Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Reasons why it's not a good idea to play an online Turkish game...

My friend introduced me to this free online computer game called Knight Online. It's one of those ones where you make a character and go around killing crap to level up and stuff... you get the idea. BTW, my name is LoveLoss. Gay, huh? lol :D

Anyway, after playing this game for a few weeks, i have come up with a few reasons to stop...

1. The players all speak Turkish. I have had to say "Um... I speak english" more times than a tourist. O_O See image 1...

2. When people do not speak your language, you cannot tell them to PISS OFF. See image 2...

3. After playing for a few weeks, i was informed that 'um' means 'c**t' in Turkish. Whoops... Now i know why some people went crazy when i told them i was English.

Maybe i better just stick to normal games...

PS thanks to milkboys for linking to me. Their blog list is pretty damn big but i'm sure it will help me out a bit. :D

Monday, September 29, 2008

Random vids of an Aussie star

Man, i tell you, Shaun Micallef has to be one of the funniest men on Australian television. I can't help but laugh at pretty much whatever he does. His brilliant comic timing, along with with his quick-thinking mind and improvisational talent makes him so damn great.

He's also pretty damn handsome, in a George-Clooneyish kind of way. :p

Here's just a small sample of his stuff. The first is from his latest TV show - Newstopia on SBS, and is a dub over an Iron Chef Japan clip. Although he doesn't appear in it personally - he's in the second one.

LOL! "It's a nice plate though..."

The next one shows him in his earlier days from an old TV show called the Micallef Programme... i think. I was too young to watch it when it was on :p

Here's the website if you're interested.

Don't forget to check out some of my older posts too.

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When in doubt...

Just thought i better 'gay' my blog up a bit. PS - number 4's my favourite :D

Aww... so cute :p

The lonely orphan, the heartbroken leader, the compassionate ex-prince and the remorseless mercenary.

Be prepared, this is a long post.

It doesn't matter what the plot of a story is, if the characters are engaging you will find it exciting.

If you have the best idea for a story, but you can't find the creativeness to make some great characters, there is no way people will return to read more.

The characters are the single most important part of a story. It's that simple.

Here are some important things that unfortunately a lot of people forget:

Every person thinks differently.

"Would you like some apple?"
"Yes please. I like apple."
"Yes, me too."


"Would you like some apple?"
"Eeeurgh! No way! I hate apple!"

A bit better... As hard as it is to make apple exciting, when people don't think the same, it means they disagree, and disagreement means conflict, and conflict makes a story exciting.

Following on from the last point, not everybody speaks the same.

"What do you think? Should we go with them?"
"I guess we should. Okay, i'll just get my things."

Some people talk like that... that's okay, but how often do you get two or more people who talk the same way in a conversation together? And since when do you speak with proper english? This is not a daytime soap.

"What do you think? Should we go with them?"
"Urr... I suppose. Wait a sec, i'll just grab my stuff, kay?"

It is important to give each character their style. As a story progresses it it gets much easier to get inside their head when you know exactly how they talk.

Not everyone is an orphan.

It's okay to have one or maybe two, in fact it provides a bit of excitement. But believe it or not, some people see their relatives every now and again, and they may want to catch up with them or at least give them a call.

Relatives are also good way to introduce secondary characters, and if you kill one or two off, it provides a great way to add a bit of surprise to the story, especially if you don't want to kill anyone important to the plot, but want to stress your characters a bit.

The traditional love storyline has been done to death.

People are much more open to the sort of modern day or non-traditional relationships these days. These are some of the examples i've used myself...

The gutsy chick and the quiet, sensitive boy.
The young male leader and the older, and heartbroken woman.
The bisexual male criminal and the friendly but naive friend.
The boy with a crush on his straight adopted brother, and the gay friend who adores him but goes unnoticed.

Guess what, love's complicated.

People get tired, they get thirsty, they get hungry, and they get in a bad mood.

And they complain about it too. By giving a character a loud peronality, an annoying voice, and then making them hungry, you've just set the scene for an amusing argument and confrontation.

Yes, there can be too much information.

Nobody cares what the temperature is, and they don't want to know what type of earrings the woman behind the desk is wearing. It's enough to say the the sun was shining down and the breeze was dry, and then get on with the important things.

Speaking of getting on with things, that was a long post, and i figure a lot of you aren't going to read it so I'll just say goodbye and thanks if you did. It's hard for me to have a gay blog and a writers blog at the same time, so... yeah... :D

Celebrating 100 views.

Believe it or not, about 100 of you have checked my blog out so far. My blog is still in my infantile stages so that's a great boost for me! My pessimist side told me nobody would read it - nobody would care, but we sured showed him didn't we. :D

To celebrate, i changed the layout of it, although there are still a few kinks i've got to work out.

It used to be a boring black but i've livened it up a little. What do you think? Is it okay? Think it's too bright? Comment! :D

Thanks and see ya soon!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Even more happy days :D

My first link :D Thanks to jake annonymous for linking to me from My Life on a Wall - www.boysbestofficial.blogspot.com - check it out! Now!

He's a really nice guy too and he added me on msn, and that means i've now made two friends from my blogging adventures. I am now no longer a lonely boy and it's all thanks to the kindness of strangers, i guess. Keep 'em coming people!


I feel a strong need to post now, seeing what i wrote yesterday. You see, today is a happy day for me. I only started this blog just over a week ago and good has already come of it. I've had a few nice comments and a really really nice person added me on MSN. And guess what? He lives only 3 or 4 hours away from me! What are the odds of that??? Anyway, i just thought i'd mention you, Lach. Hehe. Thanks.

So life isn't all that bad. And it turns out that some people are actually reading this, which came as a surprise to me, and you seem to take pity on me haha. :D

To be honest, i thought you were only really interested in the blogs with cute boys and big dicks, but i underestimated you all, it seems. It's really nice to be wrong when you're a pessimist. Haha, that's a good saying. :D

Anyway, i want to take this opportunity to ask the people reading if they have any ideas for my next story. It's called Hope Hurts and takes place in a fictional world where two religions reign supreme - light and dark. People use weapons like swords and stuff, but people also serve their gods by doing things according to their religion and are rewarded with magic and powers for pleasing them. Therefore the two powers try to recruit more people to their side.

The story revolves around a boy called Skylar. People can see GREAT potential in him, and so an important light person gathers a group of fighters and prepares to take Skylar to the faraway temple of light, to set in stone his light side and make him a great light hero.

And so i'm asking for any ideas. Who are these fighters? Who do they meet on the way? Which places do they visit? I especially need some cool sounding names. So please, leave a comment, even if it's just a couple of names. And no idea is stupid, trust me. You need a lot of 'crazy' ideas to make a story work.

Of course, i won't get my hopes up. I am, at heart, a pessimist.

I'll post something with a decent topic next time, probably tonight. I wouldn't want to lose my readers by boring them to death with tales of stuff like that haha.

And of course, i want to thank you all for reading, every one of you. :D

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gay friends... I want one!


For straight guys it's just not so hard. There are billions of them out there, you step outside and the odds are the next guy you will see is straight. That means that inevitably, straight guys are going to have a LOT of straight friends, and gay guys are going to have a LOT of straight friends as well!

Yeah, that's a fun/good thing for the straights. They can talk about which chicks are hot and watch porn and laugh about wankin and stuff. They talk about who they wanna have sex with and who's got the biggest tits...

Me? I have to endure that crap pretty much everyday. Thank God i did not go to one of my friends recent birthday parties. According to Matthew all they did was watch porn. Haha. He must have been traumatised, although i'm pretty sure he would have just played computer games all night. Me? I would have SERIOUS issues with a night like that.

On top of that, a lot of my 'friends' (HA I USE THE TERM LIGHTLY) are pretty damn HOMOPHOBIC. Their hilarity usually includes the reference to, oh i don't know, blowing all the gays up, or their all gonna get AIDS and die. HAHAHA

Sometimes i just wanna explode! Sometimes it takes every bone in my body to to whack one in the face for their lame shit!! Better yet, why not just completely F up my life and yell out in the middle of class "GUESS WHAT? I'M GAY! PS. I HATE YOU ALL."

Why should i have to deal with their immature crap? They have no idea what it's like being gay or bi, but they feel it's their F'ing obligation to chuck in their two cents!

Why must i fake a big part of me to be friends with some people who wouldn't want to be friends with me if they knew the real me??? Why???


Oh... but i digress...

I'm sorry. :)

There is one particular 'friend' i have on MSN and i just spent a while talking to him. You get the picture. I had no idea the post would take a turn like that, but that's just how i write everything. I start out with an idea in my head and i end up down a completely different path.

The point of this post is, just how important is it for gays/bi's to have gay/bi friends?

It's the things i'm missing out on the annoy me so much. I can't talk about who's cute. I can't talk about my favourite websites. I can't talk about my favourite shows. I can't talk about why i really love tennis (thank you Rafael Nadal) :p

I have to be careful when anyone even sits down at my computer cos i'm worried that they'll go poking around in my stuff. Not just for pics, but i have a lot of private stuff - I feel the inclination to write everything down. Hell, i found my friend's porn stash pretty easy, i just did a search when our computers were linked up at a LAN. (Don't ask)

And i feel like my life is being held back, like i'm being held back, because i am not ME at school or around my friends. And there are only two situations where i could be the real me...

- Online.

- Around other people who are gay.

And the second one is a lot more important than the first, but i've yet to find a gay friend.

So what do i do? I honestly don't know. I don't just want a gay friend, i NEED one, to keep my sanity, and yet there is no way i can find one except by waiting or by luck.

And frankly, Lady Luck's been a bit of a bitch to me recently, and waiting just isn't good enough.

Doctor Who, and its strange emotional powers...

This is a strange post, probably because it's about crying... but in a good way... i think. If you're not interested in Doctor Who you can probably just skip this one. :D

Hehe... This is on my bedroom wall.

The case i bring up is Doctor Who. They show it in Britain obviously and in Australia, i don't know where else though. Anyway, it stars the adorable David Tennant and the hilarious Catherine Tate...

I should take this moment to say that i'm nearly always better at remembering actor names than character names...

Of course, we all know Catherine Tate from the Catherine Tate Show. I was so excited when i heard she was going to star in it because she's just so damn funny! If you haven't seen her youtube her now!

But back to the point... The reason i bring this up is because i've realised that i end up in tears almost every episode. I have no idea why, because although i'm a bit of a crier, no other TV show does this to me. O_O

Now i'm talking about season four here, the one that's just about to finish airing here...

Episode 1 - If i remember correctly, when Donna's grandpa looked up into space and saw her floating away with the Doctor i couldn't keep it in.

Episode 5 - Where poison gas chokes the sky. Firstly i bawled my eyes out when Donna was reunited with her family, again when her grandpa was dying in the car... (he was okay though) :D

Episode 6 - Oh geez, here we go. The Doctor, Martha and Donna go to some underground place and are caught up in a war, a daughter is also created from the Doctor from his cells...? Don't ask me how. I cried when Martha's fish-person friend drowned to save her, again when the Doctor's daughter died, and again when the Doctor didn't kill the guy who shot her, and again when the daughter woke up and shot into space. :D ...Now you're starting to understand aren't you?

Then episodes 8 and 9 (two parts) - And it was absolutely heartbreaking. The Doctor's future lover met him before he'd met her for the first time (cos of the time-travel). The Doctor was going to sacrifice himself to save the others but she knocked him out and did it herself. Then her life energy was trapped in a power thingy from her suit and the Doctor plugged it into a supercomputer that can create virtual worlds, therefore giving her a kind of heaven after death... Hmm... You can really only understand that one if you watch it.

Episode 11 - Donna meets Rose, the Doctor's past companion, and there's a lot of high tension. Needless to say that when Donna was asking if she was going to die i was ready to fall apart.

Episode 12 - Lots of reunions. Everyone has to work together to stop the Earth being taken over by Dialeks. Characters are in the threat of danger and the Doctor is mortally wounded. Rose has a kickass gun... Needless to say i was pretty volatile that night. :D

The last episode is on tomorrow night. To be honest, it's one of my favourite shows. For all of the technical mumbo-jumbo the writers spew out, they sure as hell know how to make you connect with the characters, and they sure as hell know how to write a good finale!

PS. I also want to take the moment to say that if you're a blog writer and want to link all you have to do is contact me and i'd be happy to.

Have a good weekend!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Of Coltrane and Klax.

These are two young guys from my universes story. Firstly, for the first part of the story, i hovered around Coltrane's sexuality, not actually saying he is gay, but hinting that he might have feelings for his male friend Marc. As the story went on, i full out said that he loves Marc, therefore defining that he at least is attracted to boys. Klax however, was never really going to be a main character and it wasn't until later that i actually thought of him as a love interest for poor old Coltrane, who had his heart set on the straight guy.

Here are the basics to... define what's happened with them so far.

They are fighting a war in other worlds with people called shadows. They use swords and spears and stuff... you know. Anyway, Coltrane made a wrong choice early on in his life and he ended up working for them, which he now regrets.

Klax was a good person but was captured by the enemy and thrown in prison. Coltrane, being on the enemy's side, could visit him from time to time. Their relationship got better as Klax slowly grew to understand Coltrane's point of view, making him the only one to believe him.

As a twist in the story, Coltrane gets backstabbed by the shadows and thrown in prison as well, in the same cell as Klax it happens to be, so that the other prisoners don't kill him due to their hatred for the traitor.

Klax is entirely in love with Coltrane. He'd been attracted to him for most of his life but Coltrane had always intimidated him because Coltrane rarely speaks to anyone other than Marc and basically has a scary aura. Now the two are confined to live in the same place, and they become good friends.

Coltrane is, of course, oblivious to the feelings Klax has for him, because he's so distraught about what has recently happened to him - he worries about dying in this place, and because since his adolescence he has only been attracted to Marc.

And this paves the way for many ambiguous comments from Klax and the occasional touch of hands and nice moments.

Of course if you're not really paying that much attention to these two, this relationship could completely go over your head... (see below post) O_O

As for how it works out? Well, you'll just have to buy the book in a decade or so :D

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My best friend Matthew.

Matthew is a nice person, i have no doubt about that. He tries to be nice to everyone. He loves animals. He's nice to me and he always laughs at my jokes... but he laughs at pretty much anything i say really... From the outside, if you didn't really know him that well, i guess that's the sort of impression you'd get. Nice. Loves animals. Loves the Lord of the Rings. My best friend who always listens to me and supports me the best he can.

I know virtually everything there is to know about him. He wants to be a zoologist (is that right?) and he wants to write creative stories about animals as well. He tells me everything. I know who he hates and who he likes. I know the sort of music he's into. I know what excites him and what makes him squirm.

And he's not my ideal best friend.

There is only one word to describe him... naive. I am the complete opposite of naive. I've seen how cruel the world can be. I've had to deal with shit that he doesn't even know exists.

So how can i connect with someone like that? I consider my homosexuality to be a big part of me. Many other people who aren't straight would probably agree with me, when i say that i don't feel someone can truly know me until they know my orientation.

For crying out loud, he didn't even know what a bisexual was until last friday when i explained it to him.

His parents have kept him in a cocoon his whole life. He knows absolutely nothing of sexuality. I don't think he even knows what masturbation is. Telling him i am gay would be like telling my grandma. He'd probably just go blank and freeze. It's such an unknown concept to him. What the hell am i supposed to do?

What would he do? Would he be freaked out? Probably. Even if i made him promise not to tell anyone he would probably blurt it out to him parents. Then that would start the chain reaction to many of us know about.

But there is one thing... two things actually. I write one book, UNIVERSES, and I'm planning for my next, HOPE HURTS. He has read UNIVERSES from the start, and that has a gay character in it. Coltrane. The bad thing is... I don't think Matthew's even figured it out yet. Next post i will put in an excerpt or something. You will see what i mean.

PS. my statcounter has finally gone up a bit :D
And i'm trying to get milkboys to link to me. Come on guys! Pleeeeeeeeeease!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Damn Gaydar! Why aren't you working!?

There are two boys i know. We'll call them Jack and Bill, and they're close friends.

Now, before i'd really talked to either of them i'd always had the feeling that they were... well, homosexual. Not with each other, as in boyfriends, but gay nevertheless.

Anyways, i became friends with Jack only a month or so ago because he was in one of my classes at school and i decided to sit next to him. Bill is also in one of my classes but we're not as close.

I made a couple of new friends. So?

Well, the thing is, having a gay friend is number 2 on my wishlist right now, (bumped only by the desire for a boyfriend) and it was a hope when we became close that i would finally have found one... but so far my assumptions have only been squished. The occasional heterosexual comment around each other, as well as the fact that i really haven't heard anything all that... gay, makes me have to wonder if they really are, or they aren't.

But seeing as my thoughts were initially based on the way they talked and walked and stood and laughed etc. i'm thinking that perhaps it wasn't right to just assume in the first place, just as i don't like it when people assume i am attracted to girls.

Above all that, it's nice to make new friends, and i over anyone else should know that a person's sexuality should not define how you think about them.

*Edited after post for personal reasons

Monday, September 22, 2008

Why bother really?

I know i said i'd write another post tonight but i honestly can't be stuffed. No one's reading the thing anyway so there's not much point. So here's a cute boy instead.

I've got a real thing for emo-ish boys. Their hair... oh...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Why writing is so important to me. Part 1 of a hell of a lot.

Sorry, i missed yesterday's post. My mum got home from work and i'd lost track of time.

Anyways, writing is definetely one of my passions, so don't expect this to be a single post. :D

It's funny that i love writing things so much, because i don't actually read any novels. I used to ages ago but now i don't really know how to find something that would interest me. One author i found really motivated me was Eoin Colfer. You may not know his name but he wrote the Artemis Fowl books among many others. He's so great because he takes his reader seriously and although i assume his target audience is children and teens, he never underestimates their ability to grasp the outlandish themes throughout some of his books. If you haven't read some of his stuff, definetely check out The Supernaturalist and The Wishlist, and of course the Artemis Fowl books, no matter how old you are. You'll see what i mean.

But the person who truly made me for the first time even consider writing as a 'thing', was my english teacher at school. Let's call her OC. Anyway, for one of the tasks we had to do to pass we had to write a couple of creative pieces that would be assessed by her, in the 2 terms we had her. In the first term, i kind of ran out of time and the story i was writing about a cat that took over the world kind of slipped from my hands. I didn't really have a direction for it. I realised it was a much to ambitious task for me to take on, but i still handed it in with the dreadful "to be continued" at the end. She gave me a a B, a B, and a C or something, along with comments about how i needed to fix up my paragraphs and punctuation. I lost those pages. I can't remember.

However, in the next term, i started writing the rest with a much smaller goal in my mind.

(That's a lesson for all those aspiring writers out there. You HAVE to start small. Take it from me.)

The second installment was much better. I can honestly say that. :D It had everything i wanted in it that i would have put into the bigger story, but it really didn't need any more length. Through a series of events the cat changed his mind about taking over the world and settled into a home with his elderly neighbour and her cat. Awww...

I kept the book because it meant a lot to me, and i will tell you what she wrote in a minute because something else happened to me before OC returned it to me.

For every friday at school, during the last period, we would go to the library and just read whatever we wanted. I was half-reading half-chatting to my friends lol, when my english teacher came in and walked over to me saying she wanted to have a talk with me...

Give me a minute while i fetch my diary cos i wrote down what she said so i would never forget it...

Here it is. Friday 22nd of June 2007.

And this is a direct quote from my diary.

"She said she wanted to apologise, because she had underestimated me. It was because of my cats story. She gave me a triple A+ and said she would talk to Moleman..."

LOL. That's what i used to call the library manager cos he talks like the dude off the Simpsons. Oh geez that's LOL. Anyway...

"because he knows a lot of publishers, and because she thinks i should publish my story because i have a gift."

And that was directly from my diary. In my english book, which i got back later, down the bottom it says...

"AAA Brilliant work. Type up a copy in double spacing and send it to a children's publisher. This is red hot!"

And it was those moments that changed my life. My english teacher changed my life. She has set me on a determined path to write and publish stories, because she believed in me, and i don't think anyone had ever believed in me before. That was definetely one of the nicest things i have ever heard. And OC has never been anything other than brutally honest. If she sees crap, she'll say it's crap. If she sees something she likes, she'll let you know.

So there. I constantly consider myself unlucky in life because of many things i have to deal with, but i have at least one person i truly consider myself lucky for having met.

After that, i started working on my UNIVERSES story. The currently 160,000 word story, which i have been working for what seems like an eternity now, although it's actually about a year and a half. But that will have to wait until another time.

Anyway, if you've read this whole thing, WOW! I don't think even i would have the patience to sit through me rambling on like that. I really should shut up now so you can go look at something interesting! :D

Leave a comment. Send an e-mail. Link to me. Do whatever the hell you want really.

Either tonight or tomorrow i will try to post again, about something different perhaps.

Have a good week.

And before i forget, no, i still haven't published the story. I may need to illustrate it and i have no idea about how you get things published. Any ideas?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Yay! Today was the last day of term.

It was another long school term, and I'm so glad it's over cos now i get to have a 2 week break. :D Yay! No more school uniform! Of course it'll go by way too fast and soon i'll be wishing for... just... one... more... day.

Anyway, these holidays I've got a few things i want to get done that i've been waiting to do for a while. Firstly, i finally started the blog that i've been wanting to start for a long time. Hopefully i can get a bit of traffic in here soon you know? :D

Also i've been planning to catch up with an old friend from primary school who i haven't seen in ages. I saw him up the street like a month ago and told him i'd ring him but i guess i've had a lot of crap going on in my life recently so i hope i'll find the time to get onto that. Even if i just ring him up for a chat that would be nice. The funny thing is, i've been having dreams about him for months and months... I don't know what that means but i guess he's just in my mind? O_O

And i wanna write some more on my story. It's really hard trying to write when i've been at school all day cos when i get home i sometimes don't feel like writing. But i always get a lot done on weekends and holidays.

Unlike a lot of other people my age i try to get up early. The way i see it, is that if you get up, like, 3 hours earlier every day for 2 weeks then you get another... 42 hours all up. That's almost 2 days extra! ...Don't bother trying to explain that to my friends though they don't care.

Apart from all that other stuff though i guess i just see the holidays as a chance to chill out. I need it after the term i had.

Anyway, i know i'm still kind of sketchy about my life right now but tomorrow i will stick to one topic and get into some depth, i suppose.

And if any of you reading this want to comment, especially if you like writing, don't hesitate to leave a comment. I want this blog to be very 'open'.

And if you are a blogger and want to link to me i'll be very happy to. I'm planning to start linking soon anyway... if i can figure out how to :D

I'm pretty new to this so give me some time.

Anyway, i'll leave you with some words of wisdom.

When in doubt, just smile.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Welcome to my world.

For now, you can call me mirrorboy. I'm not gonna give out my real name cos we all know there are a lot of freaks out there. Plus, there are a lot of people i know who i don't want to find out i am gay. :)

Yes, i am 15. I go to high school monday to friday. aaaagh it's lame though. I'm not exactly the most popular boy in school i'll say that much. But i do fairly well with my work so it's not all bad. My friends, well, there's so much to say about them that'll have to wait for some other time. As much as i love my mum (mom if you're american) she can be a real bitch sometimes. I get the feeling she's sub-consciously sabotaging my life, if you know what i mean. Bah!

I spend most of my time working on a book of mine, UNIVERSES. It's almost 160,000 words long at the moment but I'm getting kinda close to the end which is kind of sad. But it will be a relief as well cos i've spenty SO FRICKN LONG ON IT. I also have to go back and work out all the kinks and god knows how bloody long that's gonna take! But seriously i love it. I put so much work into it i only hope it's a success, but that's still a long way off.

Anyway, in case you're wondering, my mum does know i'm gay. She wasn't exactly overjoyed when she found out but she didn't get angry or anything either so it could have been much worse :D

How did she find out? I forgot to delete the websites i'd been looking at when she came home from work one night... now that was not my ideal coming out situation let me tell you ;)

Finally... hmm... what else? Well, I'm also looking at a career in the media. I'd love to be a journalist or something.

I'm just skimming over a lot of the areas of my life right now. I have so much to talk about and so much more to get into so you'll just have to keep coming back won't you. :D

Don't forget to comment, e-mail me or add me to MSN. paperkirbypnk@hotmail.com

(and yes, that's pnk not pink) :)

Seriously. I've got nothing better to do.

Anyways, soon the REAL posting begins... O_O

lol :D

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wow i finally started a blog. Joy.

So... This is it huh? Who knows what adventures lay ahead for me and my blog in the days ahead... Hopefully i can make you laugh. Hopefully i can make you think. Hopefully you don't get bored with me O_O
This blog is going to be about me and what i think, so i'll give you the quick rundown about me.
I'm 15 years old. I live in Australia. I'm gay and mostly not 'out'. I'm an only child with a single parent. I want so badly to be a creative writer and am working on some books now.
Like me so far? If not, leave. :)
If you come back once i've started proper publishing you'll get to know a lot more about me. I hope you do, cos it will make a lonely boy very happy. :D