnight Runner

a book / a play / a film

Aek said...

Back on campus I liked running at night outside. Fewer people, and it feels like the city's all yours. Here at home, it's just dark.

I try to run in the morning, late enough that people have gone to work but early enough that those who didn't are probably still asleep/just getting up. Lately, I've been sucking at waking up consistently. :-/

naturgesetz said...

Good going, mboy!

Before I read the comments, I was thinking maybe you could add a night or two for your running. I see others feel the same way. I wouldn't go so far as to say every night. But three times a week perhaps?

Also wondering — do you get much snow where you are during the winter? That could make it more difficult/dangerous.

But basically, it's great that you've found a way of exercising that you enjoy. Congrats. :)

Anonymous said...

Exercise releases endorfins in the brain that can help reduce stress.


Rhythym Changes said...

That sounds really lovely actually. Like something I would love to do. I think I may actually start doing that now that you mention it.

There is a certain joy in running. Whenever in gym we would have to walk laps, we always had to run at least one, but I would run them all. And whenever I had to run anywhere on campus, there was a certain feeling that was joyous about it.

Long comment short, way to go! I'm gonna start too!



Tyler said...

there are two guys who often run at night here too.

i think if i ran, i would do it at night too- because im way to self concious to run during the day, ide be uber afraid of people watching/seeing

xthecouragex said...

good for you. I love running at night. I can never get myself up early enough to go in the morning and am usually busy throughout the day so night just makes more sense to me.

Yeah, you might want to add another couple nights, up to either 3 or 4 is good.

HOWEVER, the first anon is wrong. If you're weight is stable right now (like its not going up still) then you dont have do it 30+ minutes a day to stay in your current condition (and by you, i really mean anyone).

Without making this into a long comment, its recommended that everyong get around 60 minutes of moderate exercise -biking, brisk walking - a day. Jogging to the point where you cant really take another breath is more intense than that.

I guess the most important thing to remember with exercising, especially when someone is starting out, is that anything is better than nothing. so to slam someone and tell them what they are doing isn't good enough when they've just started is a great way to discourage them from doing it, and increasing their chance they'll give up (not saying it did here, but just saying)

Tom said...

Yeah running is great until of course you stumble and pull your right gluteus maximus, I haven't walked properly in 3 days. LOL

Antony said...

What a good idea. I love running, but an too self concious.

:D I might take it up!


Antony x

Mirrorboy said...

I'm with you, courage. :)

Considering as of this week, i'll be walking home from school (and that's a 45 minute walk, with a backpack) i think i'll be okay. lol

@naturgesetz - I'm on the coast of Australia... umm. No snow. lol

naturgesetz said...

Happy to have given you a laugh, but at the same latitude in the Northern Hemisphere, the east coast of the U.S. occasionally does get snow. And there's occasional snow in Tokyo, which is a bit closer to the equator than you.

Anyway, it's good that you can run year round.

billy said...

Early morning is good, too! Like NO-ONE will see you at 6.30 am, even in summer when it's light then. And the exercise buzz you get makes you feel good all day.

Jonathan said...

I'm so glad you're working on loosing some weight. It will make you feel better about yourself and it's something you enjoy. You should also try changing your diet - it'll make the pounds fall off even faster.


Jeremy said...

It's good that you are running :)

You know I would wait at your home for you if you were closer :D


Mirrorboy said...

Haha nice.

Kevin Wilson said...

I understand your reasons for running at night, but if you saw the people at my gym/pool who parade around without shirts (and in some cases, speedos) you'd probably look like a beauty queen.

However, I wish you luck with your plan to get fit and lose some weight. The hard work will pay off - just stick to it.

xthecouragex said...

@NG - I think a lot of weather on coasts have to do with the water currents. When I was in France the southern most part I went to was snowing and then we went to a small fishing village in the north and it was so warm and there were actually palm trees

naturgesetz said...

@ xthecourage — Right. I guess there must be a fairly warm current along the southern coast of Australia.