Monday, April 20, 2009

So Cruel.

90% of my dreams are about me being happy. They're about me doing or being something i've really wanted to but never had the chance to, or haven't had the guts to, or just haven't been able to. They're the sorts of dreams that give you what you want and make you happy, and then you wake up and realise you're back at square one.

I had a dream i was friends again with someone last night.

Someone whose relationship with me i fucked up (online).



Rhythym Changes said...

Dreams are interesting, they would be even more interesting for me if I could ever remember the damn things.

musicbuff said...

I just discovered you lil' space on the internet. So far i like it very much! I will start following!
As for your dream. have you been thinking of trying to maybe mend things betwwen you and the other boy? Maybe you could extend a hand of friendship and see what happens. I am by no means an expert on relationships!!!! It is just a thought.

James said...

It's odd you mention this, I have dreams about the guy I knew in highschool and me, dreams where we're friends and thinks work out. Yes, the letdown when I wake up is devastating.

naturgesetz said...

I presume you're hoping that *someone* sees this and accepts the implicit apology.

Me too.

Hey, someone, Mboy regrets it. Kiss figuratively and make up.

Mr. HCI said...

I had dreams for probably a year after my second and final girlfriend dumped me that we were back together.


Then again, it would've been a disaster had she not!


Lunario said...

Mirrorboy, you should learn how to get lucid dreams (look it up).
Then you can do whatever you want, in your happy dreams. :D
I tried it a few times, but it did not yet work out. Hopefully it will!

Baz said...

as NG said, totally agree, but this comment's rather redundant, already said it in e-mail.
work on those relationships you want to hold on to.

Lotsa luv, Baz

Hypnos said...

Dreams can be interesting, confusing, amazing etc...

But I didn't catch up who is the guy who are you talking about? That online friend?