Sunday, September 28, 2008


I feel a strong need to post now, seeing what i wrote yesterday. You see, today is a happy day for me. I only started this blog just over a week ago and good has already come of it. I've had a few nice comments and a really really nice person added me on MSN. And guess what? He lives only 3 or 4 hours away from me! What are the odds of that??? Anyway, i just thought i'd mention you, Lach. Hehe. Thanks.

So life isn't all that bad. And it turns out that some people are actually reading this, which came as a surprise to me, and you seem to take pity on me haha. :D

To be honest, i thought you were only really interested in the blogs with cute boys and big dicks, but i underestimated you all, it seems. It's really nice to be wrong when you're a pessimist. Haha, that's a good saying. :D

Anyway, i want to take this opportunity to ask the people reading if they have any ideas for my next story. It's called Hope Hurts and takes place in a fictional world where two religions reign supreme - light and dark. People use weapons like swords and stuff, but people also serve their gods by doing things according to their religion and are rewarded with magic and powers for pleasing them. Therefore the two powers try to recruit more people to their side.

The story revolves around a boy called Skylar. People can see GREAT potential in him, and so an important light person gathers a group of fighters and prepares to take Skylar to the faraway temple of light, to set in stone his light side and make him a great light hero.

And so i'm asking for any ideas. Who are these fighters? Who do they meet on the way? Which places do they visit? I especially need some cool sounding names. So please, leave a comment, even if it's just a couple of names. And no idea is stupid, trust me. You need a lot of 'crazy' ideas to make a story work.

Of course, i won't get my hopes up. I am, at heart, a pessimist.

I'll post something with a decent topic next time, probably tonight. I wouldn't want to lose my readers by boring them to death with tales of stuff like that haha.

And of course, i want to thank you all for reading, every one of you. :D


PHP190 said...

What if Skylar discovers that the Light religeon suffer to a Paradox where they kill the dark people for killing, so Skylar changes to the Dark and it turns out the Dark arent actually bad, and they are the better religeon...?

mirrorboy said...

Yeah every good story need a big twist. And i've been thinking about Skylar being lured to the dark side in some way... Thanks :D

Jake Annonymous said...

lol at php190

JC said...

sklar- luke skywaler, light side-jedi, dark side- sith, hmmm star wars case,ahaha,it happen

Aek said...

The names depend on how "outlandish" or "exotic" you want them to be. I like the names Terence, Chad, and Chloe. I don't know how far you're into this story already, but good luck!! :D