Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Damn Gaydar! Why aren't you working!?

There are two boys i know. We'll call them Jack and Bill, and they're close friends.

Now, before i'd really talked to either of them i'd always had the feeling that they were... well, homosexual. Not with each other, as in boyfriends, but gay nevertheless.

Anyways, i became friends with Jack only a month or so ago because he was in one of my classes at school and i decided to sit next to him. Bill is also in one of my classes but we're not as close.

I made a couple of new friends. So?

Well, the thing is, having a gay friend is number 2 on my wishlist right now, (bumped only by the desire for a boyfriend) and it was a hope when we became close that i would finally have found one... but so far my assumptions have only been squished. The occasional heterosexual comment around each other, as well as the fact that i really haven't heard anything all that... gay, makes me have to wonder if they really are, or they aren't.

But seeing as my thoughts were initially based on the way they talked and walked and stood and laughed etc. i'm thinking that perhaps it wasn't right to just assume in the first place, just as i don't like it when people assume i am attracted to girls.

Above all that, it's nice to make new friends, and i over anyone else should know that a person's sexuality should not define how you think about them.

*Edited after post for personal reasons


steevo said...

Gay boys here often know all the "lines" to say to look str8. Common. We have a GSA and I am the staff adviser. That topic comes up, so to speak, a lot. It is a survival instinct. Trust yer gut. But be discreet. Your gaydar is likely just fine. It never is 100% reliable. Relax...

You hafta learn to flirt safely. It's an acquired skill.


Jack said...

Yes and one I never was able to master well.