Monday, June 29, 2009

I Won't Be Back For 2 Weeks!

That's right. You heard me. I won't be back at school for 2 weeks! ;)

Unfortunately in Australia, the school year goes from early February to late December. We get about a 5 week break around January, and three 2-week breaks throughout the year. That's it.

Anyways, today is the start of one of those breaks, so yay.

Unfortunately once this break is over, i'll be going back to school at the start of a semester. I'll be taking more classes and my school hours will increase drastically (I think Mondays will turn into a 7-hour school day). :/

In other news, i came up with a good idea for my 300,000 views post (i know i was leaving the idea up to my readers, but because so few of you bothered to comment about it...)

Anyways, i'm going to post about how coming out (or rather, being outed) changed my life.

So that'll be a special and personal post. :)

That is all.


Brett said...

Lucky! NSW holidays don't start for another two weeks.

I'm looking forward to that post - It's a good idea.

Brett =].

Pilgrim said...

Have a nice break! And as for school, it´s important to learn your lessons, otherwise you finish school and end up in the gutter. Good luck, M-boy! Propz Pilgrim

AJCon89 said...

you scared me... i thought you were leaving us for two weeks... lol

Bad Mirrorboy!

cvn70 said...


just how will you fill up your days without school :P Hope all is well and you put this free time to doing good deeds lol

And im glad you can up with a good idea cause as you know most of mine are boring lol.

take care and be safe


Micky said...

Scrum! We had 09:10 to 15:45 Mon to Fri PLUS 09:10 to 13:00 Saturdays with up to 2 hours homework Monday to Friday inclusive. Longer summer break though - 7 wks: 3 at Chrimbo n 4 at Easter.

Anyway - Coming Out stuff in special celebratory blog. Way good! How's the gay group doing? ? ?

Planetx_123 said...

You can't leave anything for us to decide. We are a motley bunch :-)

I'm really looking forward to that post *clicks refresh a bunch*

Much Love,

PoisonedHappiness said...

Still no photo of you? I'm disappointed :P

Jeremy said...

Jeez I thought you were leaving us for two weeks too, I was like D:

But now I'm like :D


Tyler said...

hey m-boy

lol, you scared me there for a second i thought you wouldnt be blogging for two weeks lol

and i think itll be intresting to here you talk about being outed

ps- i tagged you in a game!

Benji said...

Cann't wait to see this post :P
And i was scared to about you leaving us xD

Steevo said...

@Micky... u left out th part where u had to walk 5 miles to school uphill both ways in knee deep snow!

Aek said...

Hehe, have fun in these 2 weeks. Relax, go to the beach, enjoy, write. :)

Peter said...

I was gonna comment on the other post suggesting you post a pic of yourself, but since you told us to stop asking you to post pics of yourself I decided not to ask you to post pics of yourself.


Aaron said...

I’m really happy that I found your blog thru milkboys and started casually reading it. It was so engaging that I started reading from post 1 and read a quarter of the blog for now. I want to thank you for it , because some of the things you wrote help me a lot in the current status as a “no one knows I like the same sex”. Also seeing your experience when outed I think I’ll never do it. Thanks again.

Ps. Sorry for not being post related

pps. The way you use paragraphs is a great way to keep the readers attention!

Highwayman said...

Hey Mboy,
Enjoy the break, relax, party, write.


Jeremy said...

Hmm you could always do a words post for your 300k too :D

Tombi04 said...

Can't wait to see that post sweetie. Well, I always look forward to them all.

Much Love cutie.

Aahsazyl said...


Louie said...

pft. i'll take short breaks over what I got any day. Try finding something to do for a 3 and 1/2 month long break... it's a hell in and of itself. lol. but i'm glad u'll be resting!

Kevin Wilson said...

I hope you use your two weeks off school productively and don't just sit indoors mucking about with the computer or vegging out on the lounge in front of the electronic baby sitter.

Looking forward to your coming out posts.

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

If you tell the outing story, it would be very interesting to include the whole USB stick saga - people use them without a second thought for the effects of losing them, or having them read by an uninvited 3rd party. Keeping them on a lanyard, keeping them encrypted, or not using them at all would be lessons that one could draw from the whole episode.
G =]