Friday, September 26, 2008

Of Coltrane and Klax.

These are two young guys from my universes story. Firstly, for the first part of the story, i hovered around Coltrane's sexuality, not actually saying he is gay, but hinting that he might have feelings for his male friend Marc. As the story went on, i full out said that he loves Marc, therefore defining that he at least is attracted to boys. Klax however, was never really going to be a main character and it wasn't until later that i actually thought of him as a love interest for poor old Coltrane, who had his heart set on the straight guy.

Here are the basics to... define what's happened with them so far.

They are fighting a war in other worlds with people called shadows. They use swords and spears and stuff... you know. Anyway, Coltrane made a wrong choice early on in his life and he ended up working for them, which he now regrets.

Klax was a good person but was captured by the enemy and thrown in prison. Coltrane, being on the enemy's side, could visit him from time to time. Their relationship got better as Klax slowly grew to understand Coltrane's point of view, making him the only one to believe him.

As a twist in the story, Coltrane gets backstabbed by the shadows and thrown in prison as well, in the same cell as Klax it happens to be, so that the other prisoners don't kill him due to their hatred for the traitor.

Klax is entirely in love with Coltrane. He'd been attracted to him for most of his life but Coltrane had always intimidated him because Coltrane rarely speaks to anyone other than Marc and basically has a scary aura. Now the two are confined to live in the same place, and they become good friends.

Coltrane is, of course, oblivious to the feelings Klax has for him, because he's so distraught about what has recently happened to him - he worries about dying in this place, and because since his adolescence he has only been attracted to Marc.

And this paves the way for many ambiguous comments from Klax and the occasional touch of hands and nice moments.

Of course if you're not really paying that much attention to these two, this relationship could completely go over your head... (see below post) O_O

As for how it works out? Well, you'll just have to buy the book in a decade or so :D


Jake Annonymous said...

"The greatest problem with humanity is perhaps they don't pay enough attention to the words and just look at the photos" - Al Gore

There are some people who read your blogs out there, there just to lazy to comment, you shouldn't take comments as a sign of unpopularity.

mirrorboy said...

heehee thanks jake. It's nice to me that you took the time to be the first to comment.

Although i'm not saying i want comments so that i know people are reading, i want comments because sometimes i need feedback about what's going on in my life, and as there's nobody else in my life i can really be honest with... i was hoping this could bridge the gap between me and a community i so want to be a part of. :D