Monday, April 27, 2009

Oh Hai!

And it's 4am. :O

Those who have any sense of time zones, may be asking what i am doing up at a time like this...

Well, i'm not! I'm in bed! Asleep! :D

I set this to automatically post, just for something different. :)

I'll probably be dreaming. Hopefully something nice.

As you may have noticed if you actually read my blog, i've been having a lot of strange dreams recently. I had another one last night - perhaps the most bizarre of them all.

One of my real life friends was spoken to by God, and he was told he had to become a teacher because he would help people. Then, me and my friend and a few others walked around a rectangular lake collecting aluminium cans and putting them in a plastic bag. We then walked up a hill and came to a barn, in which there were jockeys and horses. My friend pulled out some foldout chairs and sat them down in the barn, and everyone sat on them, but we were one chair short so i walked off. The end.

Weird. I've been having strange dreams almost every night, and remembering them. It's only been happening recently. I dunno why.

Anyways, umm, goodnight! lol

dream sweets



naturgesetz said...

Clever boy!

Another interesting dream. Especially interesting that you end up being the odd man out. I don't think dreams tell us about reality. I think they do tell us about our unconscious mind's take on things.

Hop you're having pleasant dreams.

AJCon89 said...

maybe you are becoming a prophet... lol

Hypnos said...

Hello, Mirrorboy, I'm Hypnos, god of dreams. I will tell you what your dreams means.

First and first, you are talking to god, but the god of dreams, as you can see, the god is writing you a comment. :) I don't know about your friend (well, I do, but this dreams anlyzation is about you not your friend, I mustn't tell you anything about him), but I know that you will become ecological activist and you will collect plastic bags and cans all over the world and then you will get to work on some farm with your friends and slowly you will leave them cause it's gets too boring :) :D

I'm kidding, but I can tell you that I think that dreams tell you something about you (they are usually from subconscious), even though it's sometimes stupid, well that stupid dreams doesn't tell you anything worthy of attention to you, but at least we've find out that you care about plastic bags and about cans and about Earth polution :). Yes, I'm named by the Greek god of dreams, and just because I love to dream and I love Greek mythology. If you have anything to ask me about dreams, I'm here :D I'm Hypnos after all.
P.S. I've just added you to my MSN...

Aek said...

Hehe, I hope you enjoy those dreams! They sound quite entertaining. ^_^

Micky said...

Yer know I have this mind that comes up with ideas at night. And I write stories and stuff too.

My Mum & her Mum were very empathic and a little bit psychic I think. I have a bit of that - my dreams don't seem to mean much (though they can be fun!) but they often interpret into story ideas.

Lucky me! Maybe that's yr gift2.

cvn70 said...


have no clue what deams mean or why we have them but i am glad i do not have yours lol

take care and be safe


goleftatthefork said...

there used to be an awesome show on in the USA called Joan of Arcadia where Gd came around every episode in the form of a different person in Joan's life and sent her on little missions - it was a great show - probably on dvd or on the interweb somewhere

Kevin Wilson said...

My dreams aren't as strange as they were when I was a boy but I do find I am having re-runs of old dreams every now and then.

The last dream I had was when I was having a little nanna nap at work last week. I couldn't move or breathe and when I tried to lift my arms, I heard the sound of one of those science fiction alarms sounding in my head until I fully woke up.

It may have been because I was snoozing in a seat that could only recline to about 50 degrees.

naturgesetz said...

golefatthefork is right — Joan of Arcadia was really good.

Jeremy said...

I like to think dreams are just the random ramblings of our unconscious minds :P

Man I sound like an old person -_-

Well enjoy the good dreams, and forget the bad ones :D


Doomed But Cheerful! said...

Too much cheese before bed time? Or are you enjoying some autumn mushrooms in your omelette? Could be you are transforming into an Ubermensch! Whatever, sleep well =]

Deadwing said...

odd dreams are fun. :) i always hope for odd dreams...or better yet, dreams of cute guys. :p nighty night! <3