Saturday, September 27, 2008

Doctor Who, and its strange emotional powers...

This is a strange post, probably because it's about crying... but in a good way... i think. If you're not interested in Doctor Who you can probably just skip this one. :D

Hehe... This is on my bedroom wall.

The case i bring up is Doctor Who. They show it in Britain obviously and in Australia, i don't know where else though. Anyway, it stars the adorable David Tennant and the hilarious Catherine Tate...

I should take this moment to say that i'm nearly always better at remembering actor names than character names...

Of course, we all know Catherine Tate from the Catherine Tate Show. I was so excited when i heard she was going to star in it because she's just so damn funny! If you haven't seen her youtube her now!

But back to the point... The reason i bring this up is because i've realised that i end up in tears almost every episode. I have no idea why, because although i'm a bit of a crier, no other TV show does this to me. O_O

Now i'm talking about season four here, the one that's just about to finish airing here...

Episode 1 - If i remember correctly, when Donna's grandpa looked up into space and saw her floating away with the Doctor i couldn't keep it in.

Episode 5 - Where poison gas chokes the sky. Firstly i bawled my eyes out when Donna was reunited with her family, again when her grandpa was dying in the car... (he was okay though) :D

Episode 6 - Oh geez, here we go. The Doctor, Martha and Donna go to some underground place and are caught up in a war, a daughter is also created from the Doctor from his cells...? Don't ask me how. I cried when Martha's fish-person friend drowned to save her, again when the Doctor's daughter died, and again when the Doctor didn't kill the guy who shot her, and again when the daughter woke up and shot into space. :D ...Now you're starting to understand aren't you?

Then episodes 8 and 9 (two parts) - And it was absolutely heartbreaking. The Doctor's future lover met him before he'd met her for the first time (cos of the time-travel). The Doctor was going to sacrifice himself to save the others but she knocked him out and did it herself. Then her life energy was trapped in a power thingy from her suit and the Doctor plugged it into a supercomputer that can create virtual worlds, therefore giving her a kind of heaven after death... Hmm... You can really only understand that one if you watch it.

Episode 11 - Donna meets Rose, the Doctor's past companion, and there's a lot of high tension. Needless to say that when Donna was asking if she was going to die i was ready to fall apart.

Episode 12 - Lots of reunions. Everyone has to work together to stop the Earth being taken over by Dialeks. Characters are in the threat of danger and the Doctor is mortally wounded. Rose has a kickass gun... Needless to say i was pretty volatile that night. :D

The last episode is on tomorrow night. To be honest, it's one of my favourite shows. For all of the technical mumbo-jumbo the writers spew out, they sure as hell know how to make you connect with the characters, and they sure as hell know how to write a good finale!

PS. I also want to take the moment to say that if you're a blog writer and want to link all you have to do is contact me and i'd be happy to.

Have a good weekend!


Nik. said...

I too cry at Doctor Who, probably 50% of the time.

Did'nt cry at the end of last nights xmas special though, must be getting tougher. Lol.

Jack said...

Don't feel bad, I am a cryer to and I am a lot older than you. I think that we who cry have a lot less emotional tension and are less depressed by things that happen in real life and do better at dealing with true life's emotions.